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bohinj              dolina              vrchy              dyje              beskydy              rakhiv              kozjak              vrchovina              roztocze              podunavlje              vipava              beskid              morava              kozje              barycz              beskidy              bieszczady              pomoravlje              klek              bukovica              srednje              rudnik              svrljig              orava              ravni              spodnje              vihorlat              turiec              zapadna              jezera              svratka              bistra              gorje              moravske              zagorje              iskar              cerknica              subcarpathia              podolie              chepino              lepenica              prut              pieniny              boljevac              kopanica              jezero              dolna              cerkno              vrhnika              kaszuby             

Examples of "kotlina"
The basin is divided into three sub-divisions: "Liptovská kotlina" (Liptov Basin), "Popradská kotlina" (Poprad Basin) and "Tatranské predhorie", also called "podhorie" (Tatra Piedmont).
The central part of the district, the Trenčianska kotlina basin and a part of the Ilavská kotlina basin are skirted by the White Carpathians to the west and the Strážov Mountains and the Považský Inovec in the east.
Krzeszowskie Wzgórza – part of the micro-region Kotlina Krzeszowska within the Kotlina Kamiennogórska in Central Sudetes. From the north-east border of the band Czary Las and Pasmo Lesistej in Stone Mountains.
Góra Ziuty (ger. Buchberg, 631 m a.s.l.) - the highest peak bandwidth Krzeszowskie Wzgórza, within Kotlina Kamiennogórska in Central Sudetes.
It is situated approximately between the cities of Nitrianske Pravno, Strečno, Martin and Zázrivá. Turčianska kotlina (Turiec Basin) and the Oravská vrchovina Mts. are situated to the west of the range, and Žilinská kotlina (Žilina Basin) and the Kysucká vrchovina Mts. is located to the east.
The mountains are bordered by Zvolen in the west, Košice in the east, the rivers Hron and Hornád in the north, and the "Juhoslovenská kotlina" and Košice Basin ("Košická kotlina") in the south. The region includes the Domica Cave (jaskyňa Domica), one of the biggest caves in Europe, Zádiel canyon and Krásna Hôrka Castle.
They are bordered by the Kremnica Mountains ("Kremnické vrchy") in the north, Pliešovce and Krupina basins ("Krupinská kotlina") in the east, Danubian Hills ("Podunajská pahorkatina") in the south and Pohronský Inovec, Vtáčnik and Žiar Basin ("Žiarska kotlina") in the west. The highest point is Sitno (1,009 m).
In Hungarian, the basin is known as "Kárpát-medence", in Serbian and Bosnian as "Панонски басен/ Panonski basen" and "Panonska nizija", in Croatian as "Panonska nizina", in Slovak as "Panónska kotlina", in Slovenian as "Panonska kotlina" and in German as "Pannonisches Becken", in Romanian as "Câmpia Panonică" or "Bazinul Panonic".
Kotlina (; ) is a settlement in the region of Baranja, Croatia. Administratively, it is located in the Kneževi Vinogradi municipality within the Osijek-Baranja County. Population is 334 people.
Stary Sącz is located in bottom of the valley called Kotlina Sądecka, between two rivers - Dunajec and Poprad, at an altitude of above sea level.
The Podtatranská kotlina is oriented on an east-west axis and is around long and around wide in the north-south direction.
The East(ern) Slovak Lowland (Slovak: "Východoslovenská nížina") is the name of the part of Great Hungarian Plain (Slovak: "Veľká dunajská kotlina") situated in Slovakia.
Czerep (ger. "Todten Kopf", "Todtenkopf", 581 m a.s.l.) – hill in the southern part of the band Krzeszowskie Wzgórza, within Kotlina Kamiennogórska, in Central Sudetes.
Góra Świętej Anny (ger. "Annen Berg", "Annaberg") – peak 593 m a.s.l. in north-west part of band Krzeszowskie Wzgórza, in precinct Kotlina Kamiennogórska, in Central Sudetes.
The highlands stretch along both sides of the Orava River, and cover an area about 220 square kilometers. It consists of two smaller areas: the "Podchočská brázda" (the Podchočská furrow) and the "Veličnianska kotlina" (Veličnianska basin).
Apart from the town of Mirsk, the gmina contains the villages of Brzeziniec, Gajówka, Giebułtów, Gierczyn, Grudza, Kamień, Karłowiec, Kłopotnica, Kotlina, Krobica, Kwieciszowice, Mlądz, Mroczkowice, Orłowice, Proszowa, Przecznica and Rębiszów.
The Danubian Lowland or Danube Lowland () is the name of the part of Little Alföld (Slovak: "Malá dunajská kotlina") situated in Slovakia, located between the Danube, the Little Carpathians and all other parts of the Western Carpathians.
Požega (elevation: ) is located in the south-western part of the Valley of Požega, or Požega basin, in Croatian: "Požeška kotlina". This fertile valley has been important since the antiquity - its Roman name was "Vallis Aurea", meaning "golden valley".
Polog (Macedonian: "Полог, Polog"; Albanian: "Pollog") also known as the Polog Valley (Полошка Котлина, "Pološka Kotlina"; Lugina e Pollogut), is located in the north-western part of the Republic of Macedonia, near the border with Kosovo.
Kotlina () is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Mirsk, within Lwówek Śląski County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in south-western Poland, close to the Czech border. Prior to 1945 it was in Germany.