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Examples of "kitesurfers"
In the northern part of the "bodden" it is very shallow and thus very popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers.
Kitesurfers change kite size and/or line length depending on wind strength—stronger winds call for a smaller kite to prevent overpower situations. Kitesurfers will determine the wind strength using either an anemometer or, more typically, visual clues as shown in the Beaufort scale.
As the only competition of its kind, Master of the Ocean challenges the most skilled Surfers, Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and Supsurfers with 5 days of extreme water skills and showcases the best of the Caribbean!
, the number of kitesurfers was estimated by the ISAF and IKA at 1.5 million persons worldwide (pending review). The global market for kite gear sales is worth US $250 million.
The coastal suburb Papamoa and neighbouring town Mount Maunganui are some of the more affluent areas around Tauranga. The region's beaches attract swimmers, surfers, kayakers and kitesurfers throughout the year.
The area is popular, mostly in the summer months, with local families, holidaymakers, picnickers, horseriders, ramblers, metal detectors, dogwalkers and the occasional kite buggy. The shallow bay is a popular watersports location for windsurfers, kitesurfers and sea kayaks.
Porto Pollo, north of Palau, is a bay often used by windsurfers and kitesurfers. The bay is divided by a thin tongue of land that separates it in an area for advanced and beginning/intermediate windsurfers. There is also a restricted area for kitesurfers. Many Italian freestyle surfers come to Porto Pollo for training and 2007 saw the finale of the freestyle pro kids Europe 2007 contest. Because of the Venturi effect between Sardinia and Corsica, western wind accelerates between the islands and creates the wind that makes Porto Pollo popular among windsurfing enthusiasts. In 2005, Aglientu, hosted the Kitesurf World Cup in the Vignola's beach.
It is easily accessible from the Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) and the marina, and has light surf which is acceptable for learners. Because of the small surf and consistent winds, it is also a popular location for kitesurfers and windsurfers during the summer, when the wind is consistent. Of all the beaches in the city, this is one of the most frequently visited.
There will be four disciplines – surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing and stand up paddle board (SUP). As the only competition of its kind, Master of the Ocean challenges the most skilled Surfers, Windsurfers, Kitesurfers and Supsurfers with 5 days of extreme water skills and showcases the best of the Caribbean!
The island offers a huge variety of different beach and shore areas. Rügen is often visited by windsurfers and kitesurfers and offers more than fifteen different locations for surfing. The most popular locations are Dranske, Rosengarten, Wiek, Suhrendorf and Neu Mukran.
Rye is a seaside resort town, approximately 83 km south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Its bay beach is popular with swimmers, fishermen, yachtsmen and kitesurfers. Its ocean beach (which is not patrolled) is also popular with surfers. Its local government area is the Shire of Mornington Peninsula.
Pointe de la Torche is accessible by a pedestrian path. It attracts many surfers, body boarders, kitesurfers, wind-surfers, waveskiers and land yachters and has been the site of several championships. There is a good beach, and the promontory is also a location for bass and flatfish angling.
Velling Kirkeby is a small town in West Denmark on the peninsula of Jutland with a population of only 273 (1 January 2014). It is positioned next to the Ringkøbing Fjord which, with its shallow waters combined with the stable west wind, is popular with wind and kitesurfers.
Barbados is popular destination for kitesurfing and Windsurfing. Wind is blowing most of the year, and its best at December to March. Barbados has great wave for kitesurfers and windsurfers, and there are no flat water spots. Main kite and windsurf beach is Silver Rock at the south tip of the island.
The bay appears as the gateway to Paracas National Reserve, its warmer shallow waters foster wildlife and many nautical sports, and its calm shoreline protects the municipality of Paracas and the various cottages and hotels that have sprung up in the last few years. As of recent years, the bay has hosted many sailors on catamarans and kitesurfers seeking the flat water and strong wind found in the bay.
The name ""Isola dei Gabbiani"" comes from the name of the camping that occupied the whole surface up to 2008. The area is administered by the comune of Palau. Due to its windy climate, it is a common destination for windsurfers and kitesurfers. The place is particularly favorable to the practice of these sports thanks to the optimal exposition to winds from north-west, which are dominant in the Mediterranean Sea (especially mistral).
Kite surfing is restricted or banned in some locations. This may be the result of safety and liability concerns, excessive beach traffic and poorly organized practising of kiteboarding. Bans have been reversed when kitesurfers have organized, prepared riding guidelines and negotiated with authorities for resumption of the sport. Many kite boarders stress safety and quality professional instruction to keep the sport from being banned or restricted.
Tintori was Venezuela's 2003 Kitesurfing National Champion and is the founder of the Porkite Foundation, which works to provide kitesurfing gear to unprivileged kitesurfers. Tintori is also an ambassador for the Socieven Association, which works to raise awareness of the plight of the deaf and blind. She also works with the BFC Foundation for its violence against women campaign and with the Young Foundation for Human Rights.
East of Old San Juan lies the wealthy tourist-oriented neighborhood of Condado, which occupies land that used to be owned by entrepreneur Pablo Ubarri Capetillo, a Spanish railroad developer and Count of San José de Santurce under the Spanish colonial period. Beaches such as nearby Ocean Park, popular with swimmers, surfers and kitesurfers, are found all along the district's Atlantic coastline which is also the locus of numerous hotels.
Because of its mild, child-safe, sheltered beach, Safety Bay became a popular family holiday venue early in the 20th century. Today, in addition, its boat-launching facilities are utilised by recreational sailors and anglers. An adjoining beach at Shoalwater is used by windsurfers and kitesurfers. The bay lies wholly within the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, a pristine habitat for a rich variety of birds and marine life centred on Penguin Island.