Synonyms for kerasia or Related words with kerasia

karitsa              kerasea              polydendri              chrysovitsa              mesorrachi              palaiochori              alepochori              drymos              makrychori              krini              kalyvakia              oreino              limnochori              kefalochori              kryopigi              perivoli              kranea              spartia              koryfi              ypatis              kalyvia              kryoneri              foteino              paliampela              eleftherochori              fokaia              chrysavgi              kechros              vrysi              kastania              dilofo              keramidi              chaliki              metochi              distrato              dafnoula              zervochori              kyparissi              elaiochori              leptokarya              megarchi              stavrochori              kanalia              fourka              ampelia              drepano              kampos              matsouki              artemida              exochi             

Examples of "kerasia"
Kerasea or Kerasia may refer to several villages in Greece:
Ano and Kato kerasia are well known for their stone arched backed bridges as well as their customs.
Nea Kerasia () is a village and a community of the Thermaikos municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Michaniona, of which it was a municipal district. The 2011 census recorded 1,948 inhabitants in the village. The community of Nea Kerasia covers an area of 4.70 km.
The municipal unit of Paliani, named after the nunnery on the outskirts of Venerato, consists of the villages of Kerasia, Venerato, Avgeniki, and Siva.
Kerasea (or "Kerasia") is a community located in Aiani municipal unit, Kozani regional unit, in the Greek region of Macedonia. It is situated at an altitude of 540 meters above sea level. The postal code is 50004, while the telephone code is +30 24610. At the 2011 census, the population was 165.
Michaniona () was a former municipality in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform, the town/suburb is part of the municipality of Thermaikos, of which it is a municipal unit. Population 11,901 (2011). The municipal unit has an area of 21.569 km. The seat of the municipality was in Nea Michaniona. The other communities in the municipal unit are Angelochori and Nea Kerasia.
Lechouri () is a mountain village and a community in the municipal unit of Aroania, Achaea, Greece. In 2011, it had a population of 209 for the village and 288 for the community, which includes the villages Kerasia and Selli. The village is situated at about 1,000 m above sea level, near the mountain Kallifoni, which is part of the Erymanthos range. It is 4 km northeast of Livartzi, 6 km south of Ano Vlasia, 4 km northwest of Kamenianoi and 18 km southwest of Kalavryta.
The village of Kanalia is located 26 kilometres from Volos and at a height of 80 metres above the sea level. It is one of the prettiest on the north-west side of Pelion. It is built on the foundation of the Acropolis Voivis in the plains of Metochi. On the hill above the village one can see the remains of the walls of ancient Voivis as well as the ruins of three forts that protected the road. Kanalia, Kapourna and Kerasia make up the first municipality of Voivis in Volos. The church of Saint Nicolas (11th century), can be found in the area. Visitors to the area enjoy the plethora of almond trees when they are in blossom, they can even attend the celebration of the blossoming almond trees. Rizomylos is considered to be a village that has suffered a lot as many of the inhabitants were killed during the World War II and the German occupation. Carnival celebrations take place in the villages of Rizomylos and Stefanovikeio.