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koibito              yume              anata              namida              boku              tenshi              seishun              yoru              omoi              natsu              kamisama              yasashii              shiawase              hitotsu              omoide              yakusoku              hitori              aozora              kimochi              kanojo              inochi              kodomo              renai              watashi              tameni              otoko              haru              naru              kaze              shoujo              shiroi              otona              zutto              shiranai              tsubomi              negai              kiseki              jikan              kotoba              onna              tsuma              shizuku              taiyou              sekai              hikari              tsuki              kaidan              inori              itsuka              yoake             

Examples of "kokoro"
Kokoro is a Yoruba word meaning "worm", "grub" or "insect".
Lou Zhenggang (2004?). "Kokoro" [心], Sekai Bunka-sha (Tokyo).
The 'Kokoro' variety is important in making dried yam chips.
1st Closing theme: Kokoro no Honesty (Honesty of the Heart) |
"Kokoro no Yajirushi" (episode 1, during the concert)
Child actress Hirasawa Kokoro plays the role of young Ayami.
In 1982 Bourget and Hirabayashi with Peter Bingham, Ahmed Hassan, Lola MacLaughlin, Jennifer Mascall, and Peter Ryan, co-founded Experimental Dance and Music (EDAM). They left EDAM after four years to co-found Kokoro Dance. Since forming Kokoro Dance, Barbara has choreographed over one hundred dances. In 1998 Kokoro Dance began producing the Vancouver International Dance Festival.
There is a sequel and a prequel to the game. The sequel, "Kokoro II", features artwork by Yuna Kagesaki and was released on August 25, 2000. The prequel and final volume, "Kokoro 0", was released on May 28, 2004. At the 2006 summer Comiket, Yuna Kagesaki sold a manga that centered on events from "Kokoro II".
An exhibition of Horiyoshi's work named 'Kokoro: The Art of Horiyoshi III' was on display at Somerset House in London, 21 March – 1 July 2012
'Shu waga inochino shusaiyo, okotarito, modaeto, hokorito, mudagotono kokoro-o, wareni atauru nakare."
The nobles of Kokoro village are Songhay people, who trace their ancestry in the male line to Askia Mohammed Toure. They came to Kokoro in the early part of the 18th century. When French colonists reached Kokoro in 1899, the local people cooperated with them, paying taxes and providing laborers. This cooperation brought prosperity, and the Kokoro people helped the French to establish the market at Mehanna on the Niger river. However, on the death of the old Kokoru chief in 1964, the French appointed a non-noble merchant in his place, instead of appointing his natural successor. The local people still resent this decision.
The visual outlook of HSL has been designed by design office Kokoro & Moi.
One song from the album, "Kokoro no Rōsoku," features on Kokia's 2009 greatest hits collection "".
Kokoro's grandmother and Misato's mother, who taught Kokoro about the importance of things and treasuring them.
The ending theme for the OVA is ""Kokoro no Piano"" ("Heart's Piano") by Masumi Asano.
In modern times, Kokoro yams are gaining in importance as the yam chips trade is expanding.
The Kokoro variety is essential for preparing peeled and dried yam.
Kokorou or Kokoro is a town and rural commune in the Téra Department of western Niger.
Kokoro's younger brother. He is very rowdy and sometimes annoying, which sometimes annoys Kokoro.
The organization runs two kinds of facilities for orphans: the "Kokoro Juku" and "Rainbow House".