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Louis Nelson Van Keuren parents were John A. and Laura Van Keuren. Louis Nelson Van Keuren was educated at the common schools, finishing his studies at the High School, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Van Keuren got married to Mary T. Dunham the daughter of Hon. James E. Dunham of Bridgeport. Mary and Louis had one child, a son, Harold How Van Keuren. Louis Nelson Van Keuren was involved in a case that took him to court; but there were no further complications. Van Keuren was a member and was a former president of the Seaside Club. He was a thirty two second degree mason. He was a member of the Army and Navy Club, and the New York Athletic Club. On September 22, 1914 Louis Nelson Van Keuren died of uremic poisoning, following a sicknesses of several weeks of rheumatism.
Louis Nelson Van Keuren was captain and adjutant of the old Fourth Regiment from 1885 to 1890. He then became lieutenant colonel and assistant brigade adjutant from 1890-1892. Then from 1897-1898 Van Keuren became brigade general and quartermaster general. Van Keuren became Connecticut Adjutant General from 1899 to 1900. He was also Quartermaster during the Spanish- American war.
The Benjamin Van Keuren House Ruin is located at the corner of Bruyn Turnpike and Benjamin van Keuren Drive in the western portion of the Town of Shawangunk, in Ulster County, New York, United States. It was the site of the house built in 1745 by Van Keuren and his wife Sarah, early settlers of the area. He would later be elected town supervisor four times and serve in the 4th Regiment of the Ulster County Militia during the Revolutionary War.
Louis Nelson Van Keuren, born in Wurtsborough, New York on April 17, 1850, was the thirty-first Adjutant General of the State of Connecticut. Van Keuren worked as a clerk in a book store in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Before Van Keuren was 20 years old he became a Cashier and Head Accountant in Pacific Iron Works, Bridgeport. He was also a secretary and treasurer for seven years for Bridgeport Gas Light Company. Keuren for 10 years was a general manager of the banking house of T.L. Watson & Co of Bridgeport. Van Keuren was president of the board of Appointment and Taxation of Bridgeport. In 1899 he was offered the position of secretary and treasurer by The Colonial Trust Company.
Van Keurens is a hamlet in the town of Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. It was established by Matheus Van Keuren in the eighteenth century.
DeWitt was born in Kingston, New York, the eldest son of Johannes and Mary (Brodhead) DeWitt. DeWitt attended school in Kingston and pursued classical studies. He helped his family operate a flour mill in Greenkill (in what is now Rosendale, New York). The first mill at the site was built by Mattys Mattysen Van Keuren in 1677. Van Keuren had no children and when he died the mill was passed on to his nephew, who was a DeWitt.
the second ship of the United States Navy to be named after the fish. Her keel was laid down by the Electric Boat Company in Groton, Connecticut, on 22 July 1936. She was launched on 23 October 1937 sponsored by Miss Frances Cuthbert Van Keuren, daughter of Captain Alexander H. Van Keuren, Superintending Constructor, New York Navy Yard. The boat was commissioned on 30 June 1938 with Lieutenant Herman Sall in command.
He assumed the post of Chief, BuShips in November 1942, succeeding Rear Admiral Alexander H. Van Keuren. From January 1941 until assuming command of the bureau, Cochrane served as the Assistant Head of the Design Division.
Dr. Luvelle Brown began as superintendent January 1, 2011. He took over from Dr. Judith C. Pastel who had been Superintendent of Schools since 1996. The district's administrative team now includes: Matt Landahl, Deputy Superintendent; Robert Van Keuren, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations; and Amanda Verba, Chief Operations Officer.
The Hudson Generating Station occupies a site north of the intersection of Duffield and Van Keuren Avenues. Located on the east bank of the Hackensack River near the Riverbend, three miles (5 km) upstream from Newark Bay, it creates the perimeter of Croxton and the Marion Section, and borders Secaucus at Penhorn Creek.
On November 1, 1945, he was appointed Director of the Naval Research Laboratory, at Anacostia, relieving the man who had chosen him to run the Carrier Desk at the outbreak of the war, Rear Admiral Alexander H. Van Keuren. The NRL conducted the most sophisticated and extensive forms of research and experiments in the Navy Department for the benefit of her technical bureaus.
