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hitori              ikenai              renai              shounen              itsuka              utsukushii              danshi              oyaji              tanoshii              daisuki              mizuiro              kamisama              kaiketsu              yasashii              nante              dokidoki              tenshi              harukaze              aishiteru              anpanman              warau              omoi              boku              moeru              zutto              seikatsu              jinsei              zettai              hatsukoi              shoujo              otona              ichiban              odoru              kimochi              oyasumi              gakari              chiisana              soshite              koibito              mahou              yume              yureru              gekijou              himitsu              shiranai              satsujin              junjou              yakusoku              hanasaku              tameni             

Examples of "koisuru"
He was the choreographer for one of AKB48's biggest hits: "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" (2013).
In 2013, Zoku v-u-den reappeared with Rika Ishikawa to perform "Koisuru Angel Heart" as Rika Ishikawa with Zoku v-u-den.
The song was first unveiled in late February 2009, when it was used in commercials promoting Canon's Digital IXUS brand of cameras. Superfly's next single "Dancing on the Fire" (2009) followed "Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii" as the second song used for this commercial campaign, which was created in the same style as "Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii". Superfly performed the song live at "Music Station" on August 7, and again at "Music Japan" on September 13.
She is well known in Japan for being a member of LDS Church, as she refuses to work on Sundays. Saito used a fake cigarette while filming the 1986 film "Koisuru Onnatachi" due to her beliefs.
"Doll" is a Japanese-language song by girl pop rock band Scandal. The song begins ""Koisuru otome wa utsukushii to iu shoumei dekinai genjitsu / Akogare idaiteru bakari atashi kirei ni kazarareta doll"".
On 12 December 2011, she made her debut as a singer under Universal Japan, releasing the single "Koisuru Kimochi". The ballad was written for her by Glay's Takuro who declared himself as a big fan of Takei.
The anime opening theme, "Koisuru Kokoro" by Eufonius, and main ending theme, "Michishirube" by Yūmao, were both released on January 25, 2006 in Japan by Lantis. The anime used four alternate versions of the ending theme sung by four of the voice actors. In episode eight, it was sung by Masumi Asano, in episode nine by Kana Ueda as Hazumu, in episode ten by Yui Horie as Yasuna, and in episode eleven by Yukari Tamura as Tomari. The opening theme "Koisuru Kokoro" was used as the ending theme for the first episode while the song by Yūmao was used as the ending theme in the twelfth episode.
Released over three months after their previous single "Shamrock", "Kimi no Suki na Uta" was the last single to be released before the release of the band's second album. The title song was used as the theme song for the TBS drama "Koisuru Hanikami" from October 2006 to December 2006.
On August 21 the group released its 32nd single, "Koisuru Fortune Cookie". Its music video had 3,800 extras, the most for any AKB48- and sister group-related video. On August 24 the group announced the restoration of Team 4, with Minami Minegishi as captain and members promoted from the 13th and 14th generation of trainees.
To promote the "Box Emotions" release, Tsutaya stores rented out CD singles featuring "Alright!!" as the lead track, and a second track titled , beginning on August 15, 2009. This second track consisted of 30 second clips of the other 4 singles on the album: "How Do I Survive?", "My Best of My Life", and "Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii/Yasashii Kimochi de".
"Hi no Ataru Basho" was the theme song to the movie "'Hood", as well as the NTV program "Docchi no Ryōri Show". The b-side, "Koisuru Kisetsu", was used in an "Elleseine" cosmetics commercial and served as opening theme to the TV Tokyo program "Break Beats".
The album had two promotional singles. "Hikari", which was used as theme song of the TBS TV show "Koisuru Honey Coming" and from the double A-side single "Kokoro no Tabibito/Speed Star", the first one was used as theme song of the Fuji TV drama "Rikon Bengoshi", and the last in TV commercials of Toshiba cellphones "A5504T".
Saito is well known in Japan for being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as she refused to work on Sundays. In the 1986 film "Koisuru Onnatachi", Saito used a fake cigarette used for asthma patients due to her LDS beliefs, which forbid the use of tobacco, including smoking.
Jo made her acting debut in 2011 with a small role in the daily sitcom "I Live in Cheongdam-dong" on cable channel jTBC. This was followed by a hosting gig on the audition program "Made in U" (also on jTBC), and an appearance in the Korean-Japanese co-production "Koisuru Maison ~Rainbow Rose~".
The music video was directed by Shūichi Banba, the first time Banba worked together with Superfly. He would go on to be a regular collaborator, directing videos for songs such as "Hi-Five," "Koisuru Hitomi wa Utsukushii", "Yasashii Kimochi de" and "".
In March 2007 she was chosen as the 12th Rehouse Girl of Mitsui Fudosan Realty. Later in April Yamashita became an exclusive model for the fashion magazine "Hanachu". Her acting debut was in the drama "Koisuru Nichiyōbi: Dai 3 Series" in June.
In 2014, he headlined his first miniseries, the cable romantic comedy/medical drama "Emergency Couple". Choi then returned to network television with a supporting role in "Fated to Love You", a remake of the 2008 Taiwanese drama. Another leading role followed with the legal drama "Pride and Prejudice". He was also cast in a minor role in the Japanese film "Koisuru Vampire" ("Vampire in Love").
In 2013, Japanese pop group AKB48 released a single titled "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" which sold 1,095,894 copies on its first day of release, and reached number one on the Oricon weekly charts with over 1.33 million copies. AKB48's Indonesian sister group JKT48 released their own version of the song titled "Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta" as did the Chinese sister group SNH48 as "Ài de xìngyùn qū qí".
Lately, a single will also be released in a limited edition version that contains a DVD with a different, alternate promotional video than is on the Single V. v-u-den's "Koisuru♥Angel♥Heart" Single V contains the promotional video, as well as a "white angel" version of the video, while the limited edition DVD that came with the cd-single contains the "dance shot" version of the video.
A spin-off manga titled "Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: Egoistic-Lily" with art by Niito began serialization from February 4, 2013, in Kadokawa Shoten's "seinen" manga magazine "Young Ace". It has been collected in three "tankōbon" volumes as of June 2014. Another spin-off manga titled "Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata: Koisuru Metronome" with art by Sabu Musha began serialization from August 24, 2013, in Square Enix's "seinen" manga magazine "Big Gangan". It has been collected in six "tankōbon" volumes as of July 2016.