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Examples of "kohaut"
Kohaut is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Franz Kohaut (_ - died 1822) was a Czech botanical collector and gardener from Neuhaus, Bohemia.
In May, 2009 Kohaut came under fire for physically removing two pages containing the poem "Diary Of An Abusive Stepfather" from the book "Paint Me Like I Am" after a student's parent complained. Kohaut answered criticism about his vandalizing the book instead of just removing it by saying that he wanted students to still be able to read the other poems included in the book.
He never reached the Western hemisphere (in contradistinction to Friedrich Wilhelm Sieber, an employee of Johann Centurius Hoffmannsegg), but sent several people to make collections for him, notably Franz Kohaut in the Antilles and Wenceslas Bojer on Mauritius.
"Kohautia" was named by Adelbert von Chamisso and Diederich von Schlechtendal in 1829. This generic name honors Franz Kohaut (d. 1822), a plant collector who worked in West Africa for the botanist Franz Sieber (1789-1844).
In 1816-18 he accompanied botanist Franz Wilhelm Sieber (1789-1844) on an expedition to Crete, Egypt and Palestine, and afterwards worked for Sieber as a botanical collector in Martinique (1819–21). Specimens from Martinique were later distributed as "Herbarium Martinicense". Kohaut died in 1822 while on an expedition in Senegal.
Schneiderman specializes in the performance practice and repertoire of 18th century lutes and 19th century guitars. His discography includes works by lutenists Sylvius Leopold Weiss, Bernhard Joachim Hagen, Karl Kohaut and Adam Falckenhagen and guitarists Napoléon Coste and Johann Kaspar Mertz.
Karl Ignaz Augustin Kohaut (Carolus Ignatius Augustinus) (baptised August 26, 1726 – August 6, 1784) was an Austrian lutenist and composer of Czech descent. He is considered (along with Bernhard Joachim Hagen) to be one of the last important composers of music for Baroque Lute.
Born in Vienna, Karl Kohaut pursued a dual career as a diplomat and musician. He entered the Austrian civil service in 1756 or 1757 as a minor official in the state chancellery, but by 1778 he had reached the position of court secretary.
Kohaut wrote seven lute concertos, which are fine examples of this rare genre. The concerto in F major is probably most well known, having been recorded at least four times: by Julian Bream, Alirio Díaz, John Schneiderman and Hopkinson Smith. Kohaut's eight masses were frequently performed at the monasteries of Melk and Göttweig, especially the Missa Sancti Willibaldi, which was performed at Göttweig on 24 occasions, the last time as late as 1798. Kohaut's Symphony in F minor was his best known work during the 20th century, recorded on LP on the Supraphon label.
In March, 2009 Assistant Principal Richard Panas charged that Principal Donald Kohaut had been covering up the number of violent incidents at the school, claiming that at least 80 incidents of violence had not been reported to the state as required by state law. The New Jersey State Department of Education launched a probe into the conditions at the school due to Panas' claims. The probe discovered that while school officials did not properly report the incidents, the failure to do so was due to a lack of communication and was not deliberate.