Another story called "Magnuskeren" says that Magnus Forteman received a charter from Pope Leo III and emperor Charles recording seven keren, Seventeen Statutes, Twenty Four Landlaws (Landrechten Keuren) and 36 Synod Laws. He hung this charter in the St. Michael's church. The reason this church was chosen, was because there were very few churches in Frisia at the time.
Bruce Packer won the mayoral seat in the 2015 general election over incumbent John van Keuren, who had been seeking a fourth term. Packer's Democratic running-mates William "Skip" Huisking and Kristine Morieko were also elected to three-year Borough Council terms, giving the borough a Democratic mayor for the first time in 12 years, and a 3-3 split on the council.
In 1853, Abraham Bevier bought property described as being southwest of the Shawangunk Kill, with tenements, from Levi van Keuren. He is described as the owner on an atlas published that year and again in 1858, suggesting the house had been built a few years prior, just around 1850. The two south wings, the most significant changes to it, were added around 1917. It has remained a private residence ever since, although the accompanying farm property has been subdivided to the current parcel.
In addition to the arrangements of the Opstalboom an attempt was tried to resort to the old law as it was recorded in the 17 and 24 Landrechten Keuren (landrights bylaws) Lex Frisionum. Even after a uniform legal system had been agreed on, the region's lack of central administration meant that there was no way to clarify the content of the law, and the enforcement of the law was left up to individual communities.
Today only the foundation stones remain, on a slight rise at the edge of a nearby woodlot, after the building burned down. The town has honored Van Keuren and his role in its history by naming the street after him when houses were built on it recently, and putting a commemorative plaque on the nearby pillar. In 2000 the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
When Dr. Nachison and fellow Vietnam veteran, Robert Van Keuren created the Stand Down in 1988, "Their basic premise was that this would be a community intervention which encouraged wide participation among service providers, both veteran specific and general, and sought the opinions of homeless veterans themselves to make known what was needed to get them off the streets and reintegrated into the community as productive members." Al Pavich, Former Commander and CEO Emeritus of VVSD (Veterans Village of San Diego), who helped coordinate the Stand Down, said "We had enough meals for 150 and 700 showed up." Since its inception, Stand Down has assisted thousands of homeless veterans.
Westbrookville is a hamlet in the town of Deerpark in Orange County, New York, United States, along US 209. Westbrookville was named for Dirck Van Keuren Westbrook, an early settler. Fort Westbrook, dating back to the American Revolution, is extant. The 1900-1930 US Census lists it as part of Mamakating in Sullivan County, New York. Situated between Port Jervis and Wurtsboro, it is close to the borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is located within the Port Jervis City School district. It contains many small businesses and Westbrookville Cemetery.
After leaving Thompson Ridge, NY 302 continues north through Crawford as a two-lane farm roadway. After passing an intersection with Van Keuren Road, NY 302 bends northward into the hamlet of Pine Bush, where it becomes a two-lane residential street, passing east of Pine Bush High School just after Ulsterville Road. After entering the center of Pine Bush, NY 302 gains the moniker of Maple Avenue, passing Crawford town hall as it bends to the northeast. A few blocks later, NY 302 intersects with NY 52 (Main Street). This intersection marks the northern terminus of NY 302, while Maple Avenue continues north several blocks through Pine Bush town-maintained.
Pearl Harbor had a dramatic impact on the leadership of BuShips. The Bureau's Chief, RAdm. Samuel M. "Mike" Robinson, and Deputy Chief, RAdm. Alexander H. Van Keuren, immediately recognized that this new war would be conducted just as the Japanese conducted the raid on Pearl Harbor. This would be a carrier war. To successfully prosecute this war, the United States Navy would need both better carriers and more of them to defeat their enemies. To get these ships built both quickly and properly would take skill, ability, and leadership. To get that leadership they would need to fill each key position within the Bureau with the officer best suited to handle the colossal challenges that lie before them.