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kazuya_kamenashi              kenji_sawada              yuichi_nakamaru              jin_akanishi              tsuyoshi_domoto              ryo_nishikido              hikaru_yaotome              shingo_katori              kota_yabu              tsubasa_imai              masaharu_fukuyama              akiko_wada              tatsuya_ueda              kazumasa_oda              hideaki_takizawa              koki_tanaka              kinki_kids              juri_ueno              miho_nakayama              yōsui_inoue              tomohisa_yamashita              meisa_kuroki              kyōko_koizumi              daiki_arioka              ryoko_shinohara              ryosuke_yamada              kazunari_ninomiya              shoko_nakagawa              yuto_nakajima              yuya_takaki              yuri_chinen              kou_shibasaki              masahiro_matsuoka              kyoko_fukada              minori_chihara              kiyoshi_hikawa              junnosuke_taguchi              keito_okamoto              aya_ueto              yusuke_kamiji              toma_ikuta              koshi_inaba              taichi_kokubun              toshihiko_tahara              tatsuro_yamashita              kei_inoo              yukie_nakama              kimeru              sadao_abe              takako_matsu             

Examples of "koichi_domoto"
This Johnny's Jr. group was formed by Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids under the name J-Support. Later the name of this group changed into K.K.Kity.
This group was formed by Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids under the name J-Support. Later the name of this group changed into K.K.Kity.
With Koichi Domoto, he eventually made his debut in 1997 as KinKi Kids with a double release of a single "Garasu no Shōnen" and an album "A Album", both of which went on to sell more than a million copies.
An annual musical production, "Shock" is performed in the Imperial Garden Theater in Tokyo. The lead role is played by Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids and Tsubasa acts in the second leading role.
Born in Nara, Domoto joined Johnny's Entertainment on May 5, 1991, which also the first time he met his future bandmate Koichi Domoto. The opportunity came while without his knowing, his mother and his 6-years-older sister sent his resume to the office. Domoto and his bandmate Koichi Domoto first worked together as backdancers for Hikaru Genji, who were holding a concert at Yokohama Arena, and has since then been partnered up for magazine photoshoots, music acts and drama projects. The duo starred in their first drama together called "Ningen Shikkaku" in 1994, in which Domoto was awarded Best Newcomer in the Television Drama Academy Awards.
In 2001 Koichi Domoto made a project for a TV show. Here he selected some of the Johnny's Juniors to become a Johnny's Jr. group with 6 members. He gave them the name J-Support and chose Keiichiro Koyama as the leader, because he was the eldest.
Tsubasa is known as one of the "Four Dancing Kings" in the Johnny & Associate agency along with Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids. He has also appeared in many dramas and was second lead in the annual musical production "Shock". He returned to play the secondary lead role in the 2005 production of Endless Shock.
On March 11, 2014, Oricon and Fuji TV announced that Tomomi Ogawa will be the new bassist of the Domoto Brothers Band, the house band that plays for the Sunday night TV musical variety show . The variety show is hosted by Koichi Domoto and Tsuyoshi Domoto. Her first TV appearance with the band was on April 6, 2014.
Shock (stylized as SHOCK) is a Japanese musical series. The producer of the show is Johnny Kitagawa, head of the talent agency Johnny & Associates. In charge of the production is Koichi Domoto, a member of the Japanese duo KinKi Kids. Starting out in 2000, "Shock" has been performed annually. As of March 2009, it has been on stage for ten years in a row. Due to the enormous success, in 2010 the number of shows was stocked up. On August 1, 2010, Kitagawa announced that there are plans to bring "Shock" to the United States as early as 2012.
Before becoming KAT-TUN, each member belonged to different trainee units within Johnny & Associates. In 2001, eight members were chosen to become a temporary dancing unit in order to support Koichi Domoto in the NHK music program, "Pop Jam". The eight members were switched around before it officially became KAT-TUN, with the current three members plus Jin Akanishi, Koki Tanaka and Junnosuke Taguchi. Although the formation was only meant to be a temporary support unit, KAT-TUN gained a great deal of attention and became a solid unit.
Hiro (born October 11, 1985) is a Japanese music producer, associated with production company Digz, inc.. He began producing songs in 2007, beginning with dance group PaniCrew's single "Growing & Leaning." His most successful song is currently Kumi Koda's "Taboo," which reached #1 on Oricon's single charts in 2008. Other high-profile songs of Hiros include Kumi Koda's "Universe" and "Your Love," Namie Amuro's "My Love," BoA's "Best Friend" and Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids' "Lose Control" (all appearing on albums reaching #1 on Oricon charts).
After he was made a Johnny's Jr. member in 2000, Akanishi was part of a number of groups like Musical Academy Dancing, J2000 and B.A.D., before being drafted into a six-member unit in 2001 with other juniors Kazuya Kamenashi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Koki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru. Though the group was originally meant to only be backup dancers for Koichi Domoto of KinKi Kids, the sextet's unexpected popularity led their agency to allow them to expand into a separate group called KAT-TUN, an acronym formed by the first letter of the members' surnames. Despite the group's popularity (they even released DVDs of their live concerts in 2003 and 2005—a first for Johnny's groups that hadn't debuted), they were not allowed to make their bow until five years later in 2006, to immense success.
In 1994, he took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the first time. His 1996 song "Midnight Shuffle" peaked at number four in the Oricon weekly single charts. The song was the theme of Japanese television drama "Ginrō Kaiki File: Futatsu no Zunō o Motsu Shōnen", in which then-Johnny's Jr. Koichi Domoto played a main role. Kondō appeared on NHK's Kōhaku Uta Gassen annual TV show singing "Midnight Shuffle". From 1998 he went full-time into racing, rarely appearing on TV and not putting out any new songs. His occasional appearances on TV were as a racer or racing commentator. On May 22, 2002, he released a single but it was a cover for his 1985 song "Yoisho".