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Examples of "kinlan"
Laurence Kinlan was the son of Larry and Mary Kinlan. They lived in inner city Dublin. His father died after suffering a long heroin addiction. Laurence was just 10 when his father died.
Along with his father and brother Brian, Gleeson created and stars in the "Immatürity For Charity" sketches, which raises money for the St. Francis Hospice in Raheny, Dublin. It also stars Laurence Kinlan, Tadhg Murphy and Amy Huberman.
Laurence Kinlan (born 3 February 1983 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish actor in films, television series and on theatre stage. He is best known for playing the role of Elmo in RTÉ's crime drama "Love/Hate".
Paul Kinlan of Google announced the Web Intents project in December 2010. He soon released a prototype API to GitHub. In August 2011 Google announced that Chrome would support Web Intents. Google and Mozilla have started co-operating to unify Web Intents and Mozilla's Web Activities (which tries to solve the same problem) into one proposal.
Another major screen role for Kinlan was his portrayal of Dan Kelly in the 2003 Gregor Jordan film "Ned Kelly", with the title character of the Kelly Gang played by Heath Ledger. Other roles were in this film directed by included Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush and Naomi Watts.
The play was produced Off-Broadway by the Atlantic Theater Company in conjunction with The Druid Theatre Company of Galway, Ireland, opening on 21 December 2008. Directed by Garry Hynes, the cast featured Kerry Condon, Andrew Connolly, Laurence Kinlan, Dearbhla Molloy, Aaron Monaghan, Marie Mullen, Patricia O'Connell, David Pearse and John C. Vennema.
Rodrigues has performed and produced more than 50 plays in his career since the age of 7, including "The Bacchae", which was directed by José Celso Martinez Corrêa, a Brazilian actor, playwright and director. He also starred in the pilot multimedia play "Action Movie" alongside Laurence Kinlan.
Kinlan has appeared in various roles in a number of films and TV series, including notably "Veronica Guerin", "The Halo Effect", "Intermission", "Boy Eats Girl", "The Guard" and many others. He will play the Irish independent politician Tony Gregory in the forthcoming biopic of ex-Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) Charles Haughey titled "Charlie".
The story of the Dan and Ned Kelly has been told many times. There have been more books written about the Kelly Gang than any other event in Australian history. The very first full-length film in the world, made in 1906, was "The Story of the Kelly Gang". In the 2003 "Ned Kelly" movie starring Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly, the part of Dan Kelly was played by Irish actor Laurence Kinlan. Orlando Bloom played the part of Joe Byrne.
As Everett’s gunfire sets the boat alight, Boyle shoots Sheehy and leaves him to burn alive in the main cabin as the boat explodes. The next day, a despondent Everett looks out over Galway Bay, believing Boyle to be dead. Eugene, standing nearby, mentions that Boyle was a good swimmer, having claimed to have been placed fourth at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, a claim that Everett had incredulously dismissed. A young photographer (Laurence Kinlan) comments that it would be easy enough to look up. The film then flashes back to Everett's comment that he couldn't decide whether Boyle was really dumb or really, really smart. Back in the present, Everett smiles to himself, having finally found the answer.
In the land adjacent to Carthy's Castle is Orlagh House which has been owned by the Augustinian Order since the mid-nineteenth century and is a retreat and conference centre run by the friars. It was built in 1790 by Mr Lundy Foot, a wealthy snuff merchant, who named the house Footmount. He was also a magistrate and was instrumental in condemning three members of the Kearney family to death for the murder of John Kinlan, the gamekeeper at Friarstown, near Bohernabreena, in 1816. Foot was subsequently murdered in 1835, an act that was attributed to relatives of the Kearneys. In fact, Foot was killed by James Murphy, the son of an evicted tenant farmer whose land Foot had bought following the eviction.
