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hiroki_narimiya              kyoko_fukada              masato_wada              sadao_abe              yasuko_matsuyuki              naohito_fujiki              takanori_jinnai              keiko_kitagawa              shun_oguri              takayuki_yamada              yuki_uchida              tori_matsuzaka              shunji_igarashi              junichi_okada              aoi_miyazaki              maki_horikita              saki_aibu              toma_ikuta              takao_osawa              miho_kanno              dori_sakurada              shingo_katori              shinichi_tsutsumi              yusuke_kamiji              hirofumi_araki              shota_matsuda              naoto_takenaka              yui_aragaki              erika_toda              juri_ueno              mirai_shida              ryunosuke_kamiki              suzu_hirose              kazunari_ninomiya              yuichi_nakamura              hiroki_suzuki              mirei_kiritani              kou_shibasaki              takumi_saito              shihori              yui_ichikawa              etsushi_toyokawa              satomi_ishihara              masaki_okada              kōichi_satō              aki_maeda              masaki_kaji              hiroshi_tamaki              hiroki_matsukata              suzuka_morita             

Examples of "koji_seto"
An album titled "Masked Rider Kiva Re-Union" was released on June 24, 2009, with some original "Kiva" songs to be rearranged. "Destiny's Play" will be rearranged, Koji Seto & Shouma Yamamoto will sing "Roots of the King" together, Koji Seto shall give his own rendition of "This love never ends", and in turn Kouhei Takeda will give his own rendition of "Supernova".
A live action straight-to-DVD sixty-minute film directed by Kōtarō Terauchi was produced on September 5, 2007. The film stars Sō Hirosawa as Yaoi, and Koji Seto as Tibet, and also features Kotaro Yanagi playing a role. Ajiko Kojima, the original manga author, has a small cameo appearance in the film.
In the musicals, Eiji has been portrayed by Yamazaki Ichitaro (2003-2004), Takashi Nagayama (2003-2005), Adachi Osamu (2005-2006), Koji Seto (2006-2007), Kyousuke Hamao (2007-2009), Takasaki Shouta (2008-2010), Koseki Yuta (2010–2012), Kuroba Mario (2012–2014), and Honda Reo (2015-2016).
Since Nagayama's graduation, the role of Kikumaru has been played by Osamu Adachi, Koji Seto, Kyousuke Hamao, Shouta Takasaki, and Yuta Koseki. Nagayama, along with Kimeru and Endo, went to see Yanagi graduate from Tenimyu at the final performance of "Dream Live 3rd" in 2006.
"Koizora" was also adapted into a TV drama series, which aired from August 2, 2008 to September 13, 2008, with a total of six episodes. From March to June 2008, auditions were held to choose the actor and actress for the two starring roles. Erena Mizusawa was chosen to play Mika, and Koji Seto as Hiro; there were a total of more than a thousand applicants.
Special programme (Let's search "Sherlock Holmes" thoroughly!) was broadcast on 5 October 2014 by NHK Educational TV, promoting the series one week before its ETV debut. In the programme, stage actor and YouTube personality Koji Seto reports on how the puppet show is made, interviews the puppeteers and interviews Holmesians at a cosplay event of Sherlock Holmes in Leeds, at the Sherlock Holmes Museum and at Sherlock Holmes Pub in London, and their reactions to the show are introduced.
In a later rerun of the special, Shin-chan and Nene meet up with Den-O, again, although to act as a teaser for the final episodes of "Kamen Rider Den-O" and to introduce "Kamen Rider Kiva" along with Ryotaro Nogami (Takeru Satoh) and Wataru Kurenai (Koji Seto). The live action Shin-chan also meets with the cast of "Juken Sentai Gekiranger" for the teaser of their final episodes and later with the cast of "Engine Sentai Go-onger" to air the trailer for their series.
Tetra-Fang was formed in 2008 to serve as a promotional band for "Kamen Rider Kiva". The group composes music in a rock style and features a rotating line-up of members for each of their singles. Koji Seto who portrays Wataru Kurenai, the lead character in "Kamen Rider Kiva", serves as Koji, the lead vocalist of the group for the single releases of "Destiny's Play" and "Individual-System." "Destiny's Play" was released on April 23, 2008, and came with a DVD containing a music video for the song. The single ranked 25th on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Single's Charts in its first week. "Individual-System" was released on June 25, 2008, and was the second ending theme for "Kamen Rider Kiva".
After the "Absolute King Rikkai feat. Rokkaku ~ Second Service" show, Tomo did not to graduate with his fellow third cast members, and instead stayed as an alternative with the fourth generation cast. He shared the role with Yuuichirou Hirata, who was cast as the new Kaidoh, for two shows: "The Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat. Rikkai" and "Dream Live 5th", taking turns for different performances. Tomo graduated from his role as Kaidoh after the last performance of the "Dream Live 5th" live concert. During his run of the series, he got to work with fellow D-BOY members Tetsuya Makita, Koji Seto, and Masato Wada. He and Kujirai have both played Kaidoh the longest.
Kouhei Takeda has recorded a song titled "This love never ends" as the theme song for Otoya as Ixa. Nana Yanagisawa and Yu Takahashi have also provided their voices for tracks to be included on an album for all characters who have become Kamen Rider Ixa. This song has since been revealed to be titled "Feel the same" on an album titled "Inherited-System". Other songs on this album include "Don't Lose Yourself" performed by Keisuke Kato as Keisuke Nago and "Inherited-System" performed by the . Kenji Matsuda as Jiro performs the song "Keep alive" for the album. For a TETRA-FANG album titled "DESTINY", Koji Seto has recorded the vocals for a song titled "Mind garden." Several songs from this album are theme songs for the members of the Checkmate Four group: "Lightning to Heaven" for the Rook, "Exterminate Time" for the King (Kamen Rider Dark Kiva), "Eternity Blood" for the Bishop, and "Rainy Rose" for the Queen (Maya). Also on the album is "Prayer~Message 2", another tribute to Otoya.