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obenberger              chaudoir              fairmaire              peringuey              basilewsky              putzeys              liebke              tschitscherine              motschulsky              chevrolat              alluaud              jeannel              straneo              collarti              kirschenhofer              aphanisticus              volkovitsh              melobasis              pachyscelus              pachyteles              jedlicka              taphrocerus              draudt              graphipterus              habroloma              gestro              reitter              abacetus              sphenoptera              cymindis              herbulot              grouvelle              kalashian              senectere              tetragonoschema              baudon              halecia              zetterstedt              amblystomus              paragrilus              perigona              fleutiaux              descarpentriesi              polybothris              endelus              eucamptognathus              caelostomus              laticollis              crepidogaster              apfelbeck             

Examples of "kerremans"
Charles Kerremans (1847- 10 October 1915, Brussels) was a Belgian entomologist who specialised in Coleoptera, especially Buprestidae and Cicindelidae.
Outside of his radio career, Van de Veire performs live with Gerrit Kerremans in "De Peter Van de Veire Love Show".
Starting in 2001, after creating a bootable DOS-based CD of proprietary software for offline operations (named "The Vault"), Belgian developer, Tom Kerremans decided to create a free bootable Linux CD.
Eddy Merckx tried to break clear on the Kwaremont and the Muur, but was unable to make a decisive move. At 15 km from the finish, a group of 15 relative outsiders was formed. Evert Dolman, practically unknown, made an ultimate attack and finished two seconds ahead of the group. Frans Kerremans won the sprint for second place ahead of Cyrille Guimard.
On November 7, 2005 the party's leader, Jacques Kerremans, met his VLD counterpart Bart Somers in view of an electoral cartel for the municipal elections of October 8, 2006, and the reintegration of Liberaal Appèl into the VLD began at the local level.
TRK was designed for deployment as a live CD or live USB. The author of TRK, Tom Kerremans, includes in the distribution various third-party software utilities for repairing damaged files, recovering data, resetting passwords, detecting computer viruses, and disk cloning. TRK is especially equipped for repairing common problems in Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems.
Senior members of the Centre are Filip Abraham, Katja Biedenkopf, Toon Braeckman, Kim Christiaens, Christophe Crombez, Geert De Baere, Filip De Beule, Erik De Bom, Helder De Schutter, Martin Deleixhe, Edith Drieskens, Raf Geenens, Idesbald Goddeeris, Tim Heysse, Bart Kerremans, Stephan Keukeleire, Ria Laenen, Matthias Lievens, Miet Maertens, Axel Marx, Alessandro Mulieri, Ching Lin Pang, Letizia Paoli, Stephan Parmentier, Kolja Raube, Stefan Sottiaux, Jo Swinnen, Geert Van Calster, Jan Van Hove, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Frank Verbruggen and Jan Wouters.
The Centre is directed by professor Jan Wouters, Jean Monnet Chair EU and Global Governance and Full Professor of International Law and International Organizations at the University of Leuven. The deputy director is Dr. Axel Marx. The strategic lines of GGS are set by a Board, consisting of the director, the deputy director and professor Bart Kerremans, professor Filip Abraham, professor Ortwin de Graef, professor Idesbald Goddeeris, professor Stephan Keukeleire, professor Stephan Parmentier, professor Bart Raymaekers, professor Jo Swinnen, professor Bernard Tilleman, professor Geert Van Calster and professor Patrick Van Cayseele.
VRT announced on 26 May 2015 that five young musical talents were being sought to compete in "Eurosong" with an application period being opened on the same day. On 16 November 2015, the broadcaster announced the names of the five artists selected for the competition during the radio MNM programme "De Grote Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow". The five artists were selected by an A&R Team (Arts and Repertoire) consisting of music experts from VRT: Gerrit Kerremans (general music coordinator), Els Germonpré (Eén music manager) and Hans Snijders (radio MNM music manager), who were accompanied by artist manager Christopher Cocquyt. The five artists were coached and groomed by a team of experts in preparation for the national final. This team consisted of musical guidance from Christopher Cocquyt, vocal coaching from Lady Linn, media training from Geena Lisa and act staging/choreography from Ish Ait Hamou. Between 16 and 20 November 2015, the five artists were each presented and interviewed on the radio MNM programme "De Grote Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow" as well as on the Eén television programme "Iedereen beroemd".