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Examples of "kfh"
According to the KFH website, until January 2017, KFH ran the following subsidiaries:
KFH Capital Investment Company was formed in 1999. KFH Capital is the main investment of the bank, with offices in Safat, Kuwait and Oman.
KNSS began simulcasting on KNSS-FM (98.7 FM) on October 12, 2016. Prior to then, the 98.7 frequency was KFH-FM, a simulcast of KFH.
The KFH-FM call letters were reprised from those of the Wichita station that began broadcasting on September 19, 1948, at 100.3 mHz as a simulcast partner of sister station KFH (AM) (1330 kHz). Around 1967, KFH-FM moved to 97.9 MHz and became known as "Channel 97." Channel 97 broadcast with the "progressive rock" music format. It was also affiliated with ABC's American FM Radio Network. In late 1971, KFH-FM dropped the progressive rock format and switched to a "beautiful music" format and the call letters KBRA. (That station is now KRBB, and owned by iHeartMedia, Inc..) The KFH-FM calls were retired on October 12, 2016.
KFH carried a talk format beginning in the 1990s until 2002, when it shifted most of its political talk shows to KNSS, and also added a simulcast on 98.7 FM, displacing smooth jazz KWSJ. KFH then became a hot talk station, carrying shows such as Don & Mike and Loveline. It shifted back to a more mainstream talk format in 2006. On May 9, 2011, KFH changed its format to sports talk. KFH carries some programs from CBS Sports Radio.
In 2002, KFH opened its first branch in Bahrain and in 2005 KFH Malaysia was established, becoming the first Islamic bank to be granted a license in the county under the 1983 Islamic Banking Act. Since then, KFH and Kuveyt Turk have established a presence in Jordan, the UAE and Germany.
On May 9, 2011, KFH AM and -FM changed their format to sports talk.
The frequency carried call sign KFH prior to August 30, 2004, when it traded callsigns with 1240 kHz.
Since the 1980s, KFH has witnessed multi-activity in international expansion. It has established independent banks in Turkey, Bahrain, and Malaysia. Moreover, it has stakes in other Islamic banks. Its investment activities in the US, Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East contributed to achieving the growing profit of KFH.
In early 2015, the radio station will move to the Ruffin Building at 9111 East Douglas, formerly the Pizza Hut headquarters. KFH moved its FM simulcast to 97.5 FM on October 12, 2016; KFH-FM then became KNSS-FM, a simulcast of KNSS.
KFH provides Islamic Shari'a compliant products and services, covering banking, real estate, trade finance, investment portfolios, and other products and services.
The Creating Footstep program run by KFH Malaysia focuses on promoting financial awareness amongst young people, supporting education, and encouraging environmental sustainability.
The station started in March 1922 as WEAH, owned by the Lander Radio Company, and was originally intended to broadcast market reports. It began actual broadcasts on April 1, 1922. On June 23, 1923, the station was sold to the Wichita Board of Trade. During the next period of nearly two years, the Rigby Gray Hotel Company Corporation (operator of the Lassen Hotel) gradually took over the ownership, with the final sale taking place on April 30, 1925. The hotel company chose to change the call letters to KFH, standing for "Kansas' Finest Hotel," and at 9:45am, February 14, 1926, the first radio broadcast under the call letters KFH was made. The Wichita Eagle, a local newspaper, purchased 50% of KFH on October 1, 1929. KFH became a Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) affiliate on October 8, 1929. The Federal Communications Commission authorized an increase in daytime power to 5 KW on May 28, 1935.
Kuwait Finance House ()(KFH) was established in the State of Kuwait, in 1977, as the first bank operating in accordance with the Islamic Shari'a. KFH is listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), with a market capitalization of $8.2 billion (KWD 2.49 billion) as of May 2016. Assets total $55.52 billion (KWD 16.83 billion) and deposits amount to $34.97 billion (KWD 10.66 billion.) It has been awarded Best Islamic Bank in the world from CPI Financial institution for the year 2014.
KFH has always endeavored to expand its local branch network, covering 52 branches, in addition to special sections for ladies. It adopts the out-of-branch client concept. KFH has maintained its foothold as a pioneering entity in utilizing the latest technologies to meet the requirements of the various activities in which it operates, using online, SMS, as well as phone service (Allo Baitak), which has received the highest accreditation from the US Purdue University for outstanding customer service level.
Ownership remained under the control of the hotel company until June 5, 1963, when the Federal Communications Commission approved the transfer of the station license to Aeschlayer & Reynolds of Dallas, Texas. The new oner retained the station for less than five and a half years, however, and sold KFH to Phil and Nancy Kassebaum, operating under the corporate name "KFH Radio, Inc." on November 1, 1968.
Working toward the betterment of society is a key aspect of Islamic finance. KFH has a very active corporate social responsibility program, as do its subsidiaries in Turkey, Bahrain and Malaysia.
KFH was listed on the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange in 1984, where it is currently the second largest company. In 1989, KFH’s subsidiary in Turkey, Kuveyt Turk Particpation Bank, was established by a Turkish cabinet decree.
KFH (1240 AM) is a sports radio station licensed to Wichita, Kansas. The station is owned by Entercom. The station's studios are located at North Woodlawn and East 21st in Northeast Wichita, while the transmitter is located north of downtown.
KFH Radio (1330 AM) would broadcast the Wings from 1981 through 1986, with first Bruce Haertl and then Jim Hawley announcing. Steve Shaad and Klaus Kollmai served as color commentators on the KFH broadcasts. In 1986, KRZ (1240 AM) took over the radio broadcasting, with Dave Phillips as announcer. As KNSS, they would continue to broadcast the Wings through the 1989-90 season. Phillips would be the voice of the Wings with KZSN (1480 AM) through the 1993 season. Steve Dennis took over KZSN's announcing duties in 1994 and continued through the transition to KFH in 1995-96. Former Wings goalkeeper Kris Peat served as announcer in 1996-97. In 1997, Rob Barzegar and KQAM (1480 AM) became the Wings radio broadcaster.