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itsuka              hitori              danshi              jikan              renai              jinsei              soshite              odoru              sakamichi              shiranai              banashi              yuusha              otona              taiyou              utsukushii              gakari              seishun              koukou              jigoku              jounetsu              utae              zetsubou              mizuiro              tasogare              isekai              tatakai              musuko              utsukushiki              keikaku              seikatsu              hajimari              oretachi              tadaima              kiseki              saraba              tengoku              inochi              kimochi              chikai              shimai              saisei              saidai              yasashii              kanzen              tameni              yakusoku              okaeri              nemuru              kekkon              kanashimi             

Examples of "koiuta"
In 1982, he made his first TV appearance in "Michinaru Hanran" ("Unknown Rebellion"), and his first appearance on TV as a samurai in "Mibu no koiuta". He made his feature-film debut in 1984 with "MacArthur's Children".
In 2002, Matsumoto contributed music to two songs ("Don't Stop Music!" and "Koiuta") in Misia's fourth album, "Kiss in the Sky". She invited him to be a part of the album after discovering his solo work.
Love Songs – Koi Uta is the second mini-album from Shion Miyawaki under the label Rhythm Zone. This mini-album contains songs that about the experience of Shion in love that were told in the cellphono story "KoiUta".
Shion now writes a cellphono story named KoiUta. This is a story about Shions experience with love. On 21 April 2009, Shions official website presented a new arranged version of "Shinin' Star" that would be available for online download on mu-mo. On the 17th of June the official website released a new song named "Everything is you -MAKAI original mix-" for the cellphone.
CD Japan listed a new mini-album from Shion Miyawaki named "Love Songs – Koi Uta" to be released on September 2. On 17 July 2009, the second mini-album was confirmed Shions official website. The mini-album contained songs in which she sang about her experience that were told in KoiUta.
"Toaru Hikūshi e no Koiuta" started as a light novel series, written by Koroku Inumura and illustrated by Haruyuki Morisawa. The series spans five volumes which were published between February 18, 2009, and January 18, 2011, under Shogakukan's Gagaga Bunko imprint. Inumura's earlier light novel, "The Princess and the Pilot", is set in the same world, as are his two later series: the two-volume "Toaru Hikūshi e no Yasōkyoku" and the ongoing "Toaru Hikūshi e no Seiyaku".
Sweep Tosho remained in training as a six-year-old but failed to win in four races. In spring she finished second to Kongo Rikishio in the Milers Cup at Hanshin and then ran unplaced behind Koiuta in the Grade I Victoria Mile. After five months off the track she returned in October and was dropped in distance to finish fourth behind Super Hornet in the Grade II Swan Stakes over 1400 metres at Kyoto. She ended her racing career by running for the fourth time in the Queen Elizabeth II Cup on 11 November. She finished third of the thirteen runners behind Daiwa Scarlet and Fusaichi Pandora, beaten two lengths by the winner.
Masuiyama is also an enka musician. His debut release was "Iroha koiuta"(いろは恋唄)in 1974. His musical career was in parallel with sumo wrestling, until the Sumo Association banned such extra-curricular activities. His notable songs include "Sonna Yuko ni horemashita"(そんな夕子にほれました)(1974), "Sonna onna no hitorigoto"(そんな女のひとりごと)(1977) which sold 1.3 million copies, "Otoko no Senaka"(男の背中)", "Hisoyakani Hanayakani"(秘そやかに華やかに)(a duet with Naomi Matsui)(2012),"Yuko no Omise"(夕子のお店)(2013), "Fuyuko no blues"(冬子のブルース)(2013) and "A man's cup-sake" (男のコップ酒). In 2013, he retired from the Sumo Association and re-started exclusively as an enka musician. In 2015 he opened a chanko restaurant, "Chanko Masuiyama", on the premises of the now-closed Mihogaseki stable.