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mitsue              hidemi              mihoko              eitaro              sumiko              mieko              chieko              teruko              makiko              teruyuki              masayo              katsuko              mikiko              masae              sotaro              ayuko              ruriko              chikako              mayuko              utako              ryousuke              michiyo              kazue              chiharu              takuji              emiko              miwako              kazuko              seiichiro              yurie              shizue              ryosei              etsuko              eijiro              akemi              sakiko              hideko              chizuko              eisuke              takehiro              tasuku              miyoko              hideji              chiyoko              harue              hisae              tomisaburo              kuniko              fumiyo              mitsuhiko             

Examples of "kimie"
The first part of the film shows Tonoyama talking to a waitress, Kimie (Keiko Oginome), in a coffee shop. He then meets her father and asks him for permission to marry Kimie. The father asks him to first divorce his existing wife, Asako (Hideko Yoshida). In fact he is not married to Asako. To prevent him marrying Kimie, Asako then registers them as married.
Jeanne has two daughters, Nadiah Kimie, and Nadene Kimie, from her previous marriage. Nadiah runs a visual communications company in Kuala Lumpur. Nadene is involved in the fashion industry, dealing with fashion-related and lifestyle projects.
And "Kimie" was pregnant, so they were going to have a new family member.
Kimie Matsushita, played by Masumi Harukawa, the wife of Kinzo Matsushita.
Feb 2017: "Speaking in Tongues" by Andrew Bovell, directed by Kimie Mizuno
Yo returns to his home, where he prepares the area to self-destruct and arms himself to battle Netah and Kimie, along with her henchmen. Despite being wounded by Netah, Yo kills the henchmen and defeats Netah and Kimie - the latter by stabbing her near the heart. While Yo and Emu leave the premises, Netah prepares to shoot them from behind, only to be killed by Kimie. Yo and Emu are last seen riding a speedboat into the sunset.
Kimie Morita (; born February 27, 1958) is a Japanese former volleyball player who competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics.
Tonoyama moves in with Kimie. He explains to Kimie that he cannot have children due to a venereal disease caught from a prostitute. She adopts a son, Yasuo, her brother's child. Tonoyama goes to visit the other woman, whom he refers to as "Kamakura no baba" (the old woman in Kamakura) who has also adopted a daughter.
'Kimié' also known as ""Kimié Miner"" (born Kimie Kauikeolani Miner) is a musician and singer-songwriter from Hawaiʻi. Kimié is an independent artist managed by Kimo Kennedy of Arium Music and Kekoa Kapua of FR Management.
At that time in Japan, "Daikichi" was working as a picture drawer of Japanese footwear Geta. With his wife "Kimie", "Daikichi" worked hard to raise their four little children.
The story begins on August 4, 1945, in Hiroshima with the everyday life of Gen Nakaoka, his younger brother Shinji, their father Daikichi, elder sister Eiko, and pregnant mother Kimie, during the final days of World War II.
In the Spartathlon in Greece, she finished 17 times from 1995 to 2011, taking the female 1st place 3 times (1995, 2004,2005), female 2nd place 5 times (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001) and female 3rd place twice (1999, 2007). (Her name appears on the list in her maiden name of Kimie Funada before 2002)
Dr. Edwin Masao Yamauchi (born 1937 in Hilo, Hawaii) is a Japanese American historian, (Protestant) Christian apologist, editor and academic. He is Professor Emeritus of History at Miami University, where he taught from 1969 until 2005. He is married to Kimie Honda.
Yo is notified by Koh that Ryuji's gang have attacked a soya factory in Shanghai that was protected by the Sons of the Dragons. As retribution, Yo and Koh travel to Shimazaki's funeral outside Tokyo to kill Ryuji and wipe out the clan. During the funeral, while having sex inside a closet, Kimie reveals to Netah that the Shimazakis were set up by the Hanadas to be assassinated so they could take over the clan. Yo and Koh wipe out the clan, but as Koh prepares to kill Yo for treason, Ryuji guns him down before the entire complex blows up and kills him.
This novel is a sequel to Takako's path on video game. It begins a month after Mizuhos' graduation. Main protagonists are Kana Suoin, Yukari Kamioka, Kaoruko Nanahara and Hatsune Minase. Kaoruko and Hatsune are new students, they enter the dormitory and Kana and Yukari become their "onee-sama" in the dormitory. Kimie Sugawara, Youko Kadokura and Kanako Ukitsu, who are supporting characters in "Otoboku", are also focused. Mizuho Miyanokouji, Sion Jujo, Takako Itsukushima and Mariya Mikado in "Otoboku", and Makiyo Shingyouji, Kayleigh Glanzelius and Sayoko Ukitsu in "Futari no Elder" appear as supporting characters. Other supporting characters are the following:
"Kingston City" is the third studio album by the band. Released on January 27, 2015 on Easy Star Records, the album features guest artists such as Tribal Seeds, Sister Carol, The Wailing Souls, Sugar Minott, and Hawaiian artist Kimie Miner. It was mostly recorded at the band's Kingston Studio, while some instrumentation was recorded at E.N. Young's Imperial Sounds. The band produced the majority of the twelve tracks, though Dub Incorporation from France produced two, and Sydney Mills of Steel Pulse produced one as well. Fabian Cooke of Ziggy Marley's work mixed the album.
A high profile Tokyo based conceptual artist, musician and scene maker, Hiroshi Oguchi has for decades been influential in the changing attitudes of Japan's youth. As a drummer he has been in the bands The Tempters, Pyg and Vodka Collins, recording many albums. He also owned and ran his own fashion company Practice of Silence. Oguchi has also been an actor in a number of films, including "Shōgun", Strange Circus (2006), and "Silk" (2007). He was married to the popular actress Kimie Shingyoji. They have one son, Gento Oguchi, who is a musician and an artist.
Later that night, Emu is interrogated by Netah and Forge over Freeman's identity. Due to a lack of evidence, she is shortly released and escorted back to her mansion. As Netah scouts the mansion's perimeters, he discovers that Forge is knocked unconscious and he encounters Ryuji and Kimie Hanada, who are out to claim the Freeman's head and take over the Hakushin Society. Inside the mansion, Emu discovers that Yo is in her room and begins to accept her fate. However, instead of killing her, Yo makes love to her before members of Ryuji and his gang break in. Yo kills the thugs and wounds Ryuji, but Emu is shot in the process. Against his own code, Yo brings Emu to the nearest hospital.
After several days of wandering around for food, Gen finds a ration storehouse containing rice, only to find that most of it has been seared by the heat of the blast. After digging through and onto the lower bags in the stack, he then finds that some have not been seared and takes them to his mother to eat along with some fresh vegetables. Gen and his mother then decide to name the baby girl Tomoko, which they explain means "friend" as Gen hopes she will be surrounded by many friends all her life. When Kimie points to bald spots on her son's head, Gen discovers his hair has started to fall out, and remembering the stricken soldier, panics, only to be reassured by his mother.
With the help of English literature scholar Kimie Imura, the Lake Megami Fairy Festival has been held since 2010. The area's abundant nature is said to be popular with the fairies spoken of in European folklore, and the event is held to coincide with periods when fairies are supposedly close to the human world (in the fiscal year of 2011, it was held in May, June, October and February). It was conceived as a plan to revitalise the area, and by making fairies the theme it has a high degree of originality and newsworthiness. As well as this, the event takes place between the summer and winter tourist seasons, with an aim to increase visitor numbers in that period.