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Kostoglod is 185 cm (6'1") tall and weighs 93 kg (204 lbs).
Sergey Ulegin of Russia won two golds (C-4 200 m, C-4 500 m) and one silver (C-2 500 m), but was stripped of those medals when he tested positive for doping. His teammates in the C-2 500 m (Aleksandr Kostoglod), C-4 200 m (Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, and Maxim Opalev), and C-4 500 m (Kostoglod, Kruglyakov, and Opalev) events also lost their medals as a result of Ulegin's positive test. Ulegin received a two-year suspension.
In 2006, Kostoglod and Kovalyov came fifth at the European Championships and sixth at the World Championships in the C-2 1000 m. For the C-2 500 m events however Kostoglod was partnered instead by Ulegin. Together they became both European and world champions, finishing over a second ahead of their nearest challengers, the German pairing of Nuck and Holtz, in both finals. Kostoglod won a silver in the C-2 500 m event with Ulegin at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.
Sergey Ulegin, Aleksandr Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, Maxim Opalev of Russia were stripped of their 2003 gold medal when Ulegin tested positive for doping.
Sergey Ulegin and Aleksandr Kostoglod of Russia finished second in the 2003 event, but were stripped of the silver medals when Ulegin tested positive for doping.
Aleksandr Viktorovich Kostoglod (, born May 31, 1974 in Rostov-on-Don) is a Soviet-born, Russian sprint canoeist who has competed since the early 1990s. Competing in four Summer Olympics, he won three medals with two silvers (2004: C-2 1000 m, 2008: C-2 500 m) and one bronze (2004: C-2 500 m). Kostoglod is a six-time world champion gold medallist in the Canadian canoe (C) events.
Having just missed out on a medal at the Sydney Olympics, he and partner Aleksandr Kostoglod won two medals at Athens in 2004 with a silver in the C-2 1000 m and bronze C-2 500 m events.
Sergey Ulegin, Aleksandr Kostoglod, Roman Kruglyakov, and Maxim Opalev of Russia finished first in the 2003 championships, but were stripped of their gold medal when Ulegin tested positive for doping.
He won the first of his six World Championship gold medals in 1994 at the age of 20 in Mexico City. In 1998, with Maxim Opalev now representing Russia in the C-1 events, Kostoglod teamed up with Aleksandr Kovalyov for the C-2. The pairing was an immediate success, winning two consecutive world 1000 m titles in 1998 and 1999. His other three medals have all come in the C-4 events. Three medals he won at the 2003 championships in Gainesville were stripped from Kostoglod when his teammate Sergey Ulegin test positive for doping.
Kostoglod did not take up canoeing until the age of fourteen, at the suggestion of family friend and double world champion Vladimir Ladosha. Within a year he was champion of the USSR in his age group. By 18 he was senior national champion and competing at the Barcelona Olympics, He was disappointed to finish tenth in the C-1 1000 m but has since admitted that as a youngster he was relying on his natural strength to make up for his lack of technique. It did not help that his coach Alexander Abramiants was excluded from the Unified Team delegation to Barcelona.