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yousuke              hisayoshi              ryousuke              sotaro              jouji              ryuuji              hidemi              masaomi              mieko              yakusho              tokiko              kyohei              chinatsu              yurie              utako              eisuke              ruriko              ryunosuke              taneda              masayo              andou              shizuki              rieko              jirou              hideko              busujima              gakuto              namiko              sumiko              kentarou              rikiya              asako              kaburagi              tomonori              mikiko              kimie              yukika              sosuke              sachio              mikako              eijiro              harukawa              hiroto              michiyo              sayo              fuminori              shinpei              mihoko              yukimi              yuuta             

Examples of "koutaro"
When Koutaro activates the sequence for "" the three above robots combine into Ganbaruger. Its attacks are:
He is like a young uncle to Fumiko, and is Koutaro Kuga's good friend. He shows another side of himself as the versatile butler, and this time around, you can even see him looking cool without his glasses.
A shrine maiden that was resurrected when she was fused together with Koutaro's shikigami, Sazae. She feels jealous (and guilty) watching Koutaro disheartened due to the loss of his partner. Her blunt attitude toward him has changed, and she now tries to be helpful - while rejecting him at the same time. Since her former shikigami, Yata, is a national treasure and cannot be leased out, she has gone out on her own. Since their battle potential is only half when alone, Koutaro and Sayo travel together. Whether her fusion with Sazae is the cause or not, Sayo's kimono has a tendency to slip off of her shoulder.
Koutaro Katagiri - Emi's grandfather and a former detective. He was called to the Yoshinodou mansion by his boss, Ryouji Ihara, in order to locate Kazuya Nanase for the murder of Ihara's wife. He is voiced by Peter Gomm in the English version.
Koutaro Taiga is the loud, proud, and quite energetic president of the Space Development Corporation and chief of the Gutsy Geoid (later Galaxy) Guard. It is Taiga's job to oversee GGG's mission, and to approve the use of necessary procedures (Final Fusion, Symmetrical Docking) as well as more crucial and untested equipment (Goldion Hammer, Goldion Crusher, Projectile X and so on).
She is a nuclear attack-class troublemaker, messing with the relationships of Gennojo and Koutaro, who she both calls papa, and Fumiko and Sayo, who she both calls mama. She is 9 years old and is a happy elementary school student who isn't going to school. She has the mystical power of turning the words she says into reality. As a guardian, she carries the rabbit deity known as "Strider" in her backpack.
After the bankruptcy of Marusan three companies were established: In 1969 Minoru Ishida rebuilt Marusan as "Marusan Co., Ltd". New logo was again "SAN" with white band in a red circle. At the same time, Koutaro Ishida, a nephew of Minoru Ishida, built a new company named "Bullmark" along with two other ex-employees of Marusan, Saburo Ishizuki and Yutaka Shibata. Bullmark produced PVC monster character toys and monster-related plastic models. And some ex-employees of Marusan built a new company named "Fuji Hobby". It took over the military plastic model kit production.
Terry Plumming was a Chicago based recording label with a focus on experimental and nonsense music. Since 2003, it has released over 30 CD-rs and two records, showcasing avant-garde music mostly by Chicago artists, including Soft Serve, Bubblegum Shitface, Jonathan Chen, Koutaro Fukui, Rotten Milk, Dan Layne and Death Factory. Terry Plumming also publishes an eponymous magazine that has had a run of several issues beginning in 2003. Each issue comes with a CD-R compilation of locally produced avant-garde music. The creators of the magazine have also produced assorted performance art, "happenings" and installation projects in Chicago.
An American ninja. At this point, Japan's international contribution, psychic abilities, and investigation have nothing to do with him, but Roger looks forward to this trip and participates on his own dime. (He even created the travel pamphlets and handed them out.) From one perspective, he's one of the people that participate in this case with the impurest of intentions, along with Fumiko. He is Koutaro Kuga's good friend and a serious Wapanese. However, his ninjutsu and methods are authentic, having learned them from the real deal - even his ninja sword is genuine. Because of this, he's as useful as Gennojo, a professional investigator. He is bummed that he is the only one Nagino doesn't call papa.