Synonyms for killursa or Related words with killursa

kilcoona              killower              killogilleen              bracklagh              killaan              killeany              cullenwaine              kilconierin              kilthomas              belclare              kilkilvery              kilgerrill              killeely              kilreekill              kilchreest              kilteskill              piercetown              dangandargan              brackagh              killora              clontuskert              clonfad              drummiller              killeenavarra              ardvarney              matehy              caltragh              painestown              colmanstown              cloonkeen              ballysheehan              killinny              kilbonane              tullyallen              carrowreagh              ballinvally              castlequarter              keenaghan              ballyhay              clonmacnowen              tamlaght              ballyconry              kilconickny              cooleagh              ballinree              knockavilly              glashare              skeagh              rathcool              kilbeacanty             

Examples of "killursa"
Muintir Murchada appears to have comprised the following parishes: Killursa, Kilkilvery, Killeany, Kilcoona, Cargin, Killower, Cummer. It also is thought to have included parts of Belclare, Donaghpatrick, Corofin, Tuam, Kilbennan and Killererin.
In this vision were revealed to him the state of man in sin, the beauty of virtue. He heard the angelic choirs singing "the saints shall go from virtue to virtue, the God of Gods will appear in Sion." An injunction was laid on him by the two angels who appeared to restore him to his body to become a more zealous labourer for the Lord. Three nights later, the ecstasy was renewed. He was taken to the heavens by three angels who contended six times with demons for his soul. He saw the fires of hell, the strife of demons, and then heard the angel hosts sing in four choirs "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts." Among the spirits of those just made perfect he recognized Saints Meldan and Beoan. They entertained him with much spiritual instruction concerning the duties of ecclesiastics and monks, the dreadful effects of pride and disobedience, and the heinousness of spiritual and internal sins. They also predicted famine and pestilence. As he returned through the fire the demon hurled a tortured sinner at him, burning him, and the angel of the Lord said to him, "Because thou didst receive the mantle of this man when dying in his sin the fire consuming him hath scarred thy body also." Fursey's body bore the mark from that day forward. His brothers Foillan and Ultan then joined the community at Rathmat, but Fursey seems to have renounced the administration of the monastery and to have devoted himself to preaching throughout the land, frequently exorcising evil spirits. Exactly twelve months later he received a third vision. This time, the angel remained with him a whole day, instructed him for his preaching, and prescribed for him twelve years of apostolic labour. This he faithfully fulfilled in Ireland, and then stripping himself of all earthly goods he retired for a time to a small island in the ocean. After some years he founded a monastery at Rathmat on the shore of Lough Corrib which Colgan identifies as Killursa, in the deanery of Annadown.