Synonyms for keun or Related words with keun

hyeon              kyoung              kwang              yeop              byung              myong              kyong              heon              hwakim              cheol              jungkim              hyung              yeong              woong              jinlee              hyeok              junkim              seong              byun              shik              seol              hyeong              pyung              chul              keum              deuk              kyeong              hyon              heelee              hwan              deok              jinkim              seung              hyup              gyeong              seon              myeong              jinpark              beom              gyu              seop              heepark              sookim              hyok              gwang              ryeol              chae              chulpark              hyoung              sunkim             

Examples of "keun"
Drama Park Keun-hyeong Kyeong-suk, Kyeong-suk's father
Han appears on Chang Keun Choi's list of taekwondo pioneers.
Criticism OH Saeng-Keun The House being constructed with Nostalgia
Lam eventually moved to Hong Kong, where he started teaching martial arts. Together with his favorite students Zhu Yuzhai, Zhang Shibiao, Li Shihui, and others, he wrote three books on the three primary forms (taolu) of Hung Ga: gung ji fuk fu keun ("Taming the Tiger Fist"), fu hok seung ying keun ("Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist"), and tit sin keun ("Iron Wire Fist").
Best Director for "Keun Dunia Ru Asila Bandhu"in 2009
There are definite similarities between the author, Irmgard Keun, and the protagonist, as Keun also lived in Cologne and was a stenotypist. However, the novel is not autobiographical. Between 1933 and 1934, Keun's books were prohibited by the Nazis.
Namseoul University began accepting students in 1994. Dr. Ho Keun Kim became its first vice chancellor.
Kim Do-Keun (born 2 March 1972) is a South Korean football player.
Shin Dong-keun (; born 15 February 1981) is a South Korean football midfielder.
Kim Sung-keun (born 1942) is a South Korean baseball player and manager.
Jeon Won-Keun (, born 13 November 1986) is a South Korean football player.
The traditional star name Keun Nan Mun refers to one or both of:
Dong Youb, Lee Ufan, Park Seobo, Suh Seung-Wong, and Yun Hyong-keun.
Lee Byung-keun (born 28 April 1973) is a South Korean former football player.
Lee Kyung-Keun (born November 7, 1962) is a retired South Korean judoka.
Kim Pan-Keun (Korean: 김판근, born March 5, 1966) is former South Korean football player.
Jung Young-keun (Hangul: 정영근; born 15 April 1990) is a South Korean male badminton player.
Lee Dae-gil is a man from a noble family, whose life is ruined by Keun-nom (큰놈이/Big One), a slave owned by Dae-gil's family. Because Keun-nom's sister Un-nyun and the young master Dae-gil are in love, Dae-gil's parents lock Un-nyun in a shed and leave her to die of dehydration. So Keun-nom burns down Dae-gil's house while rescuing her, then uses a sickle to slash Dae-gil's face. The house collapses shortly after, and Keun-nom and Un-nyun believe Dae-gil to be dead.

Location : Done Noune Tri Square, Ban Keun and return at Thalath
Lee Keun-ho (born February 27, 1993) is a South Korean football player.