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turid              anneli              wenche              sinikka              berit              vibeke              merete              barbro              kjersti              silje              birgitta              bente              ingunn              stina              vigdis              dorthe              halvard              riitta              agneta              didrik              torstein              kristiina              liisa              gitte              torgny              truls              birgitte              kerttu              pirjo              tiina              sirkka              malene              hanne              eila              valborg              ylva              jorunn              ritva              maija              gunilla              halvor              maarit              ingela              tuula              kauko              gunhild              marjatta              mariann              hildur              olavi             

Examples of "kirsti"
Engaging Future Workplace, team leader Kirsti Lonka
Kirsti Coward (born 19 December 1940) is a Norwegian judge.
It was succeeded as Norwegian representative at the 1965 Contest by Kirsti Sparboe with "Karusell".
It was succeeded as Norwegian representative at the 1967 contest by Kirsti Sparboe with "Dukkemann".
Kirsti Bergstø (born 1 July 1981) is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party.
Kirsti Saxi (born 1 December 1953) is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party.
Kirsti is a feminine given name. See also Kirsten. Notable people with the name include:
Kirsti Suonio (1872–1939) was a Finnish stage and film actress.
He was married to sculptor Maja Refsum. Their daughter Kirsti married Carsten Hopstock.
Kirsti Strøm Bull (born 27 April 1945) is a Norwegian professor of law.
Kirsti Voldnes, married Løvnes (born 10 July 1963) is a retired Norwegian middle distance runner.
Kjetil Røsnes and Kirsti Johansen wrote "Santa Maria" a successful song both for Dutch singer Tatjana and Samantha Fox.
He was survived by his wife, Kirsti; son, Juha; daughters, Liisa Kylmänen and Eeva Berglund; and five grandchildren.
In 2007 the "Blue Moon Band" participated in Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) with "Goodbye to yesterday", written by Kjetil + Kirsti.
"Dukkemann" ("Puppet man") was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967, performed in Norwegian by Kirsti Sparboe.
He is married to Kirsti and have two children, Henrik and Karine. He currently lives in Kristiansand.
"Karusell" ("Merry-go-round") was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1965, performed in Norwegian by Kirsti Sparboe.
Kirsti Møller Andersen (born December 9, 1941), published under the name Kirsti Pedersen, is a Danish historian of mathematics. She is an Associate Professor of the History of Science at Aarhus University, where she had her Candidate examination in 1967. She has written on the early history of mathematical analysis (for example, Cavalieri and Roberval).
Beginning in 1964 he was the boss of his own record company. Thanks to him, popular artists like Wenche Myhre and Kirsti Sparboe reached fame. However, in the Eurovision Song Contest finals of 1969, Norway received a mere 1 point for the song "Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli", which was composed by Arne Bendiksen and performed by Kirsti Sparboe.
After these confessions, Kirsti Sørensdatter was brought in for questioning. She was arrested on her arrival home by ship after her visit to Bergen. This supported what the other women had said: Kirsti did not go home with the rest of them after the Sabbath of 1620; she visited Bergen. Kirsti was married to the wealthy merchant Anders Johanssen and came from Helsingør in Denmark, where she was said to have learned sorcery from an old woman. Under torture, she confirmed everything and pointed out several women and also two men, one being the bailiff Bertel Hendrikssen. However, none of these others were arrested.