Synonyms for khnar or Related words with khnar

lvea              kouk              chrum              chrey              pongro              trabaek              tbaeng              trapeang              ruessei              stueng              thmei              sangkae              chambak              tnaot              angk              rumduol              beung              boeng              sralau              thnong              preaek              khpos              samraong              andoung              thnal              damnak              chrak              thlok              traeng              tuek              khsach              chhuk              paoy              kandaol              krouch              ponley              sdach              damrei              kakaoh              sambour              slaeng              krasang              tboung              praek              phnum              khnor              tumnob              kaong              kaeut              knong             

Examples of "khnar"
The national highway and the only north-south rail link in the country bisect the district and thus most villages have comparatively good access to goods and services. There is a district Hospital at Boeng Khnar and the provincial capital and higher level services are only a short distance away. There is an active market that spills over onto the highway at Trapeang Chong and this combined with the recent resurfacing of the highway has led to increased traffic accidents and road fatalities.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Fars, old plane trees village, one of the oldest trees in Iran and the world in general. The tree height is raised at the core of the village, according to some paleontologists natural, dating back four thousand years. Fakhruddin shrine, the shrine revered buildings in the village. One of the interesting works, DASHTAK village, the staircase is named Cattell. 1,200 stairs and through it to the rest of the movement were in the past. The old mill village, consisting of 6 old mill that has been used in the past the old mill village DASHTAK is a sign of cultural and historical monuments. Spas Khnar, Nhrvm, Morshedi, Bgry, ten times, the valley and the spa waters are healing. Natural attractions are DASHTAK village and also grabbed Willow Springs Water Chghvr, garden Jamal (Babajmal), three wells, the Bidi, narrow tail, Bidak, Abdv, Grdvk, Tdk, Baghak, Swivel and spring flowers Jshmh beautiful Saran is located in the mountains around the village are DASHTAK.