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chienge              murewa              purga              goudini              mporokoso              helmeringhausen              huhudi              chitipa              ottosdal              lakher              otjiwarongo              keetmanshoop              samotschin              grootfontein              tshela              gobabis              kolonie              karasburg              nyanga              ginbo              dharawal              hermannsburg              burgersdorp              gapun              loliondo              geoirs              chiengi              mahagi              sembel              zvimba              mnong              mutoko              karuri              mariental              daizang              makhuwa              lydenburg              kapornak              mbinga              gugulethu              daveyton              kwale              esquirassy              mumbwa              madimba              rundu              yabassi              vhembe              ngara              lebamba             

Examples of "kochow"
At various times, he was president of the Selangor Kwang Tung Association, National Kwang Tung Association, Pan-Malayan Kochow Association, United Lees' Association, Federation of Malaya Red Cross Association and Kuen Cheng Girls School.
The second school founded by the Maryknollers in China was called Sacred Heart School, also a primary school, set up by Fr Bernard F. Meyer in Gaozhou (previously known as Kochow), with inauguration held on 5 October 1923. and first graduation in 1926 Fr Adolph John Paschang once served in this Sacred Heart School in Gaozhou.)
For centuries Maciejowice was part of the Land of Stezyca, which belonged to Lesser Poland’s Sandomierz Voivodeship. In 1794, the Battle of Maciejowice took place near the village. In the early years of the Polish statehood, this part of the country was sparsely populated, due to proximity of the eastern border. First local village, mentioned in documents, is Kochow (one kilometer south of Maciejowice), which was founded in 1155. In the late 12th century, a Roman Catholic parish of Kochow was established, and in the 15th century, the area of the future Maciejowice was purchased by a local nobleman Kacper Maciejowski. The village remained in the hands of the Maciejowski family until the late 17th century.
Fr Adolph J. Paschang preached and worked in southern China, covering Gaozhou, previously known as Kochow (Fr Paschang once worked in the Sacred Heart School in Gaozhou, Maoming, the second school ever founded by the Maryknollers in China, by Fr Bernard F. Meyer with inauguration held on 5 October 1923. and first graduation on 1926 August 30 ), Yangjiang (previously known as Yeungkong), Jiaying (previously known as Kaying) Taishan (previously known as Toishan) and Jiangmen. He was appointed Vicar Apostolic of Kongmoon on 17 June 1937 (consecrated Bishop on 30 November 1937), and later appointed Bishop of the (previously known as Kongmoon) on 11 April 1946, lived through the Japanese Invasion and Occupation of China in the Second World War.
The opening of Kundang is strongly related to tin ore. At the end of the 19th century, tin ore was found in the Kundang River. This discovery attracts many Chinese immigrants to the place and the Kundang settlement was established. The Kanching territory which is in the Rawang district, have started tin mining operations in the 1840s is one of the oldest tin mining area in Selangor. After that, areas around Rawang town like Kundang and Kuang have initially started tin mining activities respectively. New settlements are also established due to tin mining. Some people said that if there is tin ore, there is Hakka people. Ka Yin and Kochow Association in Kundang proved that these two clans is the earliest Chinese immigrants settled there. Aside of the Ka Yin clan who forms the majority of residents in Kundang, another bigger clans comes from the Hui Zhou, while the minority is from the He Po clan. To boost the industry of tin mining, British colonizers had developed the railway system.