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Examples of "korgialas"
In 2009 Evridiki released the album Etsi Ine I Agapi, performing together with Dimitris Korgialas. The neχt year (2010) the cd-single Etsi Apla was released.
In 2008, she appeared at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in which she performed the theme song of the contest, Fun in the Sun with her husband Dimitris Korgialas.
In 2007, she was selected to represent Cyprus for a third time, in that year's contest, with the song "Comme Ci, Comme Ça" whose lyrics were written by Posidonas Giannopoulos and its music composed by Dimitris Korgialas. Despite being tipped as a potential winner, it failed to make it through the semi-final stage of the competition.
Overall, Evridiki is one of the most popular successful and best selling singers in Greece and Cyprus. Besides George Theophanous and Dimitris Korgialas, she has worked with important personalities of the Greek music industry ; Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Giorgos Hatzinasios, Yannis Spanos, Marios Tokas, Vangelis Dimitriadis, Christos Dantis, Natalia Germanou, Eleni Peta, Antonis and Yannis Vardis, Stelios Rokkos, and Sakis Rouvas.
Korgialas was the composer of Comme Ci, Comme Ça (Cyprus' entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007). The same year (2007) Evridiki's album "13" (her thirteenth personal album) was released (on 26 March 2007). Later, the same year, she was awarded as the "Singer of the Year" in Cyprus.
"I Zoi Ehei Hroma" (Greek: Η ζωή έχει χρώμα; ) is CD single recorded by Cypriot singer Evridiki. The single was released on 10 February 2008 by Virus Music in both Cyprus and Greece and is Evridiki's first release since her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. Music is by Dimitris Korgialas with lyrics by Thanos Papanikolaou.
After having a (studio) music break for almost three years, Evridiki released the album Oso Fevgo Gyrizo (2003), in which she wrote two songs. This record would be a turning point in Evridiki's career by characterising a new era for her. Since then she has been recognised as the most successful Greek female rock singer . She released another critically acclaimed record Sto Idio Vagoni (2005). In both albums she collaborated to musician Dimitris Korgialas, to whom she later got engaged.
The National Final took place at RIK's Studio 3 on January 12, 2008. The show was broadcast live on regional and satellite television, as well as online streaming provided by CyBC and the official Eurovision website channel, ESCTV. The final started at 8:15 PM CET, and lasted approximately 2 hours. The host of the show was Andreas Ektoras, while Evridiki along with Dimitris Korgialas performed the song "I Zoi Ehei Hroma" as the interval act.
Cyprus and Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) chose Evridiki as the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 participant using an internal selection. The composer of the song is Dimitris Korgialas, with Posidonas Giannopoulos as the lyricist. The song is an Electro-pop dance song titled "Comme Ci, Comme Ça", meaning "So-So". Currently, the song is recorded in the Greek, French, and English language. This is the first Cypriot entry to be sung completely in French.
Throughout the late 1990s and 2000s, Moutsatsou found her popularity on the rise at home obtaining starring recurring roles in popular Greek TV shows, for major television channels, Mega Channel, Antenna TV, and Alpha TV, as well as feature films. She played the title role in Nikos Perakis’s feature film, "Liza and All the Others" (“I Liza kai oloi i alloi”). Though usually cast as the ingenue or “the daughter”, she displayed a wide range of acting ability when she was cast as the mean character in Mega Channel’s mystery series, ""Me Thea Sto Pelago"". Besides her acting, Moutsatsou became a singing sensation when she performed the duet "Mia Fora" with composer and singer Dimitris Korgialas. The song became an instant hit, and she and Korgialas shared two awards, "Best Duet/Collaboration", and "Best Rock Video" in 2004 MAD Video Music Awards. "Mia Fora" remained in the top 30 of the Greek top charts for over 3 years, and hit the charts in other European countries as well.
On 27 September 2005, Vissi released a new Greek album titled "Nylon". The album went platinum within 24 hours of its release and peaked at number one on the IFPI Greek Top 50 albums chart, selling 40 thousand copies. Shortly after, in October 2005, the album was released as a dual disc, the first ever to be released in Greece. The dual disc version featured special footage from her and Nikos Karvelas in the studio. In the album, there is a song featuring the lead singer of the Greek hip-hop band Goin' Through called "Erota I Polemo" ("Love or War"). The album is different from other albums Vissi had released up to then, with a more rock feel to it, as well as a mix of other genres including rock, dance, ballads and hip-hop. On 24 November 2005, Vissi started performances at "Votanikos" club in Athens, Greece with Goin' Through, Dimitris Korgialas and Despina Olympiou, which lasted until March 2006.
"Comme ci, comme ça" (English translation: "Like This, Like That" or "So-So") was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, performed in French by Evridiki. The song was composed by Dimitris Korgialas and written by Poseidonas Giannopoulos. This was the first Cypriot entry to feature lyrics in a language other than Greek, Italian or English, as well as the first entry from a non-Francophone country to be performed entirely in French. Evridiki's decision to sing this her third Eurovision entry in French was not entirely unexpected; she had previously recorded both 1992's "Teriazoume" and 1994's "Eimai Anthropos Ki Ego" in French, as "Le feu c'est nous" and "Fenêtre sur cour" respectively, as well as in English.
The national final took place on February 28, 2007 at the Athinon Arena, at 9:00 PM CET with hosts Fotis Sergoulopoulos and Maria Bakodimou. The artists involved in the national final were Sarbel, Christos Dantis, and Tamta. The winner was chosen via 50% Tele-voting/SMS Messaging and 50% internal jury. Similar to the previous year's show, there was also entertainment in the show. Some of the international guests included Swiss participant DJ Bobo, Cypriot participants Evridiki and Dimitris Korgialas, Belarus participant Dmitry Koldun, and Bulgarian participants Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov. Greek entertainment included Natasa Theodoridou, Michalis Hatzigiannis, and Despina Olympiou. Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas were also guest at the show but did not sing. The hosts also provided comedy skits, an award show to past entries, and information on past acts. It was broadcast live by ERT, ERT World, and a webcast via their site It was also broadcast live by 8 other countries. The winner of the selection was Sarbel with the song "Yassou Maria".