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usov              gritsenko              kudinov              krivov              mikalai              kapralov              kuzin              serguei              rozhkov              antipov              rybin              makhov              pogorelov              drygin              sytnyk              bokov              tchepikov              kolmakov              ignatenko              kostiuk              parkhomchuk              eremeev              gorban              mokrousov              tikhonenko              misyulya              kornev              yemelyanov              loginov              semenenko              pimenov              evgueni              bocharov              detkov              shepel              kudryashov              yerokhin              silchanka              danilchenko              loskutov              mukhin              nizhegorodov              babchenko              kutsenko              krasilnikova              ryzhenkov              prigoda              zubakov              khimich              kulakova             

Examples of "khramov"
Nemkov continued in M-1 with several victories, including one in a fight against Sergey Khramov.
Sergei Olegovich Khramov (; born 22 September 1986) is a former Russian professional football player.
Khramov or Hramov (, from "храм" meaning "temple") is a Russian male surname, its feminine counterpart is Khramova or Hramova. It may refer to
Pavel Aleksandrovich Khramov (; born March 19, 1981) is a Russian professional football player. In 2010, he played in the Russian Second Division for FC Nara-ShBFR Naro-Fominsk.
Østerbø finished third overall at the 2004 Orienteering World Cup, with a total score of 207 points (same score as Russian Andrey Khramov who finished second). He was ranked 7th in the World Cup 2005.
Nikolai Khramov, leader of the Russian Radicals movement at the time, the first political movement to support the Moscow Pride, insisted that “this movie shows that there was something strong behind the gay pride and not only a desire of a few people to go in the streets”.
He won the "long distance" at the 2008 World Orienteering Championships in Olomouc (before Anders Nordberg), and finished second in the "sprint event" after Andrey Khramov. He received a bronze medal in the "relay event" with the Swiss team, together with Baptiste Rollier and Matthias Merz.
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Khramov (; born February 4, 1989) is a Russian professional football player. He last played for FC Gornyak Uchaly. He made his Russian Premier League debut on March 13, 2010 for FC Krylia Sovetov Samara in a game against FC Zenit St. Petersburg.
Novikov received two individual gold medals at the 2000 European Championships in Truskavets, and a bronze medal at the 2006 European Championships in Otepää. He received also a gold medal in the relay at the 2008 European Orienteering Championships in Ventspils, together with Andrey Khramov and Dmitriy Tsvetkov.
Dmitriy Tsvetkov (born September 10, 1983) is a Russian orienteering competitor and European champion. He received a gold medal in the "long distance" at the 2008 European Orienteering Championships in Ventspils, and also a gold medal in the relay event, together with Andrey Khramov and Valentin Novikov. Dmitry also won two gold medals at JWOC 2003 in Estonia in a classic distance and relay.
Andrey Khramov (born 17 January 1981 in Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) is a Russian orienteering competitor. He is winner of the 2005 World Orienteering Championships, Long distance, and finished third in 2006, and second in 2007. He is a three-time relay World Champion, in 2006, 2007 and 2010 as a member of the Russian winning teams, and earned a silver medal in 2004. He won the World Orienteering Championships in the sprint distance in Olomouc in 2008 and defended his title in Miskolc in 2009. Since winning the gold medal at the World Championships in 2005, Khramov has won gold at a World Championship every year for six years in a row.
The division fought in combat from 12 June 1944. Before 1 July 1944, the division became part of the 7th Army. The division fought in the Svir-Petrozavodsk Offensive from late June. On 1 October 1944 the division was part of the 14th Army. The division fought in the Petsamo–Kirkenes Offensive in October. The division fought in the capture of Petsamo on 15 October and was awarded the honorific "Pechenga" for its actions. At the time Colonel Ivan Vasilievich Khramov commanded the division. The division then fought in the capture of Kirkenes, and its 1411th Regiment, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Stavoverov, was awarded the honorific "Kirkenes". After the capture of Petsamo and Kirkenes the combat role of the 14th Army was finished and it advanced into Norway. The division served with the army until the end of the war. The division was also awarded the Order of the Red Banner. The division was disbanded within several years of the war.