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Examples of "klsd"
KLSD (1360 AM) is a Sports radio station, primarily affiliated with the Fox Sports Radio network. KLSD is based in San Diego, California, and is owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It operates with 5,000 watts by day and 1,000 watts at night. KLSD is San Diego's oldest licensed radio station, first going on the air in 1922. Its history includes previous formats Top 40 (as "KGB"), Adult standards (as "KPOP") and progressive talk radio.
The liberal talk format gave way to the current all-sports programming in November 2007; the call sign KLSD was not changed.
During the first ratings period since the format change to sports, Winter of 2008, KLSD ratings dropped below the minimum Arbitron standard of 0.3. As a comparison, the progressive radio format of KLSD last received a 1.6 for Fall 2007. This was the first time in San Diego's AM 1360 history when the station did not meet the minimum ratings threshold.
When it became known that KLSD was going to change format from Liberal Talk to Sports Talk, listeners organized and held rallies to attempt to persuade Clear Channel to keep the format. Station officials at first denied the rumor. A documentary titled "Save KLSD: Media Consolidation and Local Radio" was being made about the effort.
Sports programming began on November 12, 2007. KLSD broadcasts San Diego Chargers football games, in conjunction with the team's official flagship radio station, co-owned 105.3 KIOZ. KLSD also broadcasts Los Angeles Lakers basketball, San Diego State University baseball as well as college and pro football games from the Sports USA Radio Network.
In 2012 Monday released the feature-length documentary "Save KLSD: Media Consolidation and Radio" and is currently working on an authorized biographical documentary about the life, career, and impact of world religions scholar Huston Smith.
The Katonah-Lewisboro Union Free School District, or simply the Katonah-Lewisboro School District (KLSD) is a school district headquartered in South Salem, New York. The district has a Katonah, New York mailing address.
Kuala Lumpur Society of the Deaf (officially abbreviated as KLSD, and known as "Persatuan Orang Pekak Kuala Lumpur" in Malay) is known officially since 1994. It was initially known as Society of Hearing Impaired Federal Territory and Selangor (SHIMA) when it was established on June 23, 1987. In 1992, Selangor split from SHIMA and changed its name to Society of Hearing Impaired Federal Territory. KLSD is the third deaf organizations to be formed in Malaysia. The first two deaf organizations are the National Society for the Deaf (NSD) and YMCA Deaf Club Kuala Lumpur. These organizations are all organized by the hearing impaired community themselves.
The Chargers' flagship station is KIOZ 105.3FM in San Diego, commonly known as "Rock 105.3", with KLSD (XTRA Sports 1360) serving as co-flagship. Play-by-play man Josh Lewin and former Charger wide receiver Curtis Conway comprise the broadcast team, with former offensive lineman Nick Hardwick and KLSD afternoon co-host Mike Costa serving as sideline reporters. Past Chargers radio broadcasters have included Ralph Lawler, Stu Nahan, Tom Kelly, Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, Dan Rowe, Ted Leitner, and Hank Bauer. Bauer served seventeen seasons (1998–2014) as the radio color analyst; however, the Chargers and KIOZ decided not to renew his contract, and was replaced by Conway starting with the 2015 season.
The station became a progressive talk station under the call sign KLSD (for K Liberal San Diego) in August 2004. Most of the programming came from the Air America Radio Network. KLSD also aired the Ed Schultz show from Jones Radio Network and Mike Malloy from Nova M Radio. Local programming included the morning show, hosted by Stacy Taylor (last heard on San Diego 1700 AM) and the nationally syndicated Air America host Jon Elliott. Its logo during this period was similar to that of sister station and progressive talk outlet KABQ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The station also aired some local weekend programming. One weekend show, "Shake!", aired on Sunday nights and was targeted toward the Bay Area's gay and lesbian community. The show also aired on co-owned KLSD in San Diego until November 2007.
Jennifer Colleen Douglas (born 1964 in Saginaw, Michigan) is an American writer/producer and activist. She has worked in film, video, television, radio, print and Internet projects. She is the writer and co-producer of the 2012 documentary film, "Save KLSD: Media Consolidation & Local Radio."
KLSD changed programming on Monday, November 12, 2007 to sports talk as XTRA Sports 1360. The first local live program, which aired at 3 p.m., was Lee Hacksaw Hamilton. Hamilton left the station in 2008 when his contract was not renewed.
Douglas wrote and co-produced with Jon Monday the 2012 documentary, "Save KLSD: Media Consolidation and Local Radio", narrated by Jon Elliott and Bree Walker, and featuring Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Van Jones, Richard Wolffe, Jonathan Adelstein, Robert Reich, Eric Klinenberg, David Shuster, Stacy Taylor and many others. The film had its broadcast premiere on Link TV in September 2012.
Hamilton had been the afternoon drive-time host on KLSD, "XTRA Sports 1360" in San Diego, from its launch in November 2007 until September 3, 2008, when his contract with parent company Clear Channel Communications expired and Clear Channel wanted better ratings so they let him walk. The expiration also ended a job he had at KLAC in Los Angeles.
KLSD is San Diego's oldest licensed radio station still broadcasting today, first going on the air as KFBC on July 14, 1922, broadcasting on 833.3 kHz (360 meters) and sharing the time with eight other San Diego radio stations. As the government expanded the AM band to numerous frequencies, the station soon moved to 1210 kHz.
On July 21, 2014, KLSD rebranded as "Xtra 1360 Fox Sports San Diego" as a partnership with the Fox Sports San Diego TV network. San Diego is served by two other all-sports radio stations, XEPRS-AM 1090, and ESPN Radio affiliate XEPE-AM 1700.
In August 2005, Clear Channel Media applied to the FCC to increase KLSD's power to 50,000 watts day and night, planning to share the six-tower [KSDO] array in Santee, California, since the owners of KLSD also owned the broadcast site for KSDO. However, due to the added cost, Clear Channel decided against the move, and 1360 still broadcasts at 5,000 watts day, 1,000 watts night. In September 2014, parent company Clear Channel Media became iHeartMedia.
The station first signed on in January 1973 as KLSD, operated by the Lubbock Independent School District. After only a year on the air, it changed its calls to KOHM. This change reportedly came because school district officials were concerned about possible negative connotations with the original calls. The station's calls reflected its status as part of the school district's electronics program; an ohm is the basic SI measurement of electrical resistance.
In August 2007, format change rumbles had started in the market and were reported by There was speculation that KLSD would soon adopt an all-sports format, possibly called "XTRA Sports." (The format and tagline was used by AM690 for many years in the San Diego market.) Clear Channel had an agreement with Fox Sports Radio to market and distribute the service, adding to the speculation that the parent company wanted an outlet for Fox Sports in San Diego.