Synonyms for kosterm or Related words with kosterm

valeton              brassii              gagnep              hemsl              oliv              hiern              bremek              puberula              canthium              macbr              radlk              schum              laxiflora              plumosa              papuana              habenaria              craib              connata              merrillii              calcicola              psydrax              lancifolia              gracillima              gracilipes              kraenzl              forssk              cymosa              zeyh              summerh              steud              sessiliflora              bracteosa              mindanaensis              celebica              markgr              perakensis              mansf              chionanthus              lehmannii              subulata              grewia              moldenke              ehretia              humbertii              pierrei              baill              vollesen              biophytum              propinqua              calcarata             

Examples of "kosterm"
The survey reported "Erythroxylum catharinense Amaral" and "Beilschmiedia fluminensis Kosterm" for the first time for São Paulo State.
Licaria is a Neotropical genus consisting of 38-40 species distributed from southern Florida, Mexico to the south of Brazil and Bolivia. In Brazil, the occurrence of 20 species and two subspecies, mostly in the Amazon region (Kurz 2000). These trees have a resilient wood, useful as timber, for construction and as firewood. In the State of Rio de Janeiro are two recognized species: L. armeniaca (Nees) Kosterm. and L. Aubl guianensis.