Synonyms for kkavya or Related words with kkavya

kkavyanjali              saarrthi              thakeria              vanshika              pyarrr              kayamath              dishank              ripjit              kkusum              wanvari              uparwali              aparshakti              prabhjeet              meenati              pushpita              byaah              nandinii              pradhuman              arunoday              sundarimaarude              poochega              padarpan              devdaan              prajakti              oridathoridathu              ajayachandran              jividha              dhanwanthary              gaddappa              tellychakkar              chatarji              rahasaya              gulabji              amitraj              asadhyule              tusshar              dolawat              prabjot              bharathiyamma              dharmakanya              parrivaar              nivedha              aashiyaan              chaudhvin              aashaa              lakshi              shanvi              burrraahh              solhah              janpandit             

Examples of "kkavya"
Kavya Nanda is the only son of his mother Nitya Nanda and late father Mayank Nanda. He is the heir to the Nanda group of Industries. Kkavya returns to India after living 5 years in Switzerland. The day he arrives in his hometown Shimla, a strange young woman offers him a ride in the snow-filled darkness of the night. A moment's glance at her face and he falls in love with her. He encounters the mysterious girl again, many times. Then, one day, he sees the girl again but, right in front of his eyes, she has an accident, and dies in his arms.
In a state of shock and disbelief, Kkavya is still searching for that beautiful face. After some time he was gatting married. He sees the mysterious girl again in his marriage and he comes to know she is the wedding planner he tries to talk to her but she ignores him. After a long talk he comes to know that girl is not Aunjum but her twin sister Anjali. Anjali was quite like Aunjum. Kavya and Anjali becomes friends but Kavya somehow was searching Anjum in Anjalis' face and he falls in love with her. One day Anjali reveals to Kavya that she is engaged. Kavya goes to give his marriage invitation to Anjalis' house but he finds out that Anjali was getting married that day. Kavya reads the letter left for him by Anjali. Anjali wanted to share her feelings with him what she feels about him. Kavya understands that Anjali loves him. Kavya goes to stop Anjali's marriage but Anjali refuses to betray her fiance's trust. Anjali's fiance tells them that he is not marrying her because he knows Anjali does not love him but Kavya. Kavya and Anjali get married.