His biggest role was as Elmo Creed in the long-running Irish TV series "Love/Hate", a gritty crime drama based on Dublin's criminal underworld written by Stuart Carolan and directed by David Caffrey. The cult series that is broadcast on RTÉ but followed worldwide stars actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor (as Nidge Delaney) and co-stars Peter Coonan (as Fran Cooney), Laurence Kinlan (as Elmo Creed), Aidan Gillen (as John Boy Power) and Robert Sheehan (as Darren Treacy). Kinlan's character Elmo has become so popular the Irish FM104 launched a song titled "Elmo's A Headcase!" sampling portions of Kinlan's voice and sampling of "Sexy and I Know It" as "Elmo and I Know It".
As Fedorov struggles to forge an alliance of understanding between Brigadier Kinlan and O’Connor, Erwin Rommel prepares to launch an offensive to break the last line of resistance south of Sidi Barani. While the Afrika Korps is overstretched and dangerously low on fuel, it now threatens to break through and open the road to Alexandria–and Wavell has nothing left to throw at them until… German oasis patrols soon encounter an unexpected mechanized force massing on Rommel's flank, and the fate of Egypt will now be decided at an insignificant desert outpost called Bir el Khamsa when the great grandsons of the Desert Rats join their ancestors on the field of honor. Meanwhile, Volsky, Tovey and Fairchild forge a grand alliance at sea to oppose a powerful Axis fleet. The hubris of Italian Admiral Iachino brings his force into contact with these powerful new foes as the Franco/German fleet rushes to the scene of battle. And Sergei Kirov receives a visit from Vladimir Karpov as the wily ex-Captain of Kirov seeks to further enmesh himself in the decisive campaigns about to open on the eastern front. But Karpov’s grand vision of alliances he hopes to form will soon lead him to a most unexpected place, where he will again hold the fate of nations in the palm of his hand.
Battlecruiser "Kaiser Wilhelm" and the light carrier "Goeben" have stumbled upon a prize of great value deep in the South Atlantic. As they move north, the hunt for the German raiders is taken up by a pair of new British cruisers, and neither side knows how much may be at stake in the outcome. Half a world away, the Soviets finally launch their winter counteroffensive in a desperate attempt to stem the German tide, and force a turning point in the bitterly contested struggle on the frozen east front of early 1942. In the Pacific, Montgomery has stopped the Japanese and saved the embattled island of Singapore for the time being. The rising tide of the Japanese offensive now sweeps around the Rock of the East to threaten Sumatra and Java, forcing Churchill to make the most difficult decision of the war. The battle begins with a brave challenge by Admiral Doorman in the Java Sea, yet soon both Axis and Allied forces will find their plans rudely interrupted. Something has emerged from the ashes of a great disaster that now threatens to weigh heavily in the balance of the Pacific War. Meanwhile, Generals Wavell, O’Connor, and Kinlan launch a new offensive in ‘Operation Supercharge’. Holding nothing back, they hope to engage and defeat Rommel’s Afrika Korps once and for all, to decide the contest in Libya and pave the way for the great campaign against French North Africa.
He also landed roles on stage, particularly on the stages of Abbey Theatre and Peacock Theatre, Dublin as well as appearing in tours elsewhere on stages in London, New York etc. His theatre appearances include the role of Leonard in "On Such As We", directed by Wilson Milam, in "A Month in the Country", directed by Jason Byrne, "Poor Beast in the Rain" directed by Conor McPherson playing the role of Georgie for which he was nominated for the "Irish Times Best Supporting Actor Award" in 2006. Laurence appeared in "Saved" directed by Jimmy Fay "The Playboy of the Western World" directed by Jimmy Fay. Kinlan also played Bartley in a major production of Martin McDonagh's "The Cripple of Inishmaan" directed by Garry Hynes, at Dublin Theatre Festival and the Atlantic Theater Company, Manhattan, New York. He portrayed the character Mossey Lannigan in "Christ Deliver Us!", a new play by Tom Kilroy directed by Wayne Jordan at the Abbey Theatre, again receiving "Irish Times Best Supporting Actor Award" in 2011. Another role he landed was The Covey, in Wayne Jordan's "The Plough and the Stars".