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Examples of "kilosa"
Kilosa (Kilossa) is a city in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania, East Africa. It is the administrative seat for Kilosa District. , the population of the town was 26,060.
The thirty-eight wards remaining in Kilosa district from 2012:
, Kilosa District was administratively divided into nine divisions.
Eupropacris abbreviata, commonly known as Kilosa Noble Grasshopper is a species of grasshopper of the family Acrididae. The species is endemic to Kilosa, Tanzania, and is Critically endangered due to deforestation.
, Kilosa District was administratively divided into forty- six wards:
At Kidatu, a metre gauge branch railway connects to the Central Line at Kilosa.
The Battle of Kilosa was fought during the East African Campaign of World War I.
According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Kilosa District was 489,513.
Kilosa District is one of the six districts of the Morogoro Region of Tanzania. Its administrative seat is the town of Kilosa. Kilosa District covers . It is bordered to the north by the Manyara Region, to the northeast by the Tanga Region, to the east by Mvomero District, to the southeast by Morogoro Rural District, to the south by Kilombero District, to the southwest by the Iringa Region and to the west by the Dodoma Region.
For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections Kilosa District had three constituencies:
Rose Muhando (born 1975 in Dumila village, Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania) is an East African Swahili gospel artist.
Ulanga is a village in Kilosa District, Morogoro Region of central Tanzania. It is just west of the Mikumi National Park.
Mustafa Haidi Makunganya Mkulo (born 26 September 1946) is a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Kilosa constituency 2005-2015.
Gairo District was formally established when it was gazetted in March 2012. Prior to that Gairo was a division of Kilosa District.
For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections the area that became Gairo District (formerly part of Kilosa District) had one constituency:
The town of Kilosa has a station on the Central Line of Tanzanian Railways. It is also a junction for a branch railway to the break-of-gauge transshipment station at Kidatu.
Rubeho is a town and ward in Gairo District in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania, East Africa. As of 2002, the population of the ward was 17,020. Prior to 2012, Rubeho was administered by Kilosa District.
Kimamba 'A' is an administrative ward in the Kilosa district in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania. The ward was created by 1988, and had a population of 5,663 in 2002.
Kidatu is the terminus of a 107 km branch line from Kilosa off the Central line of Tanzania Railways Corporation built between 1958 and 1963. This line is gauge. In the 1970s, the newer TAZARA railway, which is , passed through.
Swala Gas and Oil is a Tanzanian oil and gas exploration company headquartered in Dar es Salaam. It was incorporated in 2011, and trades on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange under the ticker SWALA. It holds the exploration licenses for the Kilosa-Kilombero and Pangani fields, both located in the East African Rift. It is a subsidiary of Swala Energy.