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lee_seung              woong              geun              ryong              kim_myung              keun              choi_seung              lee_kwang              byeong              choi_eun              kyeong              choi_jong              yoon_jung              kim_yeong              hyeong              ahn_jae              heon              kim_gwang              hyo              hyeon              choi_jae              jung_hae              gyung              taek              choi_yong              kim_jong              seop              byoung              lee_myung              kang_tae              ryeo              choi_hyun              myeong              myong              yoon_jong              choi_jeong              kang_dae              jeong_ho              yoo_jae              pyung              gyu              jeong_jae              kim_dae              kim_hak              yeol              kim_tae              jung_yoon              jeong_hee              beom              kyoung             

Examples of "kim_seong"
Dr. Kim, Seong-kon appointed as the fifth president of LTI Korea.
Inchon Kim Seong-su (1891–1955) is a South Korean educator, journalist and politician.
Kim Seong-han (; January 17, 1919 – September 6, 2010) was a South Korean novelist.
The mayor of this district is Kim Seong-Hwan since July 2010.
Kim Seong-han (born 1958) is a South Korean baseball player.
Kim Seong-ho (born 3 December 1964) is a South Korean modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Kim Seong-Dong (The romanization preferred by the author according to LTI Korea) is a Korean author.
The award for best art direction was given to Kim Seong-bae at the Grand Bell Awards.
Kim Seong-hwan worked for various publications during the Korean war; and his career flourished in the decades which followed.
Kim Seong-kon (; born August 9, 1949), also known as Seong-kon Kim, is a South Korean academic, literary critic, and author.
Décosse retired from judo after losing her bronze medal match against South Korea's Kim Seong-Yeon at the 2013 World Judo Championships in Rio de Janeiro.
Kim Seong-Jun (; born 8 April 1988) is a South Korean football player who currently plays for Sangju Sangmu in the K League Classic.
Kim Seong-mun (born 15 October 1962) is a South Korean fencer. He competed in the individual and team épée events at the 1984 Summer Olympics.
The Tunnel () is a 2016 South Korean survival drama film written and directed by Kim Seong-hun. It was released in South Korea on 10 August 2016.
Kim Song-gun, also "Kim Seong-geun" (; born 1945 in Chonma, Korea) is a North Korean painter. He works at the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang.
Kim Seong-hyeon (; born March 9, 1987) is a South Korean professional baseball infielder currently playing for the SK Wyverns of Korea Baseball Organization.
Kim Seong-min is the common English spelling of a Korean name also spelled Kim Sung-min. It may refer to:
On July 31, , Park was traded to the Nexen Heroes along with Shim Soo-chang for Kim Seong-hyun and Song Sin-yeong.
Kim Seong-han (; born May 18, 1958) is a South Korean professional baseball infielder and pitcher played for the Haitai Tigers of the KBO League.
Kim Seong-hun () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Seong-hun, and may also refer to: