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Examples of "koulis"
Koulis Sterikas (, 1922-1995) was a Greek painter. He was one of the most active painters in Florina, northwestern Greece, and one of the co-founders of "The Shelter of Art Lovers" and the Florina Museum of Modern Art.
Exo oi kleftes (Greek: , Translations: "Leave You Thieves" and "Get Out You Thieves") is a 1961 Greek comedy film directed by Kostas Andritsos and stars Orestis Makris, Dionysis Papayiannopoulos, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Martha Karagianni, Andreas Douzos, Koulis Stoligas, etc. The movie was based on a theatrical play by Stefanos Fotiadis.
On November 21, 2008, Koulis and Kanellopoulos hired Dušan Bajević as head coach for the third time. However, after a while and because of the controversy surrounding Bajević's return to AEK Athens a rivalry sparked between him and Kanellopoulos resulting in the latter’s resign from the presidency.
Kyriakos "Koulis" or “Kirk” Apostolidis (born 3 March 1946 in Thessaloniki) is a former Greek footballer. He began his career in the North American Soccer League and finished it with PAOK Thessaloniki FC in Greece. Apostolidis lead the NASL in goals in 1971 and later earned six caps with the Greek national team. He has also coached in the Greek First Division, most recently with PAOK Thessaloniki FC.
Koulis (Ioannis) Stoligkas or Stoligas () (1909 or 1910, Drama, Salonica Vilayet, Ottoman Empire – 25 February 1984, Athens), was a Greek actor, one of the most loved stars in the Greek cinema and played in several movies including "Exo oi kleftes" ("Go away you thieves"). He lived his final years away from the limelight and journaled along with his two brothers and had no children. He was buried at the cemetery of Kokkinos Mylos in Nea Filadelfeia, Athens.
Since then, he has worked with great Greek artists, such as Sotiria Bellou, Takis Binis, Anna Chrysafi, Keti Gray, Kostas Kaplanis, Theodoros Polykandriotis, Koulis Skarpelis, Hondronakos, as well as with recent years singers such as Babis Goles, Giorgos Xindaris, Stelios Vamvakaris, Mario, Agathonas Iakovidis, Glykeria, Manolis Mitsias, Vicky Moscholiou, Lakis Halkias, Petros Vagiopoulos, Eleni Vitali, George Dalaras, Pantelis Thalassinos, Nadia Karagianni, Chronis Aidonidis, Theodosia Stiga, Sotiria Leonardou, and others.
The collection comprises a total of 99 works by 32 local artists: Koulis, Loustas, Gazeas, Tamoutselis, Konstandinidis, Kalamaras, Milossis, Golitsis, Kyrkos, Bessas, Spyrou, Zografos, Lioukras, Rakovalis, Tamoutselis, Papastamatis, Tsoulfidou, Tyrpenos, Tsotsos, Andoniadis, Koras, Vyssios, Vyzandis, Yoftsis, Dotsis, Ioannou, Baras, Papadimitriou, Pavlidis, Sampsonidis, Linaras, and Mihail. The exhibits include paintings, sculptures, drawings, photodrawings, and a hologram, which spotlight the artistic output of Floriniot artists both old and young.
The league campaign started very well after a win over rivals Panathinaikos in the opening game of the season, but poor performances and results from then on left AEK in a difficult situation. Head coach Donis was eager to leave the club, but president Nikolaidis did not allow him to leave. Nevertheless, Nikolaidis left due to disappointing results and after a controversy with the club's supporters, Original 21, leaving the presidency temporarily to the members of the Board of directors, Nikos Koulis, and Takis Kanellopoulos.
In 1990, after the strike at Radio Super, he moved to the Third Programme of Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) where he worked as a political editor. There he developed another skill, that of a lyricist, and initiated a parallel, personal path in the field of music. He worked with George Dalaras, Antonis Kaloyiannis, Anna Vissi, Alexia, Koulis Theodorou and many others in a series of discs that have as their subject Cyprus. In 1994 he assumed the duties of correspondent of the Greek show of the Australian Radio and Television broadcasting, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), a position he retains to this day.
