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preaek              tnaot              samraong              kouk              chambak              thnal              pongro              andoung              chrey              ruessei              trapeang              chrum              trabaek              thmei              praek              lvea              angk              sangkae              stueng              chhuk              khpos              krouch              boeng              knong              paoy              beung              andaeuk              sambour              chrouy              thlok              slaeng              tbaeng              phlov              khnar              rumduol              khvav              chrak              daeum              damrei              tboung              kandal              sralau              tuek              kaoh              kandaol              thnong              kbal              souphi              prampir              veaeng             

Examples of "khsach"
Khsach Kandal District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 18 communes ("khum") and 93 villages ("phum").
Srey Santhor district is a central district of Kampong Cham Province. Reading from the north clockwise, Srey Santhor shares a border with Kang Meas District of Kampong Cham to the north across the Mekong. Koh Sotin district lies on the eastern border. To the south are Sithor Kandal and Pea Reang districts of Prey Veng Province. The western border of the district is shared with Khsach Kandal district of Kandal Province.