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ellipsiprymnus              erikssoni              dippenaar              vardonii              greeff              popta              bruyns              boddaert              wittei              japie              somalicus              plancke              mormyrus              congensis              graueri              katangensis              renschi              camerunensis              machadoi              aruensis              hadiaty              schouteden              werneri              beentje              solier              hylodes              ueckermann              leopoldi              kempi              stitz              schaeff              royen              leleupi              nigricauda              gobius              angolensis              tinus              boettger              roem              vaillanti              leptocaris              peruanus              stehmann              koord              houttuyn              raiamas              carcassoni              kullander              hartert              duvign             

Examples of "kobus"
In addition the Upemba lechwe ("Kobus anselli") is also considered a subspecies by some authorities (as "Kobus leche anselli").
Arthur Kobus was born on 9 February 1879, in Metz, Alsace-Lorraine. Kobus fought during the First World War, with the rank of Officer.
Creating a flower-the 'Magnolia Kobus Janaki Ammal'
"Magnolia kobus" is classified within "Magnolia" subgenus "Yulania".
The Cape lechwe, or Venter's lechwe, ("Kobus venterae") is an extinct species similar to the Red Lechwe, "Kobus leche". It was described by Robert Broom from a frontlet and horn core from Haagenstad (now known as Florisbad), which Broom believed to be an intermediate form between lechwe and waterbuck. However others have failed to find justification for separating the species from "Kobus leche".
Kobus Van Rensburg died on December 21, 2013, from cancer.
Adenota is an alternative genus or sub-genus within the Reduncinae sub-family of family Bovidae, composed of the species "Kobus kob" (Kob) and "Kobus vardonii" (Puku). It was described by Nowak in 1991.
The Kobushi magnolia is closely related to the star magnolia ("Magnolia stellata"), and some authorities consider the star magnolia to be a variety of "M. kobus, M. kobus" var. "stellata".
Kobus Jonker is a paralympic athlete from South Africa competing mainly in category F37 throwing events.
The larvae feed on "Magnolia kobus". They probably mine the leaves of their host plant.
Kobus Brand (born 10 June 1994) is a Namibian first-class cricketer.
Arthur Kobus (9 February 1879 – April 1945) was a German general during the Second World War.
The lechwe ("Kobus leche"), or southern lechwe, is an antelope found in wetlands of south central Africa.
Kobus Jonker is often quoted in the media and called as an expert witness regarding such cases. Véronique Faure states:
Kobus Van Deventer is a South African rugby league player who represented his country in the 1995 World Cup.
The number of waterbucks ("Kobus ellipsiprymnus defassa") decreased from about 3000 in the 1970s to only 120 in 2004.
In 2012/2013 the Namibian Navy ordered 19 new craft from Kobus Naval Design and Veercraft Marine of South Africa.
Kobus Barnard (born March 28, 1988) is a Namibian cricketer, who played for Namibia in List A cricket.
Upon his re-election to Parliament in 2009, Kobus was appointed as the Shadow Minister of Trade and Industry.
Among the kobs of eastern Africa, the Ugandan kob ("Kobus kob thomasi") appears on the coat of arms of Uganda, and white-eared kobs ("Kobus kob leucotis"), found in South Sudan, southwest Ethiopia, and extreme northeast Uganda, participate in large-scale migrations.