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Because the manga's creator, Tomoko Hayakawa, is an avid admirer of J-Rock singer Kiyoharu, it was decided that Kiyoharu would perform the theme music for "The Wallflower" anime. His songs, "Slow" and "Carnation" play over the opening and ending themes, respectively. The songs were a collaboration between Kiyoharu and Takeshi Miyo. The background orchestral music was written by two respectable Japanese composers, Hiromi Mizutani and Yasuharu Takanashi.
Aside from his work at Fullface Records, Kiyoharu is also a fashion designer, designing his own clothing, accessories, and jewelry.
Mao is a fan of Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, Sads, Mika Nakashima, Momoe Yamaguchi, BONNIE PINK, aiko, and Shiina Ringo.
Sads was formed by Kiyoharu, vocalist of the disbanded Kuroyume, in May 1999 and at the same time formed his own record label "Full Face". Their first live tour was held in the United Kingdom. Kiyoharu has said that the decision to tour internationally from the very beginning was to test Sads' ability to "compete worldwide".
"Here Alone" is Beni Arashiro's third single, which served as the outro theme for the TV ASAHI 45th Anniversary Special Drama, Kiyoharu Matsumoto’s "Kurokawa no Techo".
In 2006, Kiyoharu released two singles, as well as a new album, "Vinnybeach -Kakuu no Kaigan-", followed by two long, promotional tours. The following single, "Slow", was featured as the opening song for the anime series The Wallflower.
In 1996, Kuroyume won the MTV Japan International Viewer's Choice Award at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards for the song "Pistol" from "Fake Star". From this point onward, the band and particularly Kiyoharu were recognized on a national level.
He released another studio album, "Forever Love", in 2007. It is dedicated to his father, who died. Kiyoharu released "Aibu" in early 2008, and in May the next single, Samidare, was released.
Kiyoharu's musical career began in 1986 as a member of the independent band Double Bed, which folded after a few months of activity. He then formed Sus4 in 1987, before later joining Garnet. After the disbandment of Garnet in 1991, Kiyoharu, as well as former Garnet bassist, Hitoki, formed Kuroyume. Kuroyume began in the beginning days of the visual kei movement. They progressed from a typical dark image and sound, to a heavy sound influenced by punk rock. The band ended as only a duo with Kiyoharu and Hitoki remaining. After tension on how the band should be managed and health problems for Hitoki, the duo ended the band in 1999.
The song has been covered by Oleander, Buddy Rich, Missing Persons, The Cure (on the 1990 compilation "Rubáiyát"), Eurythmics, Simple Minds, Anal Cunt, Neil Young, Adam Ant, Adam Freeland, Siouxsie Sioux, Kiyoharu, the Lithuanian postmodernist rock band Antis, and the Persian alternative singer Mohsen Namjoo.
Kiyoharu formed Sads in 1999. Sads released numerous material until disbanding in 2003. Hitoki formed a unit called Hitoki-PiranhaHeads in 2000 which had several line-ups and various name changes. In 2004, Hitoki joined Super Drop Babies with former Kuroyume guitarist Shin.
The story revolves around three teenagers: Nomiya Tomomi, a high school dropout, Togawa Kiyoharu, an ex-sprinter who now plays wheelchair basketball and Takahashi Hisanobu, a popular leader of the high school's basketball team who now finds himself a paraplegic after an accident.
On December 21, the tribute album "Parade -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick-" was released, which contains covers of their own songs performed by 13 different artists, including Kiyoharu, J, Abingdon Boys School and Rally (composed of members from Glay, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and The Mad Capsule Markets).
Kiyoharu picked up again with his musical career, forming Sads in 1999. Sads produced a post-punk sound with a heavy surf rock influence. The band eventually formed their own record label, Fullface Records, in 2001, releasing their own material on the label. The label would sign its first act outside Sads, Merry, for their first album "Gendai Stoic".
After the pause in Sads' activities in 2003, Kiyoharu began releasing solo work. His debut album, "Poetry", was released in 2004, showcasing not only his vocal skills, but his talent as a guitarist as well. He has collaborated with many artists, including Hyde (L'Arc-en-Ciel), Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution), Kirito (Pierrot), Atsushi Sakurai (Buck-Tick).
The band suspended activities for an indefinite period on January 29, 1999. Kuroyume was officially disbanded at their final live performance on January 29, 2009. However a year later in January 2010, Kuroyume reunited as a duo consisting of vocalist Kiyoharu and bassist Hitoki.
Hikaru enters the Hokuto Cup, an international tournament for under-18 Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Go professionals. As the highest-ranking under-18 pro, Akira qualifies for the tournament, but Hikaru has to compete in a series of games to become one of the three Japanese competitors. His friends Waya and Ochi also enter the qualifying matches. He meets Kiyoharu Yashiro, a player from the Kansai Ki-in, whose style is as strange and offbeat as his own. Hikaru, along with Akira and Kiyoharu Yashiro, are selected to represent Japan, while Suyong Hong (a Korean Go player who was beaten by Hikaru earlier in the series) and two others represent Korea and three of Shinichiro Isumi's Chinese friends represent their country.
Komarin has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. In 1996, Komarin’s work was included in a pivotal exhibition at 41 Greene Street in New York City, along with work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Philip Guston and Bill Traylor. In 2008, he had a solo museum exhibition at the Musee Kiyoharu Shirakaba in Japan. The exhibition and catalogue, Moon Flows Like a Willow, was orchestrated by the Yoshii Foundation in Tokyo with galleries in New York, Tokyo and Paris.
In early 2010, Kiyoharu announced that Sads and Kuroyume would be resuming activities again, though the other original members of Sads would not be returning; instead, the band now included K-A-Z, the guitarist of the band Detrox, Keisuke Kubota, support bassist for the band 30size, and Go, leader and drummer of the band Suns Owl. They released their first album since reforming, "The 7 Deadly Sins", on July 7, 2010.
Merry is most notably connected to the popular Dir en grey – the band's name never fails to appear in the "very special thanks" credits in every release. Before forming his own band, Gara was a roadie for Dir en grey, forming a close bond with vocalist Kyo, whom he still considers his senior and mentor. Gara is also known to hold a lot of respect for Kiyoharu (solo artist and vocalist for Sads and Kuroyume)