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chepkoech              kipchumba              maiyo              chebii              chebet              chepkurui              kipkemoi              chepkemei              kiptum              kibet              jepkorir              cheptegei              baysa              kwambai              ngotho              ngetich              jelagat              chemweno              kipkemboi              kiptoo              kosgei              chesang              chepkorir              rotich              cherop              chepngeno              chepchumba              kipngetich              barsosio              chirchir              jeruto              erkesso              tsega              chepkemoi              kimutai              chepkwemoi              jackline              yator              kemei              chepkirui              jebet              cheyech              koskei              zakayo              bazolo              fridah              ezinne              kirwa              bitok              kiptarus             

Examples of "kimaiyo"
Her husband Boaz Kimaiyo is also a runner, as is her younger brother Nicholas Koech, who mainly competes in road races. She has two daughters (as of 2007). She is managed by Federico Rosa and coached by Eric Kimaiyo.
Hellen Kimaiyo Kipkoskei (born September 8, 1968 in Moiben) is a retired runner from Kenya.
Kimaiyo is a surname of Kenyan origin meaning "son of Maiyo" (from "Kip- + Maiyo") . It may refer to:
The course records are 2:27:47 for women (set by Ashete Dido in 2013) and 2:07:01 hours for men (set by Lawrence Kimaiyo in 2012).
Fatwell Kimaiyo (born 1 July 1947) is a Kenyan former track and field athlete who competed in the 110 metres hurdles and 400 metres hurdles.
Daniel Kimaiyo (born 11 January 1948) is a Kenyan former track and field athlete who specialised in the 400 metres hurdles.
In addition, she was a successful road runner. She won the Peachtree Road Race three times a row (1996–1998) and Dam tot Damloop four times a row (1992–1995). Kimaiyo won Zevenheuvelenloop in 1995. She won in 1994.
The current Inspector General is Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett following the introduction of the position to replace the police commissioner. He is the second holder of the position after David Mwole Kimaiyo.
The course records for the event are both held by Kenyans. Hillary Kimaiyo Kipchirchir won in a record time of 2:12:10 hours in 2010, while Anne Jelegat's time of 2:38:25 hours from 2007 remains the women's best. The most successful athlete of the competition is María del Carmen Díaz, who took four wins from 1993 to 1997. Course record holder Hillary Kimaiyo Kipchirchir is the most successful man, with three wins to his name. Alene Shewarge Amara and Patricia Jardon also have won the race on three occasions.
On 5 October, Kenyan authorities named four people believed to have participated in the attack, all of whom they said were killed in the ensuing standoff with the country's military forces. Police chief David Kimaiyo also confirmed that Lewthwaite was not among those involved in the incident.
Kibet is married. His siblings, including Luke Metto, are also runners. His younger brother Shadrack Kiptoo-Biwott is an All-American runner at the University of Oregon. Duncan and Luke have a combined personal best marathon time of 4:15:24, a "world record" for siblings. The time is five seconds better than the combined time of Eric and Boaz Kimaiyo.
Joseph Boinett is the Inspector General of the National Police Service of the Republic of Kenya. Prior to his appointment, he served in the Kenyan National Intelligence Service. He is a holder of an International Studies and Diplomacy degree from the Washington International University. He replaced David Kimaiyo..
Kimaiyo went to the Singore Girls Secondary School in Iten. She is married to Charles Kipkorir, who is also a former Kenyan runner. Soon after the 1984 Olympics she became pregnant and gave birth to her first child. She had a second child following her 1990 pregnancy.
Kimaiyo Keroney Arap Sego (born September 1952) is a lawyer and a former prominent politician from Kenya. Between 1988 and 1992, he served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Tinderet Constituency and briefly as Minister of Commerce in the Moi government. He also served as Chairman of the Kenyan National Anti-corruption Campaign Steering committee.
Kimaiyo applied for the position of Inspector General in 2012 and was interviewed by the National Police Service Commission. He emerged as the leading candidate followed by his deputy at the Small Arms, Mr John Patrick Ochieng’ Owino with Grace Kaindi of the
Kimaiyo won a second continental title at the 1979 African Championships in Athletics, where he was the inaugural 400 m hurdles champion. With the 4×400 m relay team he also helped his nation to the first ever title. In addition to these titles, he was the winner of the hurdles at the East and Central African Championships.
David Mwole Kimaiyo (born July 1, 1960) is a Kenyan police officer. He was the first Inspector General of the Kenya Police; a position created by the 2010 Kenyan Constitution to replace the position of Police commissioner. He was the first Kenya head of police whose appointment required approval by parliament.
Kimaiyo Arap Sego was born in 1952 in Kilibwoni location, Tinderet constituency, Nandi County to Sylvester Sego and Felister Sego, both farmers. His father served in the King’s African Rifles (KAR) as a soldier of the battalion during the East African campaign of the Second World War.
Kimaiyo served as the Commander Presidential Escort Unit (PEU) from 1999 to 2002 before taking up the position of Commandant General Service Unit (GSU) between 2002 and 2003. He subsequently worked for one year as coordinator of the Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons before taking up the role of Director of Operations of the Kenya Police until 2008. Between 2008 – 2009, he worked as a Senior Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of National Heritage. Prior to his appointment as Inspector General, he was Head of the Kenya National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Mr. Kimaiyo retired from National Police Service on December 2, 2014. This happened after a series of killings claimed by Al Shabaab on the Kenyan border town of Mandera
Brown was among the favourites for the 1978 Commonwealth Games, but in the strong wind of the final both he and Alan Pascoe of England (the defending champion) were beaten by Kenya's Daniel Kimaiyo, who was the newly minted All-Africa Games champion. Brown was left with the silver medal in the hurdles. After his individual medal, he added a further bronze medal with the Australian 4×400 metres relay team of Chum Darvall, John Higham and Rick Mitchell.