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Examples of "kimilili"
Kimilili is in academic rivalry with Friends School Kamusinga (also of Kimilili Constituency) and Bungoma High School of Bungoma District.
St. Luke's Boys' High School, Kimilili is a provincial, public, boys' high school located in Kimilili, near Bungoma in Kenya's Western Province. It was known as Kimilili Boys' High School until January 2009.
Kimilili has one of the best schools in Kenya, Friends School Kamusinga. Other high schools are Moi girls' high school Kamusinga, Kimilili boys' high school, Maeni girls' secondary school and St. Theresa's girls' secondary school. Four primary private schools are found: PHIM primary school, Shekinah school, Dreamland Education Centre and Farcon academy. Public primary schools are Kimilili R.C. boys', Kimilili R.C. girls', Kimilili D.E.B, Kamusinga primary, Khwiroro primary, Bituyu, Buko and Maeni primary schools. Additionally, Matili F.Y.M primary, Matili R.C, and Namawanga primary school are a few schools which have produced scholars. Kimilili has a teachers' training center (Shima TTC).
There are numerous non-governmental organizations in Kimilili, the two main ones being ICFEM and Omwabini.
Kimilili Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of nine constituencies in Bungoma County. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.
Major churches are available at the market including Kenya Assemblies of God (K.A.G) located near Kimilili junction, SDA, Salvation Army, Catholic and Deliverance church.
Kimilili is a town and area in Kenya's Bungoma County. The area is occupied mainly by the Bukusu and few Teso communities it is a trading center for agricultural goods and services. The town has an urban population of 10,251.
Elijah Wasike Mwangale (1938–24 November 2004) was a Kenyan politician. He was a minister for Agriculture, Minister of Foreign Affairs and a former member of parliament for the Kimilili Constituency.
Henry Pius Masinde Muliro was born in Kimilili area of Kenya, the son of Muliro Kisingilie and his wife Makinia. His parents died when he was young, and he was brought up by an older stepbrother, Aibu Naburuku.
David Eseli Simiyu is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to FORD-Kenya and was elected to represent the Kimilili Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.
Born around 1910 – 1912 in Kimilili, Bungoma District, Masinde wa Nameme okhwa Mwasame was initiated into the Machego age-set. At the time, the Kenya-Uganda railway was passing through Ababukusu land. He began to practice football at a young age, eventually starting out as a footballer and captaining a football team from Kimilili. He also played for the Kenyan national team in the Gossage Cup against Uganda in 1930. By the early 1940s, he had risen to the rank of a junior elder within his community in Kimilili area, and become increasingly anti-colonial. In 1944, he led a number of localised defiance campaigns against the colonial authorities, and was imprisoned many times as a result. At one time he was put in Mathare Mental Hospital and detained in Lamu.
Kimilili is a home to the Western Provincial Police Training Center. Due to its strength in trade and education, Kimilili's urban population is on the rise. It was home to many government workers who held office positions in the former Mt Elgon District, which was merged into Bungoma County in 2010.
On Mount Kilimanjaro, which is mostly arid, "Subularia monticola" grows in oases made by rain or melted snow collecting in depressions, where it forms continuous carpets of vegetation alongside "Eriocaulon volkensii", "Cyperaceae" and "Bulliarda elatinoides". On Mount Kenya, cracks formed by daily freezing and thawing of ice provide a refuge for "Subularia monticola" seedlings. It also forms short, dense mats on the occasionally flooded mudflats around Lake Kimilili, a lake 4150 meters above sea-level on the Kenya-Uganda border.
The Main University in the area in Kibabii University which was chartered in 2015. This is a Government sponsored university located about 10km from Bungoma town, along the Chwele-Kimilili road. The vice chancellor is Prof. Isaac Odeo Ipara. Other major educational institutions of higher learning include SACRED Training Institute (STI), Sang'alo Institutte of science and technology, Matili Polytechnic, Kisiwa polytechnic and Kibabii Diploma teacher's college.
Chwele is a town in Bungoma County, Kenya. The town is an agricultural marketing centre located between Kimilili and Bungoma. The market is the major meeting point for farmers from the surrounding areas of Mt. Elgon, Namwela, Sirisia, Lurende,[Matibo] and Chebukaka especially every Monday when there is a market day (flea market). Large quantities of maize, bananas, local vegetables, sim sim as well as livestock such as chicken, goats, cattle and sheep are available for sale. The market is Kenya's second largest open air market.
He kicked off his tenure by undertaking an aggressive recruitment drive with the aim of replacing the outgoing players with young, skilled and gifted players fresh from high school. This resulted in the signing of influential players such as Lewis Nyaga,Paul Mwangi and Adrian Emunye( Aga Khan High School, Nairobi), John Wekesa and Kevin Lukorito( Kimilili High School), Cyprian Maina ( Mombasa Polytechnic), Mike Indasi, Clarence Oyule, Meshak Odero ( Musingu High School, Francis Manuthu ( Kiambu High School), Marin Ekode AND Eddie Kavai( Mukumu Boys High School)Alex Ndeto( Tala Boys High School) and Emmanuel Kidiga(Mangu High school) .
A violent conflict began in December 2006 in the district between the Soy and Mosop subethnicities of the Sabaot ethnic group over allegations of unfair land allocation. The Sabaot Land Defense Force was formed, which led to a number of killings in the region. As of late 2007, some 150 people had died in the conflict, while over 45,000 people have been displaced from their homes in the Mount Elgon region to other towns such as Kitale, Chepkitale and Kimilili. (see Mount Elgon insurgency)
Michael Christopher Wamalwa Kijana was born in Sosio, a village near Kimilili in Kenya's Bungoma district. Wamalwa was the son of an influential MP, William Wamalwa. He went on to become head boy and the best debater at his secondary school, Strathmore School, won a national essay competition and represented Kenya at a UN student forum. In 1965, he was awarded a commonwealth scholarship to study law at King's College London, graduating with an LLB in 1968 before going on to the London School of Economics. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1970.
In 1997, Mukhwana left Moi University and moved to rural Kenya. A year earlier, he had helped found SACRED Africa (more details at, whose main objective was to work with small scale farmers in Kenya to improve agricultural productivity, food security and income while conserving and enhancing the environment. Since its founding, SACRED Africa has become a reputable and formidable agricultural research and development organisation with research and training facilities in Bungoma, Kenya. Dr Mukhwana is also the founding chairman of the Nzoia Water Services Co. Ltd, the company providing water and sanitation services to the towns on Bungoma, Kitale, Webuye and Kimilili in Western Kenya. Dr Mukhwana currently serves as an associate editor with the American agronomy journal and is a distinguished scientist with grassroots practical experience.
The school is situated in Kimilili town, which is right below Mt. Elgon, the second highest mountain in the Republic of Kenya. It is a high school that prides itself in Academic and Sporting success. The school fraternity has more often than not, set itself up to success by virtue of the programs they come up with, and the liaison with former students. Some of the notable Principals to have presided over the school in the past include Mr. Christopher Khaemba (who later went on to become one of the most decorated principals of Alliance High School, and who is currently the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Education and Youth Affairs in Nairobi county) and Amb. Simon Nabukwesi (who later served as the Kenyan Ambassador to Canada and Cuba, and who is currently the director of the Foreign Service Institute in the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Kenya. Through this two men FSK has soared to great heights in many aspects to become what it is today.