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kim_dae              woong              lee_seung              kim_myung              kim_hyun              geun              jung_yoon              kyoung              ahn_jae              beom              kang_tae              kim_seong              kyeong              kim_hak              choi_eun              kim_hye              choi_jong              choi_jae              choi_yong              kim_yeong              gyu              byun              jung_yong              byeong              ji_hyun              kim_jong              seop              kim_kwang              yoon_kyung              heon              kim_hae              yoon_jung              byoung              sang_hoon              jung_hyun              yoo_jae              yoon_jong              hyung              hyo              keun              ryong              sung_hoon              jung_tae              kim_gwang              choi_seung              jang_jae              kim_byeong              choi_hyun              byung              jung_hae             

Examples of "kim_hyung"
Kim Hyung-sung (born 12 May 1980) is a South Korean professional golfer.
Kim Hyung-Ho (; born 20 February 1987) is a South Korean football player.
Luke Donald (12), Hiroshi Iwata (OoM), Kim Hyung-sung (OoM), Yoshitaka Takeya
Lee Wan (born Kim Hyung-soo on January 3, 1984) is a South Korean actor.
The following is an incomplete list of Kim Hyung-jun's concerts, major fanmeetings, and tours.
Kim Hyung-soo (born December 30, 1981), better known by his stage name K.Will, is a South Korean singer.
On August 13, Kota was featured in a duet with SS501's Kim Hyung-jun entitled "Always Love You", a special digital single, with a release of a video teaser on August 8. The song is an acoustic medium R&B produced by Kim Hyung Jun himself, while the music video has an innocent love story theme, filmed on Hanseo University's airfield.
On March 9, Kim spent his free time attending Kim Hyung Jun's 1st solo concert, "The First" at the Woori Art Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul. He even went up to the stage with Kim Hyung Jun and bowed together, marking the end of the concert.
Kim Hyung-Pil (; born 13 January 1987) is a South Korean footballer who plays for Gyeongnam FC in the K League Challenge.
South Korean singer and the youngest member of SS501, Kim Hyung-jun has released two EPs, 10 singles, ten soundtrack contribution songs, four collaboration songs, and three DVDs.
Kim Hyung-jun (; born August 3, 1987) is a South Korean entertainer, lead rapper and youngest member of boyband SS501 and SS301.
He is best known for being a former member of South Korean boy group U-KISS. He is also the younger brother of SS501 member Kim Hyung-jun.
Nevertheless, "Rikidozan" was recognized at the 42nd Grand Bell Awards, winning Best Director for Song Hae-sung, and Best Cinematography for Kim Hyung-koo.
Kim Hyung-Keun (; born 6 January 1994) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Busan IPark in K League Challenge.
After his death, the Yona School in Chad was founded by his co-stars and friends, including Kim Hyung-jun and Park Hee-soon.
He studied in the Department of multi-media images, Major in Acting at the Kyonggi University, where he was the student council president with fellow SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun. However, because of Kim Hyung Jun's constant absence from school due to his training with DSP Media, which later became their agency, Jung Min said that he had never met Kim before SS501 was formed.
The ESP Couple () is a 2008 South Korean supernatural romance film starring Jin Goo and Park Bo-young. The film marks editor Kim Hyung-joo's debut as a director.
12 players were appearing in their first WGC event: Robert Garrigus, Scott Hend, Hu Mu, Jang Ik-jae, Brad Kennedy, Kim Hyung-sung, Masanori Kobayashi, Han Lee, David Lipsky, David Lynn, Thorbjørn Olesen and Julien Quesne.
Kim Hyung-jun appeared on Ock Joo-hyun's music video, "Catch" in 2004. He was also the first one to be included in SS501, which means he had the longest training period.
A same-titled 16-episode television series spin-off starring Kim Hyung-jun aired on SBS Plus from April to June 2012. Of the movie cast members, only Lee Soon-jae reprised his role.