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panagiota              angeliki              ioanna              afroditi              irini              karagianni              fotini              eirini              aggeliki              natasa              stavroula              evdokia              nikoletta              natassa              nikoleta              papadopoulou              aikaterini              evangelia              hristos              evanthia              valtinos              anthoula              ralitsa              anthi              solomou              evaggelia              dimitra              giota              vrettos              prifti              nikitas              tsaganeas              thodoros              julija              andreou              avramidou              vasiliki              arvaniti              evagelia              giouli              ismailova              dimou              kalogirou              vassiliki              papantoniou              dionysis              christoforos              evaggelos              nikol              zacharoula             

Examples of "konstantina"
Konstantina is a 2014 Readers Choice Nominee for Theatre Instructor. The Spectator - Hamilton, Ontario.
In March 2015, at the Board Elections, Mrs Konstantina Georga was elected as HFRL President.
A further development with the case occurred when it was featured on a Greek crime show. A woman came forward to say she believed the facial reconstructions looked like a girl she knew called Konstantina. She and Konstantina attended a prep school in Greece, where they were trained to be domestic help. After finishing the course, the school sent their students abroad to Australia or America as part of a two-year work contract. The school was funded by the International Organisation for Migration. The woman lost contact with Konstantina when she was sent to Australia and Konstantina to America. Konstantina arrived in America in exactly the same time as the forensic testing indicated the victim had.
Constance Dima (Greek: Κωνστάνς Δημά), born Konstantina Karadimou (Κωνσταντίνα Καραδήμου) August 18, 1948, is a Greek writer, poet and translator.
"Kalina, Kamenka, Karanfilka, Katerina, Katina, Kirana, Kira, Kiska, Kita, Klimentina, Konstantina, Kosara, Kostadinka, Krstana, Kruna, Ksenija, Kupenka"
Konstantina Lukes is daughter of two Albanian immigrants. She was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut and worked in her parents' restaurant while attending public school. Konstantina worked her way through college and law school, graduating from Simmons College and the University of Connecticut School of Law.
Konstantina currently works in film and television in Toronto, Ontario and is a former instructor at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. She is a private coach and instructor for both theatre and film. Konstantina studied at McMaster University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Film Studies (Class of 2010).
A nationwide contest for the best design of the Order of Heroes hundreds of Heaven was won by Taras Wozniak and Konstantina Kovalyshyn from Lviv.
Konstantina Pirkas (born June 8, 1987) is a Canadian actor, dancer and acting instructor from Hamilton, Ontario. She is currently represented by TTM Toronto of ACTRA.
Nikolaos Kourtidis who won 2 gold medal in the men's 94 kg, and Konstantina Lapou who took silver in the women's 58-kg, tested positive after the competition.
Lakis Papaioannou is married to Tarantzopoulou Konstantina or otherwise Dina Papaioannou, a performer in northern Greece. His daughter , is a pop singer.
Konstantina Lukes is a practicing attorney who maintains a Law Office in Worcester, Massachusetts, specializing in Family law, Divorce, Probate and Real Estate law.
The bay has three branches: Konstantina Bay to the west, Ulban Bay to the south, and Nikolaya Bay to the east.
Konstantina Bay (Russian: "Zaliv Konstantina") is a small bay in the northwestern Sea of Okhotsk, just south of the Shantar Islands. It is a western branch of the larger Academy Bay to the east. The bay is about 9.6 km (6 mi) in diameter and its entrance is about 4.8 km (3 mi) wide. Spring tides rise 3.8 m (12.5 ft), while neaps rise 2.7 m (9 ft).
Konstantina Kefala (born 9 August 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is a Greek long-distance runner. She competed in the marathon at the 2012 Summer Olympics, placing 104th with a time of 3:01:18.
Konstantina B. "Konnie" Lukes is serving her fourteenth two-year term as a Councilor-At-Large. She served as Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts from 2007 through 2009. She is also Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Traffic & Parking.
Konstantina Katsaiti (born ) is a Greek football defender who played for the Greece women's national football team. She competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics. At the club level, she played for Aegina.
The bay's shores are covered with fir, larch, pine, birch, and various other species of trees. Waders use the southern part of Konstantina Bay as a stopover during their summer migration. The most abundant species is Terek sandpiper.
In Europe, Konstantina Kouneva, currently a member of the European Parliament, had acid thrown on her in 2008, in what was described as "the most severe assault on a trade unionist in Greece for 50 years."
Konstantina Birbili () (born 1969), commonly known as Tina Birbili, was the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change of Greece until June 17, 2011. Birbili was the first holder of this office, which was created to succeed the former Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works by Greek prime minister George Papandreou in October 2009.