Synonyms for khpos or Related words with khpos

angk              chrey              pongro              boeng              samraong              kouk              lvea              trapeang              preaek              andoung              krasang              rumduol              thmei              thlok              thnong              tnaot              knong              beung              sambour              sangkae              ruessei              thnal              damnak              kaoh              trabaek              chambak              stueng              sralau              praek              krouch              ponley              traeng              krabei              veaeng              chrum              phlov              tbaeng              chhuk              damrei              khnar              khsach              paoy              tuek              tboung              daeum              russei              phnum              kaev              sampov              khvav             

Examples of "khpos"
Prey Khpos is a khum (commune) of Bavel District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.
The inscription of Vat Kok Khpos, dated 1309, says the region of Indravarman came to an end in 1308. This inscription speaks of the capital under the name of Yasodharapura. A re-reading, by Coedes, of the inscription of the Bayon, dated after 1327, revealed that the reign of Indrajayavarman lasted until 1327. Yuan-Shih, quoted by Pelliot, says a Chinese mission came to Cambodia to buy elephants in 1320.