The region of Astras is inhabited from the ancient years as a few kilometers away in the nearby village of Tripotama there was the ancient city of Psophis which is mentioned even in Iliad. In particular Astras in ancient time was a part of Ancient Psofis, a big city-state of Western Peloponnese, and actually some sculptures and other things of daily use of this time were found in the modern settlement of Kaluvia of Astras. Astras history though begins mostly in the Byzantine years. A significant fact happened in the proto Byzantine years when Alaric the Great destroyed Ancient Psofis in 398 A.C. In fact the historian Zosimus who wrote about the area 50 years after the destruction of the city of Psofis informs us that few of the citizens returned to the destroyed cities and that the signs of the destruction were significant. The most significant fact though of the village itself is the “Asketerion of Nousa” (Nousa is the old name of Astras). After the fall of the Byzantine Empire the village became part of the Republic of Venice. Astras or Nousa (the name of the village that time) belonged to the teritorium of Kalavryta and in 1700 the census of Grimani took place. According to this census the 174 inhabitants of the village place Nousa in the high populated villages of the region. During the Ottoman Occupation the villagers suffered a lot from Ottoman rule and especially from the Bay of Lala, a close big city in the Ottoman times .Thus The Nousaites, that is how are called even today the villagers, became klephts, fighters who use to spend their life in the mountain seeking for freedom. Many heroes of the Greek revolution were from Nousa. According to the National Library of Greece some of the Nousa’s characters in the Greek struggle for freedom were Nikolaos Koulis, Chrysanthos Koulis, Demetrius Karachioutis, Konstantinos Stathopoulos, Vasileios Makris, Aggellis Makris and the weelknown Panagiotes Makris (Makropanagos) . The last was a relative of the famous Giannias who became the terror of the Turkalbanians of a big region containing villages of Patrai .After the liberation and the constitution of the first free Greek state, Nousa became part of Municipality of Lampeia.
The league campaign started very well due to the 2-1 derby win over rivals Panathinaikos thanks to goals by Edinho and Ismael Blanco in the opening game but a series of poor performances and results left AEK Athens in a difficult situation. Donis was eager to leave the club after drawing 3-3 against underdogs Thrasyvoulos despite having a 0-3 half-time lead, but president Demis Nikolaidis did not allow him to leave. Nevertheless, Nikolaidis left shortly after due to the continuous disappointing results, the heavy criticism he took from the fans and the press for the disbandment of last year's championship winning team and a lengthy clash with the club's hardcore supporters Original 21. The presidency was temporarily taken by Nikos Koulis and Takis Kanellopoulos. However, the series of disappointing results continued, bringing anger and insecure situations for everyone in the team. The first to be hit by this wave of disappointment and with the council of the team upset, was Donis, who was asked to leave the team after a 0-0 home draw against Panserraikos.
The club sold 18,200 season tickets. The new season started nervously, since the team was constantly under-performing during friendly games. The apparent nervousness reached a new high, when the team was defeated at home by underdogs Omonia at the first leg of the UEFA Cup Second qualifying round, followed by the chairman Demis Nikolaidis' resignation announcement for the end of the season, and Rivaldo's sudden intention to leave the club in order to join FC Bunyodkor from Uzbekistan. AEK was eventually eliminated from the UEFA Cup. Despite the disappointment, the team responded surprisingly well and put an assertive performance against fierce rivals Panathinaikos by beating them 2-1 at home during matchday 1, but poor performances and results from then on left AEK in a difficult situation. Head coach Giorgos Donis was eager to leave the club, but president Demis Nikolaidis did not allow him to leave. Nevertheless, Nikolaidis left due to these disappointing results and after a controversy with the clubs supporters Original 21, leaving the presidency to member of the D.C., Nikos Koulis and Takis Kanellopoulos.