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trinkets              curios              barware              ashtrays              keepsakes              snuffboxes              wardrobes              jewelries              paperweights              dollhouses              stationeries              chinaware              matchboxes              teacups              teapots              tablecloths              flatware              jewellry              furnitures              lunchboxes              tankards              placemats              jewelery              tablewares              lockets              souvenirs              mementos              dinnerware              dcrj              shoeboxes              mugs              vases              playthings              bookshelves              rhinestones              collectibles              matchbooks              coffeepots              wastebaskets              crockery              houseware              armoires              bathrobes              giftware              keepsake              chests              sundries              collectables              parasols              decoratively             

Examples of "knickknacks"
He employed young artists to decorate pieces in his signature style, and upscale New York department stores began carrying his furniture and knickknacks. Throughout the 1930s and ’40s, Hunt’s star shone brightly. "
The étagère became a popular form of furniture in the nineteenth century. Similar to the whatnot, the shelves of the étagère provided extra space for the display of the accumulation of knickknacks that was typical of Victorian home decor.
Nowadays, a new series of pottery products has been introduced; small fonts (receptacles for holy water) used by the pilgrims to transport the holy water to their homes and other clay knickknacks and souvenirs.
The units with a larger budget had more details added around the driver's seat. These usually came in the form of lights of exotic colors or seat covers with wool and fringes or even leather. It was very common to see the gear-stick full of hanging knickknacks and the casing where the tickets and coins were stored covered with motifs.
The Inn follows a Victorian style, and most rooms have different decor. The main lobby features a wooden checkerboard, with small wooden red and yellow apples serving as the checkers. Many decorative objects and knickknacks displayed in the inn's hallways are on sale and can be purchased by guests.
Today it still holds to its old fashioned English pub style, covering its walls are antique knickknacks and traditional pub pictures. In the basement you can find rum running tunnels from prohibition years. It is still frequented and enjoyed by University students, professors and locals. The Dominion House is number 8666 in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.
Sagara has a relatively high number of Gudigars – families that for generations have been engaged in sandalwood and ivory carving. The Gudigar men make idols, figurines and knickknacks like penholders, agarbathi stands, cuff links, photo frames and paper clips; the women are adept at making garlands and wreaths out of thin layers of scraped sandalwood.
The SS Emporium is a collection of shelves and knickknacks of strange and intricate design that Taybor has spent years and effort "to accumulate this incomparable collection." Taylor shows Koenig the drive, then takes him on a journey through hyperspece. Tony and the other Alphans are sure Taybor has betrayed them, and launches Eagles to search, but neither Commander Koenig nor the Emporium can be found.
The most traditional lacquered objects in Mexico are made from gourds that grow on vines (genus Lagenaria) or on trees (genus Crescentia) and are called by various indigenous names. Bottle-like gourds are generally cut so that the narrower top end serves as a lid. These containers are called sewing boxes or powder containers, but they are generally used to store knickknacks. Rounder gourds are cut to make cups or bowls.
The Golder family established a home in Bridgeton, New Jersey, where they lived in poverty. Frank was sent to the streets as a young boy to supplement the family income as a peddler of small knickknacks. It was in this way that he was befriended by a Baptist clergyman, who helped the boy escape life on the streets and to gain a first-rate education, including a stint at Georgetown College, a preparatory school in Kentucky.
As with almost all such holy shrines, Manghopir's shrine is located on a small hill. The grave of the saint remains covered with an embroidered silk fabric in a small tomb while musicians with traditional instruments sing praises for the saint outside. During the festival, the tomb is washed with sandalwood and rose water. Outside the shrine, there are various stalls and mini-shops, selling knickknacks and items associated with the shrine.
Ammu feels lonely as Prasad often goes on long corporate trips and ignores her. Her only solace is the time she gets to spend with her cousins Ajju and Kutty. One day, upon inspecting a room in their apartment that Prasad never lets anyone enter, she is shocked to find it filled with photos, knickknacks and possessions of a woman (Samantha). In thought of not having a place in Prasad's heart and life, she leaves Prasad and returns to her village in sorrow.
Troubled by the feeling that they had become knickknacks, Neely stopped selling the Guardian angels for 6 months in 2008, and instead went back to giving them away, sometimes hiding them in various locations in the city of Spartanburg for people to find. Since he resumed selling these works in 2009, Neely has often received criticism from artists and art professionals that he should not paint as many of his Guardians or sell them so cheaply. In response Neely is quoted in saying, "I think any artist would be honored to have a work that can connect with people so powerfully."
