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Examples of "kimchee_records"
Carmody later released a solo album, "Struts & Shocks", in 2002 on Kimchee Records, with Anderson also performing on drums and keyboards.
Blake released a solo album of her own titled "Little Airplane" (2002) just two years previous to her breakup with John on California's election night in 2004. "Little Airplane" was recorded by John in his studio and was released on Boston-based independent record label Kimchee Records. The album can still be obtained on Kimchee's website or through The Submarines web store.
Tiger Saw is a Sadcore band from Newburyport, Massachusetts. Formed in 1999, the band currently consists of Dylan Metrano on guitar and vocals, Juliet Nelson on vocals, cello and bass, John Ryan Gallagher on guitar and Andrew Nelson on drums. The band has issued three albums on Kimchee Records and released its first record on its own label in 1999.
He recruited the other members before the group released its first album on Kimchee Records "Blessed Are the Trials We Will Find". It developed and performed a live soundtrack for the classic German silent film "Nosferatu" in 2003 and performed it in the Boston area. In 2004, Tiger Saw composed a soundtrack for a forthcoming film of the Andre Dubus story "Voices from the Moon".
Released in 2002 by 12xu and Kimchee Records, the album was recorded by Peter Weiss at Zippah Recording, in Brookline, MA, during January and March 2001. The idea for the album was originally conceived in 1998, the centerpiece of the entire project being "The Fields (Part II)". As Brokaw himself has stated, "[t]he record just came to [him] as a whole" before the demise of his previous band, and Brokaw "didn’t want them to become Come songs — which is what most of [his] songs would have been at the time." After producing the first demos on an 8-track cassette recorder, Brokaw decided to attempt to undertake the project on his own.
Before the recording of the band's first album, "For Barbara Lee" the original foursome was joined by Todd Hutchisen (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Jason Ingalls replaced Greg Murphy on percussion. The album, released by Massachusetts indie label Kimchee Records in 2003, drew comparisons to Low and Galaxie 500, among others. Shortly after the release of "For Barbara Lee", Barry left the band and was replaced as lead singer by Sarah Ramey. This new line-up recorded "Pinkwood" in 2005, which was released the following year by Portland's North East Indie Records . Chris Burns joined the band in April 2006 for the ensuing US tour, playing bass, vibraphone and percussion. The last album recorded before they disbanded, "Nice Wheelz", has never been released, though a vinyl release titled "Pinkwood 2" was issued in 2010.
Over subsequent years, some 30 other musicians occasionally contributed to the band, both in the studio and during live performances. WGC was signed to the independent label Loose, having previously released on Rykodisc, Glitterhouse Records and Kimchee Records. Later albums included the live recording "Weevils in the Captain's Biscuit", and "Mojave". The band's 2003 release "Regard The End", featuring Kristin Hersh as well as Chris Eckman of The Walkabouts, and recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, received critical acclaim with "Uncut" magazine naming it Album of the Month. Their albums have been described as "experimenting with country and psychedelic sounds and the blues and punk, while... "Regard the End", which many fans and critics see as their masterpiece, upgraded several traditional songs and merged them with a rock sound."
The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into The World is Paula Kelley's second solo album. It was released in September 2003 on Kimchee Records in the United States. The album also has been released in Japan and France under different labels. The album shows off her many talents such as playing guitar, piano and harpsichord. Her own orchestra, The Paula Kelley Orchestra, back her up on many of the songs. Los Angeles guitarist Aaron Tap played electric, 12-string and slide guitar. Fellow chamber-pop darling Eric Matthews contributes trumpet arrangements and plays on the record. The album has gained critical acclaim and plenty of fans from around the world, including Japan, France and the United States. Kelley supported the record with a full US tour and tour of France. The touring orchestra performed "A New Time" and Burt Bacharach's "Anyone Who Had a Heart" live on Radio France's Le Fou de Roi program. Kelley wrapped up promotion of The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into The World in 2004 with a gala performance at Johnny D's in Somerville, MA, featuring with a 15-piece band/orchestra.
Paula Kelley is an American indie pop singer-songwriter and orchestral arranger/composer from Boston, Massachusetts. She began her musical career in the 1990s with the band Drop Nineteens before leaving them in 1994 to start her own career in songwriting. She worked with several other bands before finally going solo with her first album, "Nothing/Everything", which was released in 2001 on Stop, Pop, and Roll Records in the US and then later on Caraway in Japan, which gained her plenty of Japanese fans. "The Trouble With Success or How You Fit Into The World" was released in 2003 on the independent Kimchee Records label in the US and again on Caraway in Japan. She followed this up with a US tour and a tour of France after the album's European release through Polaris Musique/Sony. Her latest release is the "Airports EP (2008)," a collection of four orchestrated tracks intended to be a teaser for her forthcoming album. Paula is known for her melodic, emotional songs, expansive instrumental arrangements and sweet, distinctive singing voice.