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Examples of "kitesurf"
Francisco directed the documentary "MINI Kitesurf Odyssey", about his own kitesurf world record attempt in 2013.
Francisco directed the first Portuguese kitesurf movie "KitePróTuga", in 2006.
An avid sportsman, he is triathlete, likes bike and kitesurf.
In November 2009 during strong winds, two Worthing kite surfers became the first people to kitesurf over the pier.
In 2005 hosted the Kitesurf World Cup; it is home to the Festa del Turista ("Tourist's Feast").
Through the years and thanks to the curiosity and the study of windsurf and kitesurf experts, it was discovered that conditions at this spot were excellent also for the practice of these last two sports, and moreover, that during the months of February and March unique conditions of waves and wind took place thus allowing the simultaneous practice of Surf, Windsurf and Kitesurf.
Muscat city also offers clean safe conditions for learning to kitesurf. Alzaiba Beach is the hot spot for kite surfing and kitesurfing lessons.
Minor sport events are the beach line festival, tennis beach competitions. On the beach there are surf clubs and kitesurf clubs as well.
Different types of kitesurf and windsurf contests take place in this lake during the whole year, where people from different countries also participate.
LavaCore is a manufacturer and supplier of exposure protection products used not only in diving, but also in windsurf, kitesurf, surf and other water sports. LavaCore has a worldwide distribution.
Nukupule Island is completely untouched. The owner plans to leave it that way for now, but it's a prime spot for an eco-retreat with zero-impact development. Surf, kitesurf and fishing paradise.
Being a windy location, Talaimannar is a kitesurf and kiteboard destination. The government proposed a wind farm but was opposed by the local community as the area is a bird sanctuary.
Fehmarn is famous for its nature and recreation areas, especially during summer times (July–September) and is also well known for its windsurf and kitesurf spots. Currently there are more than ten surfspots known on the island.
Shrick features 22 sporting disciplines with tricks database: Aggressive Inline, BMX, Climbing, FMX, Jet Ski, Kayak, Kiteboard, Kitesurf, Longboard, MTB, Scooter, Skateboard, Ski, Snowboard, Snowmobile, Surfing, Wakeboard (boat), Wakeboard (cable), Windsurfing as well as Disabled sports: Disabled Wake, Disabled Waterski and Wheelchair Skating.
She became the German Kitesurf Champion and in 2003 finished in fourth place in the PKRA world ranking. In 2004, she became Vice World Champion, winning her first PKRA Freestyle World Champion title a year later in 2005. This was followed with further success. In 2006 she won the PKRA Freestyle.
The country has also achieved notable performances in sports like fencing, judo, kitesurf, rowing, sailing, surfing, shooting, taekwondo, triathlon and windsurf, owning several European and world titles. The paralympic athletes have also conquered many medals in sports like swimming, boccia, athletics and wrestling.
It attracts many tourists during the summer and watersports enthusiasts visit the area to windsurf/surf/kitesurf and to go kayaking in the bay. A natural reef exists to the left of the pier which provides excellent surf throughout the year. Anemities include Coll's Bar, a café and Scoil Naomh Dubhthach Machaire Rabhartaigh, an Irish-speaking primary school.
Prizes will be awarded for the overall winner, 2nd and 3rd. 1st, 2nd and 3rd of super final in disciplines (sup, surf, windsurf, kitesurf), teams. Also best woman, future master and future girl,youngest and oldest competitor, and best sports man ship.
In summer 2002, she met a kitesurfer at her windsurf center and within a matter of months had left Berlin and moved to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to learn how to kitesurf and become an instructor at the Pro Center Egl.
1. In 2008 April 8 he became the first and only man that crossed the "Cape Horn"(the strait between South America and Antarctica) by kitesurf. Bruno kited for over 9 hours non-stop in one of the most hazardous areas with strong winds, large waves and strong current waters.