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veeramunai              muttur              mullaitivu              eravur              valaichchenai              kebithigollewa              ananthapuram              kumulamunai              valvettiturai              vaharai              gonagala              alampil              thandikulam              mankulam              siyambalanduwa              shroma              thunukkai              upparu              kokkadichcholai              chalai              oddusuddan              kunan              nanthikadal              puliyankulam              pesalai              makhand              vidattaltivu              beqa              kokilai              vallipuram              uzdol              kowthalam              lhamoi              kilaly              palliyagodella              ramree              kallarawa              singpur              allaipiddy              lovoni              bargi              tokhar              baushgari              karaitivu              mjanyane              panyang              aranthalawa              ulpota              umuaka              rathedaung             

Examples of "kokkilai"
Kokkilai lagoon (; ) is an estuarine lagoon in Mullaitivu District and Trincomalee District, north-east Sri Lanka. The town of Kokkilai is located on a sand bar between the lagoon and the Indian Ocean.
The Kokkilai massacre was carried out by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
The Eastern coast is dominated by lagoons, the largest being the Batticaloa Lagoon, Kokkilai Lagoon, Upaar Lagoon and Ullackalie Lagoons.
The province's coast is dominated by lagoons, the largest being Batticaloa Lagoon, Kokkilai lagoon, Upaar Lagoon and Ullackalie Lagoon.
The Kokkilai offensive was a military operation carried out by the Tamil Tigers in Kokkilai, Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. It is claimed this was the first attack by LTTE on a Sri Lankan Army barrack. Ravi Jayewardene, brother of then President of Sri Lanka JR Jayewardene reported to the National Security Council that the Kokkilai attack was a full-scale armed confrontation and said the Tamil Tigers were becoming a ‘sophisticated enemy.’
Kokkilai Sanctuary ( Kokkuḷāy Caraṇālayam) is a wildlife sanctuary in north eastern Sri Lanka, approximately south east of Mullaitivu.
Following the end of the Sri Lankan Civil War the government announced plans to convert various sanctuaries in the Northern Province, including Kokkilai, into national parks. Four new national parks were created in the Northern Province on 22 June 2015 but Kokkilai remains only a sanctuary.
Kokkilai or Kokilai or Kokkulaay ( Kokkuḷāy Sinhalese: කෝකිලායි) is a town in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. It is located about 40 km south-east of the District capital Mullaitivu. It is a coastal town, located next to Kokkilai lagoon, it is also close to Trincomalee District border.
Kokkilai Sanctuary has been subject to illegal deforestation. In 2010 1,000 acres were bulldozed destroying up to 3,000 weaver bird nests.
The Kokkilai massacres has come to be viewed as a part of the greater Sri Lankan state sponsored colonization of Sinhalese in Tamil areas.
1984 Kokkilai massacres refers to a series of massacres of Sri Lankan Tamil civilians when the Sri Lankan military attacked the village of Kokkilai and several neighboring villages in Mullaitivu District, Northern Province, Sri Lanka. The attack left several civilians including women and children dead and their property destroyed. The attacks resulted in widespread displacement of native residents and subsequently their lands were colonized by Sinhala settlers.
On 15 December 1984, a large number of Sri Lankan military troops entered the coastal villages of Kokkilai, Kokkuthoduvai, Alampil, Nayaru and Kumulamunai in Mullaitivu District. The Sri Lankan Army arrived and announced that several
Kaathaliyaar Chamalang kulam, Kaaraiththoor, Kanchanthoo, Kachchai, Kaithady, Kalladi, Kantharmadam, Kantharodai, Kankesanthurai, Kanakarayankulam, Kapputhoor Veli, Karainagar, Karaveddy, Karampanthoor, Karanthai Vaddavaan, Karaitivu, Karunkandalvannakulam, Kayts, Kerudavil, Kea Thoovu, Kilinochchi, Kokavil, Kokkuvil, Kokkilai, Kokkuthoduvai, Kondavil, Kopay, Kovalam, Kullapam Kulam, Kuppilankulam, Kuppilan Kurichy
The province has a number of lagoons, the largest being Jaffna Lagoon, Nanthi Kadal, Chundikkulam Lagoon, Vadamarachchi Lagoon, Uppu Aru Lagoon, Kokkilai lagoon, Nai Aru Lagoon and Chalai Lagoon.
Kokkilai Lagoon and its surrounding area was designated as a bird sanctuary on 18 May 1951 under the "Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance (No. 2) of 1937". It had an area of in 1990. It currently has an area of .
The Kokkilai village massacre is an incident on December 1, 1984, in which LTTE cadres massacred 11 Sinhalese civilians. This attack occurred on the day after the Kent and Dollar Farm massacres. Most of the victims were Sinhalese fishermen, were shot to death by LTTE cadres.
An Integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment of Northern Province produced by the government with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme and published in October 2014 recommended that Kokkilai sanctuary be extended northwards to include Nai Aru Lagoon.
Kokkuthoduvai or Kokkuththoduvai (pronounced Kokkuth-thodu-vai) is a Town in the Mullaitivu District, Sri Lanka. Some say it translates to 'a-place-where-you-can-touch-the-Egret'. It is located about 30 km South-east of the District capital Mullaitivu. It is a coastal town, located next to Kokkilai lagoon.
Kokkilai Lagoon is partly surrounded by mangrove swamps and sea grass beds. The surrounding area includes cultivated land, scrub and open forests. Numerous varieties of water and wader birds are found in the sanctuary including cormorants, ducks, egrets, flamingoes, herons, ibis, pelicans and storks. The sanctuary is a haven for birds migrating along Sri Lanka's east coast. Elephants are also found in the sanctuary.
The Mullaitivu District had historically been a Tamil area, and the population was almost entirely Tamil in the district. The villages situated at the southernmost part of the district, serving as the vital link between the North and the East became favorite targets for colonies of the Government. The fishing villages in the district including Kokkilai were colonized by Sinhala fishermen from Negombo and Chilaw.