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hyon              sunkim              hwakim              myong              jinho              kyoung              youn              jinlee              kyong              jaeho              dongyun              huikim              cheon              myoung              byoung              heepark              jungkim              baik              sangho              byeon              huei              kyoo              hyejin              jinpark              byun              jinkim              weon              pyung              taik              yeop              sungho              piao              jinhee              hyong              okkim              sanghun              deuk              gwon              jiseok              hyoung              jalee              chulpark              sookim              seol              hyeon              gyung              keun              youngoh              reum              chae             

Examples of "keum"
Named by Juhan Kim (SNUH, Seoul National University Hospital) and Bohyon Hwang, YongChan Keum in 2008.
Lee Keum-nam (born 4 September 1976) is a South Korean fencer. She competed in the épée events at the 1996 and 2004 Summer Olympics.
Choi Keum-kang (born April 26, 1989) is a South Korean professional baseball pitcher for the NC Dinos of the KBO League.
Hwang Keum-Sook (born 13 December 1965) is a South Korean former field hockey player who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Her father Chun-dong marries again, and the woman (Bang Eun-hee) has a six-year-daughter, Keum-shil (Yoo Yeon-mi). The new siblings live a humble but happy life in the countryside. But the marriage is not a happy one and Keum-shil's mother continues her affair with Park Byung-sam (Lee Deok-hwa) a rich landlord in the village who is running for a seat in the Parliament. After the election, her body is discovered floating in the river and Chun-dong is wrongly accused of being the killer. He confesses after being tortured by the police and later dies in custody before the trial. Park Byung-sam, who is in fact Keum-shil's real father, orders his brother-in-law Jung (Lee Ki-young) to adopt Keum-shil, then gives him a job at the Intelligence Office in Seoul.
The Harmonium in My Memory () is a 1999 South Korean film based on the best-selling Korean semi-autobiographical novel "Female Student" by Ha Keum-chan.
Go Eun-ah (born Bang Hyo-jin on October 28, 1988) is a South Korean actress. She is best known as Keum-shil in the TV series "Golden Apple".
On 2008-09-04, the remaining members (Keum Bi and Z-E) announced the official disbandment. On April 18, 2011 they announced they will be returning on April 28, with a new male member and single.
Likewise, with an appropriate chemical, a layer of nearly pure silver can be produced on an object made of copper and silver. For instance, sterling silver can be depleted—‘depletion silvering’—to produce a fine silver surface, perhaps as preamble to application of gold, as in the Keum-boo technique.
Joanna Lee (also known as Keum Ok Lee) (c.1963 – December 10, 2000) was a Korean woman who was killed in December 2000 during a prolonged and violent exorcism carried out by Pastor Luke Lee of the Lord of All cult, in Auckland, New Zealand.
Sin Kim-dan or Shin Keum-dan (; romanised Sin Kim Dan in English in the 1960s) (born 30 July 1938) is a North Korean former track and field athlete who competed in the 1960s in the women's 200 m, 400 m and 800 m, setting disputed world records in the latter two events.
Kim Keum-Hwa (also "Kim Geum-Hwa", ; born June 21, 1982) is a South Korean sabre fencer. She won a total of four medals (two silver and two bronze), as a member of the South Korean fencing team, at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, and at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.
Although she first became a member of the South Korean national fencing team at the age of 18 in 2006, Kim was often overshadowed by fellow sabre fencers Kim Hye-lim, Lee Shin-mi and Kim Keum-hwa, omitted from the final national squad before becoming a fixture in the 2011 season.
Keum Nana (금나나, born 19 August 1983) was Miss Korea 2002. She participated in the Miss Universe pageant in 2003. She attended but dropped out of Kyungpook National University School of Medicine in pursuit of undergraduate studies at Harvard University. She graduated from Harvard University in 2008, where she majored in Biochemistry. She then earned her master's degree in nutritional science at Columbia University while preparing her U.S. medical school applications. Nana Keum graduated from Harvard | TH Chan School of Public Health with a dual-doctorate in nutrition and epidemiology in 2015. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard | TH Chan School of Public Health under the mentorship of Prof. Edward Giovannucci. She has published numerous peer-reviewed research papers and specializes in meta-analyses.
The lake is located between Chungju Dam and another dam that regulates its flow. There are leisure facilities including Jungangtap Park and Keum Sports Park. The lake is surrounded by roads with good views. Each August there are water sports and cultural performances at the Riverside Stage near the lake. The River Fountain is located next to the Riverside Stage. There are also facilities for people to do bird watching.
In , Lee had his best pro season. As a full-time starter, he was 4th in wins (13), 5th in innings pitched (170.0), 10th in strikeouts (120) and 11th in ERA (4.18), all of which were career bests. However, on December 30, Lee was traded to the Doosan Bears for pitcher Keum Min-Chul and one billion won, involved in the Heroes' postseason blockbuster trades.
In 2005, Ashkani recovered from an Olympic setback to flourish his wrestling career with two more medals. He reaped the men's 60-kg title over South Korea's Kim Keum-Hae at the Summer Universiade in Izmir, Turkey, and then picked up a silver medal from the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, losing out to defending titleholder Armen Nazaryan of Bulgaria due to a three-caution violation by the referee.
The first online café in South Korea called "Electronic Café" opened in front of Hongik University in March 1988 by Ahn Sang-Su and Keum Nuri in Seoul. It had two 16bit computers connected to Online service networks through telephone lines. Online service users’ offline meetings were held in the "Electronic Café", which served as a place that connected online and offline activities. The opening of the online café in Korea was 2–3 years ahead of other countries.
Keum-boo (also Kum-Boo or Kum-bu — Korean "attached gold") is an ancient Korean gilding technique used to apply thin sheets of gold to silver, to make silver-gilt. Traditionally, this technique is accomplished by first depleting a surface of sterling silver to bring up a thin layer of fine silver. Then 24 carat gold foil is applied with heat and pressure - mechanical gilding - to produce a permanent diffusion bond.
In depletion gilding, a subtractive process discovered in Pre-columbian Mesoamerica, articles are fabricated by various techniques from an alloy of copper and gold, named tumbaga by the Spaniards. The surface is etched with acids, resulting in a surface of porous gold. The porous surface is then burnished down, resulting in a shiny gold surface. The results fooled the conquistadors into thinking they had massive quantities of pure gold. The results startled modern archaeologists, because at first the pieces resemble electroplated articles. Keum-boo is a special Korean technique of silver-gilding, using depletion gilding.