Synonyms for kikim or Related words with kikim

sookim              jinpark              younglee              hopark              soonlee              wooklee              okkim              wonkim              junkim              heelee              sunkim              chulpark              jinlee              jookim              heepark              soolee              eunkim              holee              ryekim              hwakim              mikim              youngoh              jinkim              bokkim              hwalee              kyungkim              wookim              kyunglee              bongkim              beomgyun              heekim              hyunkim              minkim              sooklee              jaseo              huikim              illee              soopark              sukkim              sungkim              youngkim              joonyoung              jungkim              taekim              jiseok              sukim              kyunga              woolee              jihyun              gyung             

Examples of "kikim"
Muhammad: Legacy of the Prophet is a PBS documentary film about the life of the Islamic prophet Muhammad based on historical records and on the stories of living American Muslims who call Muhammad the Messenger of God. It was produced in 2002 by Alex Kronemer and Michael Wolfe of Unity Productions Foundation and Kikim Media.
South Sumatra has been settled by humans since the Palaeolithic era. The evidence of those settlements is proven by some discoveries of Palaeolithic tools in the riverbed of Saling and Kikim rivers in Bungamas Village, Lahat Regency. Seventy eight skeletons dating back to 3,000-14,000 years ago, presumably of Austronesian and Austromelanesoid race have been excavated from the site of Harimau Cave in Padang Bindu Village, Ogan Komering Ulu Regency. Relics of seven stone chambers believed to be about 2,500 years old were found near a coffee plantation in Kotaraya Lembak, Lahat Regency. Around 300 BC, the Deutero-Malay people arrived in this region and pushed the native people inland.