While helping his mother sell her piano, Mitty recounts his story but mentions he does not have the wallet anymore. His mother says she always keeps his knickknacks and gives him the wallet that she retrieved from the trash. Finding inside the wallet a small manila envelope the size of a single-frame 35mm negative, an emboldened Mitty delivers it to "Life" magazine, tells management that it was the photograph O'Connell wanted for the final issue, and berates Hendricks for disrespecting the staff that made the magazine so honored before walking away from the office, humiliating him in front of his recently hired staff.
In large cities like New Orleans or San Francisco, smaller cities like Astoria, Oregon or Vicksburg, Mississippi, as well as rural areas, visitor centers may be in a building of varied size with most of the above amenities included, i.e. restroom facilities, staffed desks for people to ask for assistance, nearby restaurants, free brochures relating to nearby attractions, lodging, and dining. In addition, an urban or rural visitors center may have things of local, regional, or even national interest, such as rare and/or antiquated artifacts or small knickknacks (e.g. coins, stamps, or sports memorabilia).
Prior to opening Vogue featured The Handy Liquor Bar, stating "There's a decent chance that a bar will be successful if Tilda Swinton, Christy Turlington, and the Opening Ceremony crew are regulars—before it's even open to the public." To date its regulars, such guests as Denzel Washington, Nicolas Cage, Patti Smith, Pink, Richard Gere, Sofia Coppola, Tilda Swinton and former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "Named after Thomas Handy, the creator of the Sazerac cocktail, this vintage piano lounge exudes sophistication. Along the mahogany walls, you'll find framed classic rock and roll photos taken by famous photographer Bob Gruen as well as other musical knickknacks."
Leonie and Ailes (Kelly Vitz) arrive in New York and surprise Isamu (Jan Milligan) who, on Rumely's advice, is studying medicine. Leonie objects, telling Rumely Isamu is destined to be an artist, and he is soon seen neglecting his medical studies for drawing and sculpture. As Isamu gains artistic success and Ailes enters the world of dance, Leonie grows old, eking out a meager existence selling Japanese knickknacks. After an argument with Ailes, she becomes ill and is hospitalized. By the time Isamu makes it to her bedside she has died. At the small funeral Isamu meets Catherine.
Rimsky-Korsakoffee has a casual, communal atmosphere and has been described by "The Oregonian" as a "cozy little place with an easygoing feel". "The Jewish Week" travel writer called the house a "mecca for grungy young artist-types seeking caffeine, chocolate and liberal-minded conversation". Yahoo! Travel described the environment as dimly lit, with sounds of stringed instruments. The house's interior has "bizarre 70's style" wallpaper and features knickknacks, "oddball" art and "odd things" hanging from the ceiling. Weekends feature live classical music. Guests are encouraged to write in blank journals placed throughout the house. Rimsky-Korsakoffee is unusual in that it accepts payments in cash only.
The society operates a Merchandise Department that sells items intended for both SAR members and the general public. Among the products available to the general public are: clothing apparel for men and women, Revolutionary War replicas such as Liberty Bells and Field Cannons, jewelry for men and women such as lapel pins and cuff links, along with cups, mugs, key-chains, books, CDs, videos and knickknacks. Items intended for SAR members only include: clothing, decals, license plate holders and frames, certificates and medals corresponding to SAR activities, medals designed to reward active and retired military personnel, firefighters, EMS, JROTC and ROTC, individuals involved in education, Eagle Scouts and many others.
The villagers of Ganivada and their relatives meet at Paidithallamma Gudi (Temple) on the evening of Kanuma, usually 15 January of every year. This event is called 'Paidithallamma Theertham'. The villagers worship (with sacrifice of roosters, bananas,turmetic paste and vermillion powder) the Goddess Paidithalli whose temple is located on the dry area of a Pond called 'Peda Cheruvu'. Sweets and knickknacks are sold in this event. The local vendors eagerly wait for this day. Importantly, cock fights are arranged with small stakes. Usually, the primary interest is to get some chicken for the dinner. People of Gedelavani Palem and Kompali also come to this event to meet people and exchange greetings.