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Examples of "kincannon"
Kincannon died from cancer at Washington Hospital Center in Washington D.C. on December 15, 2012, at the age of 72. Survivors included his wife of forty-four years, Lois Claire Green Kincannon, and his two daughters, Alexandra Kincannon and Indya Kincannon, a Knox County, Tennessee, school board member.
On April 6, 2015, Kincannon was arrested in Lexington, SC.
Charles Louis Kincannon (December 9, 1940 – December 15, 2012) was an American statistician who served as the Director of the United States Census Bureau from 2002 to 2008. Kincannon had joined the Census Bureau in 1963. Kincannon took the Director's office on March 13, 2002 after being nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate. He served for six years until his retirement on January 3, 2008.
Theodore "Ted" Nieman Kincannon, flying for American Airlines, was cited as follows:
Kincannon briefly held the position of executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, resigning after three months.
Andrew Armstrong Kincannon (1859-1938) was the Chancellor of the University of Mississippi from 1907 to 1914.
In response to the suicide threats, officers sent Kincannon to the Lexington Medical Center for further evaluation.
During the Ebola epidemic of 2014, Kincannon made public his belief that all people infected with the disease (including US citizens) should immediately be executed:
He was born on the 16th of August 1896 in Boonsville, Texas, the only child of William Anderson Kincannon and Mary Bettie Barksdale.
Theodore Nieman Kincannon was a pioneer of aviation, early Airline pilot, and one of only ten recipients of the Airmail Flyers' Medal of Honor.
Kincannon was born in Waco, Texas, on December 12, 1940. He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas in 1963.
Kincannon has been involved in a variety of high-profile election protests in South Carolina, several of which have been appealed to the South Carolina Supreme Court. The most notable of these is "Gecy v. Bagwell", 642 S.E.2d 569 (S.C. 2007). This case was argued before the South Carolina Supreme Court, which unanimously reversed the circuit court order and affirmed the order of the Simpsonville Election Commission which ordered a new election. Another notable election protest involving Kincannon was "Horton v. Elliott", where Kincannon was qualified as an expert witness with respect to election practices and procedures. In "Horton v. Elliott", Kincannon offered extensive expert testimony as to the requirements of the Voting Rights Act and the standards for overturning elections in South Carolina.
On March 28, 2015, the alternative weekly "Charleston City Paper" reported that on March 26, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department dispatched to the Kincannon residence in response to "a possible domestic incident." According to the police report, Kincannon and his wife Ashely Griffith got into a fight in their car. When Griffith attempted to exit the vehicle in a Chick-fil-A parking lot, Kincannon allegedly grabbed Griffith's arm and accelerated, to which Griffith rolled down the window in hopes a bystander would hear and intervene. She then proceeded to make calls to her mother, and attempted to make an open-line 9-1-1 call. The report further stated Kincannon "threatened he would drive the car into a concrete barrier if the cops became involved" and "threatened to kill himself if Ashely left." Griffith told authorities their relationship has "a history of unreported domestic violence," including threats of suicide and threats of physical harm to Griffith and her family.
Besides Weber, the other regular cast member was Mitch Kincannon, who acted as booking agent, house manager, performer, ombudsman and many other roles before crowds and behind the scenes. Kincannon, summing up the show's appeal, stated, "The payoff is creating an atmosphere for kids. It's their experience as we show the moral of the circus by transforming a dull parking lot into something magical, another world. The circus always has had this ability to transcend the average, boring, dull life."
According to FITSNews, many sources close to the couple have been concerned for Griffith's welfare. One friend attributed the relationship between Kincannon and Griffith as "toxic" while another source described Kincannon as "the type who’d show up somewhere and pull her out by her hair." A former SCGOP staffer defended him, describing him as not "a bad guy, maybe just a little off," but that Griffith "doesn't have anything to fear from him."
Kincannon became the Director of the United States Census Bureau in 2002. He is credited with expanding the linguistic diversity of the Bureau's staff during his six-year tenure. Kincannon purposely hired new census enumerators (or census takers) for the then-forthcoming 2010 U.S. census from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. He argued that employees who were familiar with different languages and ethnicities would produce a more accurate census count.
Kincannon earned a J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2007, where he was a member of the South Carolina Law Review, the Order of the Barristers, and the Moot Court.
James John Todd Kincannon (born June 12, 1981) is an attorney and political activist known for his statements made regarding political issues and current events. His license to practice law was suspended in August 2015.
Kincannon expressed pride of serving as Director of the Census Bureau, noting that past directors included Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and Martin Van Buren, who had overseen the census as United States Secretary of State.
Nogo is situated in the Boston Mountains, 11 miles northwest of Kincannon Mountain and 28 miles northeast of Russellville on Arkansas Highway 27 at , within the Ozark National Forest.