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Examples of "kienast"
Roman is the son of former Rapid Wien player Wolfgang Kienast and the nephew of former Austria international Reinhard Kienast.
The Kienast quintuplets (born February 24, 1970), are a set of quintuplets born to William "Bill" and Peggy Jo Kienast in New York City, U.S. They are;
Hailing from a genuine Rapid Wien family, he is the younger brother of former Rapid Wien player Wolfgang Kienast and uncle of current Austria international Roman Kienast.
Roman Kienast (born 29 March 1984) is an Austrian football player who currently plays for Sturm Graz.
Despite the commercials the family began having financial problems. Bill Kienast had struggled in establishing two businesses, and in 1983 the family would have had their home foreclosed upon if not for the intervention of a local industrialist. In 1984, Bill Kienast committed suicide by carbon monoxide inhalation, which made national headlines.
On 31 July 2008, Kienast moved to Helsingborgs IF of Allsvenskan in Sweden on loan for the rest of the year with an option for them to buy the player. On 26 November 2013, Kienast scored the first Champions League group stage goal in Austria Vienna's history, netting in the 1:1 away draw with F.C. Porto.
Peter Kienast (sometimes listed as Pieter Kienast; born March 30, 1949 in Ellbögen, Tyrol) is an Austrian bobsledder who competed during the 1980s. He won a silver medal in the four-man event at the 1986 FIBT World Championships in Königssee.
As of 27 May 2008, Kienast has not scored during the 2008 season in Ham-Kam's comeback to the top flight.
Competing in two Winter Olympics, Kienast earned his best finish of sixth in the four-man event at Calgary in 1988.
Reinhard Kienast (born 2 September 1959) is a retired Austrian football player who played 14 seasons for Rapid Wien and 13 times for the Austria national football team.
Alain Souchon (; born Alain Kienast; 27 May 1944) is a French singer-songwriter and actor. He has released 15 albums and has played roles in seven films.
Just before the start of the 2006 season, Kienast came to the Norwegian club Hamarkameratene (Ham-Kam) on loan. He played well during the first spring games, and Ham-Kam decided to buy him. However, he could not prevent the team from going down that season. In the next season, Ham-Kam got promoted back to the Norwegian Premier League, with Kienast playing an integral part in the campaign by scoring 14 goals.
The 1948 boys basketball team won the state of Iowa championship under Coach Bill Steneker. In a game reminiscent of the movie "Hoosiers", the small town of Manning defeated the much larger urban school of Davenport by a score of 46-43. Team members were: Jim Farrell, Louis Bohsack, Richard Geith, Robert Koch, Merlin Rostermundt, Royce Rowedder, Danny Peters, Jerry Knaack, Leland Kienast, Willis Lohmeier, Leroy Kienast. The assistant Coach was Bill Andreson.
Kienast earned 13 caps for the "Nationalmannschaft" between 1983 and 1987, scoring 3 goals. In 1986 he scored two of those in a sensational 4–1 defeat of West Germany.
A versatile player, Kienast played predominantly in midfield for Rapid, but was also employed in defence or in attack. After his 14 seasons at Rapid, he moved to city rivals Favoritner AC. He finished his career with minor sides Süßenbrunn and SG FavAC Simmering. In 1993/1994 he became assistant-coach at Rapid.
Kienast is a regular in the Austria squad and so far played 10 times for his country. He scored his first senior goal on 27 May with his 1–0 goal against Nigeria in a friendly. After that game, coach Josef Hickersberger chose him in the final squad for the European Championship.
The method Eupalinos employed to make the two groups meet in the middle of the mountain, is documented by Hermann J. Kienast and other researchers. In planning the digging, Eupalinos used what are now well-known principles of geometry, which were codified by Euclid several centuries later. With a length of , the Eupalinian subterranean aqueduct is famous today as one of the masterpieces of ancient engineering.
Trickdisc Recordings is a Drum'n'Bass record label from Austria. It was founded as the first Austrian Drum'n'Bass label at the end of 1998 by Thomas Kienast, also known as DJ Tomkin. From Trickdisc's initial idea to be a stage for upcoming Austrian artists it developed to an internationally known label. Among Trickdisc's releases the names of popular international Drum'n'Bass artists like Ill Skillz, Chris. Su und Counterstrike can be found.
In 2007, the channel's staff added Alec Crichton, a curator from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne to manage the incoming submissions from international artists for the channel's broadcast. In 2012, Markus Kienast, a telco engineer, created the livestream and aided the station's programming software and international development while Wolfgang Kabisch, a cultural journalist, became the editor-in-chief of the channel's cultural output in 2013. In 2014, glamour girl Melissa Mourer Ordener joined the team as the official muse.
More than 60 sculptures are embedded in a seven-hectare park with rose mounds, lotus blossom ponds and labyrinths, on the southern outskirts of Graz. Since its founding in 2003, the Austrian Sculpture Park offers visitors a scenic overview of – mainly Austrian, but also international – contemporary sculpture and sculptural art as well as the rolling gardens of Swiss landscape architect Dieter Kienast. In spring, 2008 the collection was extended by the donation of the "Painting to Hammer a Nail in / Cross Version" by artist Yoko Ono.