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kim_tae              choi_jae              jung_suk              choi_jong              hyo              lee_seung              choi_seung              lee_myung              kim_seong              pyung              chae              ryong              keun              seo_jung              hyeong              kang_seung              yoo_jae              choi_eun              yoon_jung              jinkim              kim_gwang              heelee              kang_hye              jang_jae              jung_joon              baek_jong              kim_dae              choi_yong              deok              hyung              gyu              woong              kyoung              myeong              joong              choi_jeong              hwang_jae              seop              ryeo              jung_hye              kim_yeong              seo_hyun              kyeong              lee_kwang              kim_myong              seol              byung              sunkim              kyong              jung_hae             

Examples of "kim_hyo"
Kim Hyo-joo (5,7,9,10), Suzann Pettersen (5,7,8,9)
Kim Hyo-joo (11,12,13-KLPGA,15,16), Suzann Pettersen (10,15,16)
Kim Hyo-joo (12, 13-KLPGA,15,16), Suzann Pettersen (10,15,16)
Kim Hyo-jin (; born February 10, 1984) is a South Korean actress.
Kim Ji-young (born Kim Hyo-sik on September 25, 1938 – February 17, 2017) was a South Korean actress.
Kim Hyo-Jun (; born 13 Octoboer 1978) is a South Korean retired footballer who played as defender.
Kim Hyo-Jung (Hangul: 김효정) is a South Korean female archer who won the 1993 World Archery Championships in Antalya.
As an amateur, Baek played on the winning South Korean team in the Espirito Santo Trophy in 2012 alongside Kim Hyo-joo and Kim Min-sun.
Kim Hyo-Gi (; born 3 July 1986) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a Forward for FC Anyang in the K League Challenge.
In My End Is My Beginning () is a 2013 South Korean film starring Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Hyo-jin, and Hwang Jung-min.
Among the martyrs honored were fifteen virgins, including the two sisters Agnes Kim Hyo-ju and Columba Kim Hyo-im who loved Jesus with undivided heart (I Cor.7, 32–34). These women, in an era when Christian religious life was still unknown in Korea, lived in community and cared for the sick and the poor. Similarly, John Yi Kwang-hyol died a martyr's death after having lived a life of celibacy in consecrated service to the Church.
Choi Na-yeon (4,6), Chun In-gee (4,6), Kim Hyo-joo (4,5,6), Lydia Ko (4,6), Stacy Lewis (4,6,8), Brittany Lincicome (4,5,6,8), Mo Martin (4), Ryu So-yeon (4,6), Lexi Thompson (4,5,6,8), Michelle Wie (4,8), Yoo Sun-young
Francisco Sánchez Parra (born 30 June 1979 in Mallorca) is a male freestyle wrestler from Spain. He participated in the Men's Freestyle (– 55 kg) at 2008 Summer Olympics losing in 1/8 of final to Kim Hyo-Sub.
He participated in the Men's freestyle 55 kg at 2004 Summer Olympics where he was ranked at twelfth place. Naraanbaatar beat Babak Nourzad from Iran, but lost to Korean Kim Hyo-Sub and was eliminated from competition,
Kim Hyo-jung (born January 11, 1991), better known by her stage name Hyolyn, is a South Korean singer. She is best known as a member of South Korean girl group Sistar and their sub-unit Sistar19.
Na Yeon Choi (4,6,10), Paula Creamer (4,8,10), Kim Hyo-joo (4,6,10), Stacy Lewis (4,5,6,8,10), Brittany Lincicome (5,6,8,10), Mo Martin (4,10), So Yeon Ryu (4,6,10), Lexi Thompson (4,6,8,10), Michelle Wie (4,6,8,10), Sun-Young Yoo (10)
Before her debut in Brown Eyed Girls, JeA, then known simply by her name Kim Hyo-jin was a member of the original soundtrack group 3point and had previously been singing original soundtracks.
Soo-jin (Kim Hyo-seo) works in a cafe in Seoul. One day, she receives a call at work from a Polish man in Rotterdam, who tells her the story of his missing fiance.
Kim Hyo Won, a simple girl with a pure heart, is working hard to get her family out of poverty. Because of her family's financial struggles, Kim Hyo-won (Jang Shin-young) leaves her boyfriend Choi Jin-hyuk (Jung Eun-woo), and marries Lee Kang-ro (Han Jin-hee), a wealthy man old enough to be her grandfather. She works as an executive at her new husband's resort, and gets along well with everyone. Despite this, she has difficulty adjusting to her new life, since her stepdaughter resents her and she doesn't get along with her in-laws and Kang-ro's ex-wife. Her stepdaughter dates Choi Jin-Hyuk and is jealous of Kim Hyo Won. Along the journey, Hyo Won adjusts and becomes a more headstrong, complicated girl, and it seems like she is never going back to the girl she was before.
Kim Hyo-jin (born September 18, 1981), better known by her stage name JeA is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She is best known as the leader of South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. As a solo artist, she has contributed numerous songs to various soundtracks.