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songdam              daotong              poodchalat              huangxi              zhyc              jongryeong              dafushan              zhujiangcun              gucun              yaqian              xinma              qilihe              quanlin              binhu              chengtai              tinglin              seunghwa              sugwang              jiangbin              noksan              kyongnam              dazhalan              dongxiaonan              mokkh              luangta              liangren              shanglong              huamin              donong              zsyn              tungliao              yeonsu              binkang              wanfenglin              aifan              dhammadaro              hyunglee              sathorn              dochon              hyunju              ferville              arwystlon              jungryu              bomun              pengbu              byaing              gyeongseo              zslq              sindap              rapark             

Examples of "kisb"
The Korean International School in Beijing (KISB) is located in Wangjing.
After 12 years of public service, Chong Ket Pen decided to venture out on his own. He started an engineering consultancy firm in 1991. In 1997, he became the Founding Director of Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd (KISB) where he focused on research and development of Geotechnical Engineering, Pavement Engineering and Transportation & Road safety. He also formed a private infrastructure institution in 1998 known as Ikram College of Technology under the KISB group.
The Korean International School in Beijing (KISB, , ) is an international school in Wangjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It serves grades 1-12. It has instruction in Korean, Chinese, and English.
The initiation of IUKL began in 1997 when the Research and Training Institute of the Public Works Department, Malaysia (IKRAM) was privatised in and became known as Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd (KISB). KISB inherited Ikram Park and IKRAM’s distinctive features and strengths. Ikram College was established in the following year and made the focus of KISB’s tertiary education activities to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. The opening of Ikram College was officiated by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in 1999. By year 2001, Ikram College had its name changed to Ikram College of Technology (iCT) to further strengthen its niche in the provision of technology and infrastructure based programmes. iCT was upgraded to a University College status with a new name; Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (KLIUC) in 2003 with the Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, officiated its opening. On February 2012, IKRAM Education Sdn. Bhd. was invited by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education to apply for the establishment of a private university to be known as the Infrastructure University of Kuala Lumpur. KLIUC was upgraded to a full-fledged University in 2013 and officially known as the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) today.