Synonyms for kodathi or Related words with kodathi

kannukal              panchavadi              nirangal              iniyum              pootha              nimishangal              iruvattam              bandhangal              veedhi              orikkal              varavu              abhayam              sookshikkuka              palaivana              sandarbham              kalloori              nanmakal              poocha              raavukal              manushyan              singari              sphodanam              vilikkunnu              chinthamani              ponnana              vivaham              nerunnu              sandhyakku              kudumba              sukham              moonnu              kaattu              sambhavam              nyayavidhi              vathil              akalathe              snehicha              rahasyam              nanma              anandha              kolacase              mangalya              kshamichu              swanthamevide              swargam              manathe              thumbolarcha              makalum              cheppu              thedi             

Examples of "kodathi"
Sulikunte is a village situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It is a village of Kodathi grama panchayath, Bangalore east taluk, Bangalore Urban district and is located towards the south-east of Bangalore.
His characters in films like "Oru CBI Diary Kurippu", "Manu Uncle", "Kottayam Kunjachan", etc. were widely appreciated. Prathapachandran has also produced a few Malayalam movies. "Manavadharmam", "Prakadanam", "Kodathi", "Ivide Ingane", and "Kattuthee" are among them.
Janakeeya Kodathi is a 1985 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Hassan and produced by Areefa Hassan. The film stars Madhu, Srividya, Prameela and Ratheesh in lead roles. The film had musical score by A. T. Ummer.
Jayakrishnan, his uncle K. R. Menon (Narendra Prasad) and his cousin, Menon’s daughter Radhika (Samyuktha Varma), who is Jayakrishnan’s sweetheart too, lived together. All of them were lawyers and their house was nicknamed "Kodathi veedu" (Court house). Among the lawyers of Kodathi Veedu, Jayakrishnan and his Junior Ponnappan (Kalabhavan Mani) were the only utter. No client ever came in search of Jayakrishnan and he never earned anything. But he decided that he'd marry Radhika only after he had fought and won a legal battle. So Jayakrishnan, along with Ponnappan, decides to reopen the case of Hari Narayanan (Lal), who is locked up in a mental asylum for the past few years. Jayakrishnan, with timely help from Doctor Raziya (Manya), his friend, proves in court that Hari Narayanan is not insane and that he was dubbed a mad man by his own brother Raveendran (Janardhanan), who wanted to wrest Hari's property too. It’s uncle Menon who fights the suit from the other side. Jayakrishnan wins the case. Hari Narayanan is released from the mental asylum. Jayakrishnan is married to Radhika.
Born in Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram district, Joshiy's relation with cinema began from the cinema theatre that his family owned. While doing his final year in degree, in 1969, Joshiy left to Chennai to try his luck in cinema. Joshi began his career by assisting people including M Krishnan Nair and Sasikumar. He made his debut as director through "Tiger Salim", that got released in 1978. His next movie was "Moorkhan" which was followed by "Raktham". Following this, Joshi directed many films including "Kaahalam","Sharam", "Karthavyam", "Dheera" and "Arambham". In the year 1983, "Aa Rathri", got released for which Joshi joined with Mammootty for the first time, and they continued to work together for the next two decades. Following "Kodumkattu," came out and a series of films including "Bhookambam", "Kodathi", "Alakadalinakkare", "Muhurtham 11.30", "Minimol Vathicanil". In the year 1985, Joshiy directed "Nirakkoottu", based on the script by debutant Dennis Joseph. Joshi-Mammootty-Dennis Joseph continued working together with "Nyayavidhi", "Shyama", and "Veendum". He made his debut in Hindi films in 1984 and achieved national fame when he directed Dharm Aur Qanoon starring Rajesh Khanna in a double role along with Dharmendra. It had box office collection of 6.5 crores in 1984 and went on to become a hit at the Indian boxoffice.