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genannt              einigen              auff              milde              hundsdorf              wehe              schen              selbstverlag              kastell              bearb              dellach              lebensbild              anderer              gemeinsam              kurze              eigenverlag              ehemalige              neukirch              verlassen              lieg              ansichten              schweden              reuth              grunde              anmerkungen              edle              heimatbuch              geburtstag              holtum              lautenbach              himmelreich              felde              laaber              bronnen              laute              bildhauer              frauendorf              schwarzach              milz              raesfeld              welche              komponisten              streitberg              seelen              herausgegeben              hinterberg              gersdorf              steindorf              grafenstein              wirken             

Examples of "klingen"
Otzberg consists of seven villages: Habitzheim, Hering, Lengfeld with Zipfen, Nieder-Klingen, Ober-Klingen and Ober-Nauses, and Schloss-Nauses.
From 1863 the central church in the sub-parish Sævik was no longer located in Sævik village, but in Klingen. In May 1885, the sub-parish (now under Namsos parish) changed its name to Klingen.
Up until 1992, the group consisted of Olav Klingen, Jonny Nymoen and Terje Schrøder. Olav Klingen had to quit the group in 1992 when he was involved in an accident which put a stop to his career.
Several issues of "Klingen" were digitized by the Royal Library of Denmark in 1996.
Heuchelheim-Klingen is a municipality in Südliche Weinstraße district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany.
Das Lied vom Kummer soll auflachend in die Seele euch klingen.
Jewish Museum of Switzerland, Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel, Karl Barth-Archive, "Kleines Klingental" (Lower Klingen Valley) with Museum Klingental,
Suppose that "f" is a Siegel cusp form of degree "r" and weight "k" with "k" > "g" + "r" + 1 an even integer. The Klingen Eisenstein series is
The cusp form "f" is the image of the Klingen Eisenstein series under the operator Φ, where Φ is the Siegel operator.
Klingen (meaning "Blade" in English) was a Danish art magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The magazine existed between 1917 and 1920.
In the regions of the Swabian and Franconian Jura, "klingen" are less common than in the hills in front of them in the South German Scarplands.
The very steep-sided V-shaped valleys that are typical of the Keuper Uplands are known here as "klingen". Such "klingen" occur in the petrographically harder sandstone beds of the keuper, for example in the Stubensandstein. These rocks are able to resist significantly the erosion forces (especially side erosion) of water. In less erosion-resistant rocks of the keuper like the clays or marls, the valleys are more deeply carved out so that many wider-profiled valley are formed.
In mathematics, a Klingen Eisenstein series is a Siegel modular form of weight "k" and degree "g" depending on another Siegel cusp form "f" of weight "k" and degree "r"<"g", given by a series similar to an Eisenstein series. It is a generalization of the Siegel Eisenstein series, which is the special case when the Siegel cusp form is 1. Klingen Eisenstein series is introduced by .
The municipality of "Klingen" was establisted on 1 January 1891 when it was separated from Vemundvik. Initially, Klingen had a population of 1,387. In 1917, the name was changed to "Klinga". On 1 January 1964, Klinga municipality ceased to exist as it was incorporated into Namsos together with the whole of Vemundvik and smaller parts of Otterøy and Fosnes. Prior to the merger, Klinga had a population of 2,482.
In the field of vocal music he has composed app. 30 pieces for voice and piano accompaniment and several songs for men’s choir. The most popular among those are "Und hörst du das mächtige Klingen", "Das Königslied" and "Gute Nacht".
Major contributors were Otto Gelsted, Emil Bønnelycke, Poul Henningsen and Sophus Danneskjold-Samsøe. "Klingen" ceased publication in November 1920 and a total of thirty-six issues was published. In 1942 an anniversary issue was published.
Herman VIII, Margrave of Baden-Baden (died 1338) was a titular Margrave of Baden-Baden. He was the son on Margrave Hesso and his first wife Clara, a daughter of Count Walter III of Klingen.
Great Garlic Girls is a Norwegian drag group that has performed a number of drag shows since 1981. It was started by Morten Rudå, Olav Klingen, and Simen Sand.
Greenshot is a free and open source screenshot program for Microsoft Windows. It is developed by Thomas Braun, Jens Klingen and Robin Krom and published under GNU General Public License. The development project is hosted by SourceForge.
He has played (1982–1991) in the experimental groups "Auch wenn es seltsam klingen mag / even though it may sound strange)","8 ODER 9 / 8 OR 9" and "Skin" (accordion, guitar, vocals, percussion). Starting in 1992, he has been working mainly on solo projects with electronic instruments (analog and digital synthesizers, computer).