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apfelbeck              laticollis              faldermann              alluaudi              duftschmid              gerstaecker              coomani              chevrolat              radoszkowski              rosenhauer              rambur              brevipennis              confinis              puncticollis              reducta              desbrochers              sahlbergi              elongatulus              impressus              bifasciata              paykull              distinguenda              gracilicornis              insolita              fleutiaux              clavicornis              motschulsky              fairmairei              klapperichi              jeanneli              bruchi              morawitz              sabulosa              denticollis              flavipennis              reitter              distincta              perty              cincta              poecilus              gyllenhal              consobrina              nitidicollis              consimilis              flavicornis              fumosa              bivittata              beckeri              inquinata              dentifera             

Examples of "kiesenwetter"
Trechus angusticollis is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Trechinae. It was described by Kiesenwetter in 1850.
Trechus latebricola is a species of ground beetle in the subfamily Trechinae. It was described by Kiesenwetter in 1850.
Ernst August Hellmuth von Kiesenwetter (5 November 1820 Dresden – 18 March 1880 in Dresden) was a German entomologist who specialised in beetles.
Brück led an extensive correspondence with the coleopterists of his time, especially Ernst Gustav Kraatz, Lucas von Heyden, Ernest August Hellmuth von Kiesenwetter and Alexander Henry Haliday. He made collecting trips to Italy and Spain and financially supported the expeditions of Gustav Zebe into the Balkans, Greece and Crete.
He was Secretary of the Entomological Society of Berlin. His principal work was a catalogue of German beetles "Systematisches Verzeichnis der Käfer Deutschlands, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihrer geographischen Verbreitung. Zugleich ein Käfer-Verzeichnis der Mark Brandenburg" (Berlin, 1888). In 1894, he continued "Die Käfer Europas" started by Heinrich Carl Küster (1807-1876), briefly succeeded by Ernst Gustav Kraatz (1831-1909) and Ernest August Hellmuth von Kiesenwetter (1820-1880). Schilsky,wrote the seventeen last volumes (completed 1911). His collections are in Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.
On August 31, 1846, F. W. von Egloffstein arrived in Baltimore, accompanied by his future brother-in-law Ernst von Kiesenwetter, with a stated intention of going to Texas. He is recorded between December 1846 and April 1847 in New Orleans as a partner of C. A. Hedin from Sweden, and from May 1848 in St. Louis, Missouri. In New Orleans he produced several posters of houses for sale, preserved in the Orleans Parish Archive. By 1852 he was surveying properties and publishing maps as a partner of one G. Zwanziger, including a map of Bellefontaine Cemetery and another of western St. Louis County as a promotion for the Pacific Railroad of Missouri. He cultivated the friendship of the pioneer botanist Dr. George Engelmann in St. Louis, and a correspondence in German survives in the archives of the Missouri Botanical Garden.
Baron F. W. von Egloffstein was serving in the Prussian army as a lieutenant in the 5th (von Neumann or First Silesian) Battalion of Rangers (Jäger) in Görlitz, Prussian Silesia, in 1846 when he left for the United States. He would resign his commission in 1847 but briefly return to Germany in December 1848 to marry Irmgard von Kiesenwetter in Reichenbach, Oberlausitz, then Prussian Silesia, today Saxony. His wife came from a prominent family of the Kingdom of Saxony. There was a daughter in St. Louis, Missouri who died early; his eldest son Friedrich, born in Dresden on 6 June 1855, would marry in Iowa; a second son, Philip was born in 1867 and baptized in New York. A daughter, Magdalena Elisabeth, was born in New York on 15 October 1871 and baptized on 15 June 1873.